Aramco Tech Quest

Put your skills and innovation against the challenge of subsurface surgveying and you could win €1,000 at Tech Quest.

Join Aramco and YES!Delft for the free to enter, one-day challenge to progress our understanding of the planet we live on. 


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Aramco Tech Quest

About the challenge

A vital tool to help understand what lies beneath the earth’s surface are subsurface surveys. These surveys help measure the physical differences between rock types or physical discontinuities without the need for digging, drilling or tunneling. 

The technology has a myriad of applications from ensuring that infrastructure such as dams, bridges, and tunnels are safe in helping scientists understand and predict earthquakes.

Geophysical surveys are extensively used for oil and natural gas exploration, but alongside this they are valuable tools in developing new sources of energy and natural resources. Digital advancements in geophysical technology driven by data analytics, machine learning, and advanced visualization technologies are opening new avenues for understanding the planet we live on.

Who can apply to the challenge

Technical students have an opportunity to be part of the solution by entering the one-day Aramco Tech Quest. This free to enter challenges gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity in using subsurface surveying.

What you win

I. The winning team will win €1,000 cash 

II. Earn entry to Col-Lab: a half-day event workshop on entrepreneurship where you can meet start-up leaders.

III. Coaching hour with YES!Delft team member.


  • Register free of charge for the Aramco Tech Quest taking place on November 14, 2019 and you will be in with a chance of winning the €1,000 prize 
  • At the start of the day, you and your team will receive an introduction to subsurface surveying with experts from Aramco explaining the key parameters such as quality of acquired data, cost, safety, logistics and environmental impact.
  • Armed with that information teams will be set a challenge to bring innovative ideas to the problem by combining mathematics, automation and robotics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data and analytics along with traditional earth science and physics to develop new ideas.
  • The choice will be yours whether to use these skills to optimise existing processes or think outside the box and present a novel, integrated solution that addresses the problem form a holistic, multi-disciplinary perspective.

About Aramco

Aramco is a world leader in integrated energy and chemicals. Our offices in Europe support a wide range of activities from facilitating the safe and reliable delivery of energy to customers around the globe, to pushing for breakthroughs in research and innovation.



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