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Innovation fund FundIQare invests in Momo Medical

Yes!Delft startup Momo Medical had an amazing announcement at yesterday’s Venture Café Rotterdam. FundIQare wants to support Momo Medical with a financial injection to expand the production capacity and scaling up the startup. They will also get the opportunity to further develop their technology in a living lab environment.


Momo Medical, founded in 2017, is an initiative of the young Delft entrepreneurs Ide Swager and Menno Gravemaker. They developed a tech solution for the prevention of pressure sores (decubitus ulcera) in elderly and chronically ill patients. The technology consists of a compact combination of sensors that can be used flexibly in beds. A sensor plate is placed underneath the mattress, which is connected to a control unit. The smart sensors and advanced algorithms map the client’s lying behavior and communicate it in a clear manner to health care professionals.


Momo Medical co-founder Menno used a soccer analogy to refer to their 19-month journey as a startup. “There is the saying in soccer that you always have to keep an eye on the ball. We believe there’s more to it because if you only have the eye on the ball you forget what the goal is and you lose sight of the people around you. And at the end of the game, you also need to reflect in order to learn.”


You can read the whole story of Momo Medical here and their press release here.

We are opening a second location for our tech incubator

The focus of the new location will be the two key technologies of the digital society: artificial intelligence and blockchain. The ambition of YES!Delft and partner The Hague municipality is to make the new location a vibrant and strongly innovative ecosystem for tech startups who want to make an impact in these domains.

The Hague is home to existing clusters in Security, IT/Tech en Finance & Legal, which makes it the place to be for AI and blockchain innovation.YES!Delft will help nurture this by bringing its enormous and one of a kind ecosystem to The Hague and offering specialized AI and blockchain programs, starting with the Validation Lab in February 2019. In a unique regional collaboration with the local business community, research and knowledge institutions, and the government, the new location will be an important basis for technological innovation in the Netherlands.

Read the press release here.

Shape the future of retail

Exciting news! Ahold Delhaize announced today that it is partnering with the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), RoboValley and YES!Delft for the first expansion of its AI for Retail (AIR)Lab. This industry-academic collaboration set up to conduct research into artificial intelligence and algorithms and developing state-of-the-art innovations for the retail industry.

Utilizing our 13 years of expertise and experience as a technology incubator, YES!Delft will scout the best and brightest students, startups and partners to take on the Ahold Delhaize’s business challenges. Through the unique YES!Delft Validation Lab program, cutting-edge ideas and innovations will be put to the test for full commercial validation and made market ready. Practical testing of the prototypes and robotic solutions will take place at the brand new test site constructed by Ahold Delhaize and the TU Delft, which will start operations in early 2019. The partnership helps pave the way for new corporate venture opportunities for YES!Delft startups with Ahold Delhaize and brands in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Evert Jaap Lugt, managing director at YES!Delft, stated: “We aim to create the best possible conditions for success, and this partnership will be an exciting and extraordinary opportunity and challenge for startups. The potential impact is enormous.”



AIRLab is part of the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence, an open research platform that unites universities and businesses and serves as an engine for AI talent in the Netherlands. In AIRLab’s research center in Amsterdam, scientists conduct research into responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers, and into transparent AI technology for managing goods flows, for example by improving availability by taking into account local weather conditions. The research is taking place at Albert Heijn and, brands of Ahold Delhaize and can be applied in other brands in the U.S. and Europe.

Frans Muller, President & CEO of Ahold Delhaize, said: “The rapid advancements in AI and robotics provide us with significant opportunities to make everyday shopping an even easier experience for our customers – not only in our stores and warehouses but also in domains like last-mile delivery and in our interactions with customers. Working together with academic partners such as TU Delft will enable Ahold Delhaize and AIRLab to shape a technology-driven world in a responsible way. It helps us become a frontrunner in AI research and development and ultimately build capabilities that are scalable for the group.”

Vacancy Program Trainer


Do you want to work with the coolest innovators in technology? YES!Delft is hiring a Program Trainer (1,0 FTE).

As Program Trainer, you are able to train entrepreneurs along the entire program line-up of YES!Delft. From customer discovery to investment needs, you are able to share your knowledge and guide the teams in the right direction. You are able to facilitate a group training, and you are able to have interesting and guiding 1 on 1 coaching conversations, as well. You monitor the path of the entrepreneurs and their start-ups and guide them when necessary. You will manage two of our focus areas and create mini-communities within our incubator. Together with the program coordinators and the other trainers you are responsible for the content of the entire training program of YES!Delft. And finally: you have a crucial role in the YES!Delft ecosystem: you are able to link the right contacts for all the start-ups and people in the YES!Delft network.


YES!Delft is a start-up incubator that supports entrepreneurs in building and growing technology companies. Over the last 13 years YES!Delft has become one of the leading incubators in the world. YES!Delft offers coaching and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and corporate professionals in their start-up journey. Our programs turn promising technology ideas into solid start-ups and help them grow to successful companies. Entrepreneurs get access to mentors, experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners who share their know-how and experience.



