Learn to build a strategy

Support from trainers who will guide your strategy building.

Get your basics in order

You sort your foundation right, from legal, IP, to the company structure, and more.

Create a dream co-founding team

You get to meet like-minded professionals, increasing your chance to find your co-founders.

Find your first customer

From the product-market fit, we help you find your launching customer.

Create your first prototype

You get to have a valid foundation of your roadmap and development.

Find your first (seed) investment

We connect you with the right investors and financial solutions for your industry.


These are the deadlines for the upcoming Accelerator Programs

  • Accelerator Program All Focus Areas
    Deadline September 2, 2019

When an idea is discovered and then validated with a product and a market fit, a startup needs to accelerate. How? By setting up the foundation of a real business and selling the first products. The Accelerator Program is a commitment over 3 months, in which your startup benefits of business experts that are delivering workshops and go through one-on-one sessions to accelerate your startup. Your startup will prepare for rapid acceleration with the help of our experts, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions.

Goal: Set the foundation of your business, learn who and where your first customer is, and find your first investment.

What: 3 months of intensive work on getting the basics right, build entrepreneurial skills and plan for growth. Workshops from setting up a legal entity to masterclasses on sales and negotiations, we support you in becoming a true scalable innovative tech company.


We do NOT take equity.

We work with a split success fee of €25.000 which will be reinvested into the program:
– when generating €200.000 in revenue -> €5.000
– when generating €1M in revenue -> €20.000
– commitment fee €1.250 for two co-founders, and €500 extra for every additional founder

Result: After this program you’ll have a milestone plan for rapid acceleration. You’ll have learned how to cope with challenges related to a fast growing tech company, including team dynamics. You’ll have office space at YES!Delft, you’ll be part of our startup community and have landed your first sales. When finishing the Accelerator Program successfully, you’ll qualify and be ready for our follow-up Growth Program.



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YES!Delft’s tech incubator is located right in the midst of The Netherlands’ technological innovation, the campus of TU Delft. The incubator is a vibrant meeting point for tech innovators such as tech entrepreneurs, corporate partners, mentors and alumni. The main hall is designed to inspire and stimulate connections to accelerate innovation.


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