02Hi, we are YES!Delft

A leading complex tech incubator that brings your product to the market as fast as possible. We breathe technology.

We are passionate about tech startups in the fields of BlockchainArtificial Intelligence, CleanTech, MedTech, Aviation, Robotics and  Complex Technology. We are always (and only) looking for startups that can solve real-life problems. Problems that the world faces now, and ones to be tackled for future generations. We’re not a pizza-delivery-app kind of incubator ;-).

We offer the right circumstances, timing, methodology, focus, an iteration mindset and connections in the form of programs and an ecosystem in order to accelerate. We guide you through the whole life cycle: pre-acceleration, acceleration and growth. By offering the right resources, we help technology startups faster towards their market/product fit, faster to a launching customer and faster towards investment. We are one of the most time-efficient tech incubators out there.

03Why we are different

YES!Delft differentiates itself in the incubator market by dealing with complex products in challenging markets. In startups with hardware components, there’s run-up time, long development trajectories and expensive prototyping involved. As we’ve been in this game for over 13 years, our proven programs and our valuable ecosystem are perfectly matched with these difficulties. Our programs are crafted so that validation of your market and validation of your product are a constant process, keeping customer engagement in mind always. As we are a non-profit organisation, we take zero equity. We believe that the entrepreneur comes first and we want quality over quantity.


Over the past 13 years, we helped tech startups accelerate through our different programs. We give aspiring entrepreneurs a taste of entrepreneurship and our community in the Discovery Track, we support early stage startups find their market/product fit in a pre-acceleration program (Validation Lab), we enable later stage startups to accelerate (Accelerator Program).

  • We deliver world-class results, while focusing on the regional.
  • 200+ companies
  • 90% active or acquired
  • 316 million Euro total funding
  • 7 months only needed to get you investment-ready

05The people behind YES!Delft