YES!Delft offers multiple programs, based on the process most, if not all, tech innovations/innovators go through:

  • Validation Lab: a 10-week part-time program for graduates, scientists and (young) professionals with the ambition to start a tech business. Validation Lab is all about finding customers and creating the insight that they are the key to a profitable business.
  • Once the start-ups have a validated product-market fit they can enroll in our acceleration & incubation programs where the focus is on sales, building a team and funding. The basis of these programs is mentoring, 1 on 1 coaching and small masterclasses on subjects like negotiations, growth hacking or investments.
  • Our growth program is designed around strategy development and personal development of the start-up management team. Its content is entirely need-based, which gives much-needed flexibility to the start-ups.
  • Corporate programs focused on education, ideation and commercial & technical validation of corporate innovations and corporate venturing within our Innocubes concept.



  • Have (at least) a completed WO degree or level obtained through relevant work experience
  • 3-5 years’ work experience
  • Strong organizational qualities and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills & a good listener
  • Experience with facilitating groups & giving workshops
  • You are stress-proof and always see opportunities for improvement
  • You are driven & accessible
  • You are a sparring partner for colleagues, starting entrepreneurs, coaches, investors and other people in the YES!Delft network
  • Affinity with start-ups, preferably tech
  • Affinity with lean start-up, business modeling & scaling methodologies
  • Good knowledge of the English language (both speaking and writing)


The largest tech start-up ecosystem in the Netherlands where you have the opportunity to develop yourself and implement your own ideas. Being actively involved in the development of dozens of inspiring, disruptive innovations and work with smart, ambitious and successful entrepreneurs. You will work with a driven and ambitious team that goes above and beyond to support start-ups and builds a thriving ecosystem, day-in-day-out. YES!Delft offers a unique opportunity to contribute, learn and grow in the world of entrepreneurship.

We look forward to your application. Please send your application to programs[at] in the attention of Iris Visser before December 20th, midnight. The first round of interviews will be on 27th and 28th of December. For questions please contact: Iris Visser (program coordinator) via programs[at]

FeedbackFruits: Making education engaging

You have three nights until an important exam, and you’re praying that’ll be enough time to cram everything in your head. Sounds familiar? Perhaps all too well. Ewoud de Kok and Siem Kok know this, too, so they took it upon themselves to make education more interactive and fun by co-founding FeedbackFruits. The company’s goal is an ambitious one: Supporting and motivating teachers to shape a learning method that sparks student thinking.


For Ewoud, everything started when he was still a student at the Faculty of Applied Physics at the TU Delft. “The reason I started was because I saw a lot of students experience education in a very passive way,” he says, “— just doing what needs to be done as quickly as possible.” After all, education should be about increasing student understanding and cultivating critical thinking.

It was at the end of 2012 when, together with Siem, Ewoud decided to lay the foundation of FeedbackFruits and start transforming the educational system in his home country. The two started out with just an idea, yet one that was convincing enough to get them a first client right away. “We started the company with our first sale,” Ewoud remembers. “We only had an idea and we got our first 15,000 euros based on it. We used the money to create our first product.”

Ever since, the mission behind FeedbackFruits has been to facilitate pedagogical methods such as peer2peer learning, engagement, group-based learning, interactivity and other blended learning methods, making the study activities for each class — both online and off — much more engaging and interactive.

“The idea is that, with our software, we allow teachers to create specific learning paths for their courses,” Ewoud says. Essentially, those learning paths will help students decide how much time and attention to dedicate to a course based on their interest in it. “We want to help improve the structure of courses in a way that students are no longer passive participants, but they are actively and critically thinking about the topic at hand.”



With a current team of 20 full-time equivalent employees, FeedbackFruits has come a long way in the past four years. The inspiring entrepreneurial environment at YES!Delft has been a main contributing factor to their initial growth, Ewoud believes.

“Joining the Incubation Program was the first time that I was among entrepreneurs of my age,” he says. The space has a very nice vibe to it, and the atmosphere is great for building a team.”

What’s more, the coaching sessions and the knowledge that is being shared around have also left their mark on the team. “The coaches, in particular, have been quite valuable for us at some critical moments,” Ewoud says.

Apply to the EdTech Validation Lab



With crucial lessons learned in time, the team of FeedbackFruits has been able to achieve quite a few milestones to date. Their software is currently being used by more than 20 universities and other higher educational institutions in the Netherlands, as well as UK and Sweden. Furthermore, they are currently expanding within the Australian and North American markets, actively piloting their products at Deakin University, and counting MIT among their partners.

With their product, the team makes sure to reach out to teachers who have the drive to reshape education. “Facilitating the shift from the passive way of education to a much more interactive way of learning can be done only with the help of dedicated teachers,” Ewoud says.

In supporting educators in this joint mission, FeedbackFruits has also been developing artificial intelligence that can support teachers in personalizing their courses. “We have created an educational robot — an automated teacher assistant — and that’s a big thing that we are going to launch to customers,” Ewoud says.

