Meet your co-founder

Are you struggling to find the right co-founder for your startup? Join Discovery Track and connect with fellow potential business founders.

learn customer Discovery

You learn about customer discovery so you can tailor your idea into a product the market needs.

meet like-minded entrepreneurs

You get a flavour of entrepreneurship, you meet like-minded entrepreneurial people

Get peer-to-peer reviews

You get access to peer-to-peer review from experts in your field, getting advice from someone that was already in your shoes.

Learn to pitch

You learn to pitch your startup with a strong, one sentence, value proposition.

Qualify for the next step: Validation Lab

In the end, you can take a grounded decision and continue with our Validation Lab program.

02Want to know more?

Get in touch with Emma to learn more about the Discovery Track program!
Emma Kluwen Startup Scout +31 628504045 [email protected]


These are the deadlines for our Discovery Track programs in 2018

  • Discovery Track All Focus Areas
    Deadline January 16, 2019

The journey from an idea to a startup goes from meeting your awesome startup-half a.k.a your co-founder(s) to getting the right methodology and tools to tap into the market potential. This is what Discovery Track helps you with!

The Discovery Track consists of two times a half-day workshop with a month in between. During the workshops, each participant gets the help needed in order to find their inner entrepreneur. As a participant, you will also have the chance to meet your co-founder and get a taste of what the YES!Delft community brings.

What: 4 hr crash course on customer discovery – 30 days for individual customer discovery – 4 hr crash course on value proposition design. Teams will be formed during the workshop if you don’t have a partner.

Selection criteria: Entrepreneurial mindset, innovative idea and/or co-founder wish.

Costs: €50,- per person*. The fee covers the program costs, workshop material and coaching.

In some cases, it might not be possible to work on your own idea. However, access to all tools and workshop materials (canvases, post-its and presentations) are included.

04key focus areas


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Artificial Intelligence

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Complex Technologies

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YES!Delft’s tech incubator is located right in the midst of The Netherlands’ technological innovation, the campus of TU Delft. The incubator is a vibrant meeting point for tech innovators such as tech entrepreneurs, corporate partners, mentors and alumni. The main hall is designed to inspire and stimulate connections to accelerate innovation.


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