Lasting growth doesn’t happen by itself, it’s a possible outcome of a great team having ambition, showing discipline and chasing the right goals. You and your peers will set a growth strategy and will follow through throughout the year to make sure you scale your business.


Challenge yourself and your peers in a 6-weekly rhythm. Learn and get inspired by each others achievements and steep learning curves, this will help you to create lifelong habits and connections.


You and your management team have a great influence to get the most out of you team. This requires an aligned management team with great leadership skills. We will make sure you will get the right balance to work IN and ON your business toward you ambitious goals.


You get a dedicated experienced YES!Delft growth team. We kind of step into your company and challenge you to reach your own set goals. Whatever challenge may appear we are there to support & connect you as needed, so you can go faster!


Instead of relying on a fixed general educational program, we prefer you to spent your time most effectively in need based sessions. We have a great network of experts so we can connect you on the topics in any given time. Who needs a recruitment course in the next quarter if case you need it yesterday?


You and your team are the most important factor to create a successful company. That’s why you will get the support of a Leadership coach during the whole program to work on team dynamics and personal growth. The “in business proces” support of a coach makes this program unique.

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Get in contact with Gerwin if you're interested in the program!
Gerwin Hoogendoorn Growth Manager [email protected]

You are progressing well, you have happy customers, great pilot projects and you arranged your funding. You and your co-founders already hired a great team. Growing your business is a challenge, you need a winning strategy and a way of working so you reach your goals. Every Euro and minute is thoughtfully spent to grow as fast as possible. 

The Growth Program is here to speed up your growth. You and your management team will learn from experts and peers. You will be part of a group of four peer companies. 

After the kick-off, supported by the growth team, you and your management team will set the growth strategy for your company during a two-day off-site session. 

The growth team is a fixed team to work with you for the full program. The core growth team exists our of three persons: an entrepreneur in residence, a leadership coach and the growth manager. 

The 6 half-day meetings spanned over 6 weeks will keep you on the right track to reach your goals. Of course, this is never a smooth ride, new challenges will appear, so together we will decide on the right approach. 

During the program we will share valuable scaling tools,  but mostly service you on a need basis. Our network has many experienced entrepreneurs and experts so we can offer customised focussed sessions, which we will schedule with you. If funding is an important company goal, then you will schedule several meetings with our investment director. 

You and your management team have a busy agenda? That’s an excellent indicator to join the growth program!

If you are busy now, how are you going to make a company work several times the size?

So what’s your ambition for the coming three years? If you want to grow your business, you need to have a system set in place to meet your goals. Are you and your management team ready to step out of comfort zone and go for business and personal growth?

Investment & commitment

To get most out of this program and your peers, we expect all mt members to join every session. This means you wil have to schedule you business trips and holidays around the meetings. 

We expect you and your mt to reserve time for preparation of sessions, that’s a must to experience high value out of peer-2-peer sessions. 

The growth program offers a great value so we work with a program commitment fee and a success fee. 

  • the program commitment fee is €12.000 for three management team members and €1.000 for every extra management team member. The fee will be invoices €2.000 per quarter (nov’18/jan’19/april’19/july’19/sep’19/jan’20)
  • the success fee, which will be reinvested into the program (for YES!Delft startups this will replace the success milestones of the Accelerator program), is split into two milestones:
    • the first milestone to reach within 1 year is €5.000
    • the second milestone to reach within 2-3 years is €20.000

The fee’s covers program costs, 6-weekly peer2peer meetings, 4 educational sessions,  need based sessions, full service 2 day off site strategy session, support of the growth team,  access to YES!Delft network, coaching and workshop materials.

Selection criteria

The growth program is also open to non-YES!Delft companies, by joining the growth program you will be an official YES!Delft company.

All applications will be reviewed carefully. We will hold selection interviews in case you can convince us that you are ready and in need of a growth program. Since this is a peer-2-peer program, we will carefully select suitable peers per group of four, since this is important to experience a great program.



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YES!Delft’s tech incubator is located right in the midst of The Netherlands’ technological innovation, the campus of TU Delft. The incubator is a vibrant meeting point for tech innovators such as tech entrepreneurs, corporate partners, mentors and alumni. The main hall is designed to inspire and stimulate connections to accelerate innovation.

The growth program meetings will be held on several inspiring locations based on the preference of your group.


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