On a larger level, the team also makes sure to keep the conversation going when it comes to the shift to more interactive education. That is why they founded an innovation cooperation with partner higher educational institutions in 2016, the International EdTech Consortium. The inclusion criteria are simple: All members are united in their vision and commitment to spend time and resources to accelerate the implementation of active, blended and online learning via technology-enabled innovative course designs. This is further supported via the EdTech DoTank, in which LMS-compatible educational plugins are co-developed with educational experts and teachers from partner universities, based on real-life didactic challenges. Not stopping at building tools, real-life use-cases of FeedbackFruits software are documented, called “Learning Activities”, and these are then shared with teachers across the network of partner institutions, to ensure creativity and versatility in the way plugins are used. More than 15 universities worldwide have entered full, 4-year partnerships with the company. With Feedback Fruits leading the way, together they are effecting real change in the higher educational system.



End of 2012 – First sale of 15K euros secured & Company founded

2013 – Launched first version of product

Mid-2013 – Joined YES!Delft’s Incubation Program

2014 – Reached more than 5,000 users

2014 – Won the EdX Hackathon Award from the TU Delft

2015 – Reached more than 20,000 users

2016 – Officially entered a new foreign market: Sweden

2016 – Won the Silver Award at the Reimagine Education Awards

End of 2016 – Reached 55,000 users

2017 – Started Pilot with HULT (UK), signed 2018

2018 – Entered North American and Australian Markets: Pilot with Deakin and partnership with MIT

Fall 2018 – Reached 87.500 users


If you want to know more about our programs, you can find more information here. Or contact Emma Kluwen (startup scout) directly via email or phone +31628504045.

A successful launch for 10 Medtech startups

Delft, November 2, 2018 – LaunchDay marked the end of the two-month EIT Health Validation Lab program for 10 startups at YES!Delft on Thursday. Over the course of eight weeks, the teams traveled through the Netherlands and across Europe to validate the business potential of their ideas with leading universities, healthcare companies and hospitals. For example, the participants had visits to leading hospitals in the Netherlands, such as Radboud MC in Nijmegen, UMCG in Groningen, or Reinier de Graff in Delft where they connected with leading medical professionals to validate their solutions. Now that they have successfully concluded the program, they are ready to set out on a journey to conquer their target markets.

From enabling visually impaired people to process visual information around them, to diagnosing malaria through numerical algorithms, the startups each have a unique and pressing problem to solve in the medtech industry.

“The EIT Health Validation Lab, organized together with EIT Health, is a key opportunity for medtech teams to develop the potential of their technology and reach out to customers and partners, both in the Netherlands and abroad,” said Tjarda Voorneman, Special Projects Manager at YES!Delft. “This year’s edition was one of our strongest to date.”

As a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health, the EIT Health Validation Lab combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise with the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health. It is designed to help promising medtech teams validate their technology by working closely with mentors and industry specialists.

From the 10 teams in the program, the winner is Smart Medical Optics. Their medtech solution is a low-cost, automated, smart malaria diagnostic device that is using numerical algorithms integrated into a smart imagining platform, which reduces diagnostic workload and provides efficient precision for accurate drug prescription. “Winning this only tells us that our product is well appreciated and we are taking it as a challenge, so that we ensure that this product gets to the people that really need it, in remote places in Africa, where there is no income, no resources, and no equipment,” said Temitope Agbana, co-founder of Smart Medical Optics. “We believe winning the program is a boost, a challenge, our call to action. We need to scale up our solution up bring it where this is really needed.”

The program is organised together with the program partners TU DelftLUMCBiocatTrinity DublinBioM and with the help of UMCGPLNT (Leiden)HealthValley, Reinier de Graaf and Radboud UMC.


There will be a next program starting in September 2019. If you happen to be a medtech startup or to know medtech startups, contact The Validation Lab is currently accepting applications for its next round. You can apply now!

Startup Story: Scoozy

Imagine you have difficulty walking and you need to get from A to B in a fast, safe and convenient way. No problem. You can do that, and you can do it in style, too. Dutch startup Scoozy is developing a mobility scooter that is easy to use, has intuitive steering and braking and is good-looking, and caters to people – old and young alike – with a walking difficulty.


Job van de Kieft, founder of Scoozy, had known for years that one day he would start his own company in the field of electric driving. Yet it wasn’t until 2014 that he refined his focus: “There’s one group that’s been driving electrically for over 40 years, and those are people with difficulty walking,” he says. They’ve been doing so with mobility scooters.

Yet, mobility scooters nowadays are far from being flawless. On the one hand, people perceive mobility scooters as very stigmatizing because they are designed as an helping aid instead of a way of transport. On the other, they are often quite unsafe: “There were 28 deaths in the Netherlands last year, and 75% of the accidents are one-sided, caused by the people driving the scooters.”

Job and co-founder Jan Willem van Gent are on a mission to change that. With their team, they are working to develop a mobility scooter that serves as a way of transport, and not as a crutch. They see it as the “Tesla of mobility scooters”, and want to make it “so cool that anyone would drive one – even if they don’t have any difficulty walking.” To do so, the startup is focusing on a design that is nice and slick, as well as on creating a vehicle that is intelligent, connected and safe, with a low point of gravity and intuitive steering.


Thus far, the startup has a preproduction model of the product and the is now working on production of the first series, expected to be revealed in January 2019. With a busy schedule ahead of them, the team is happy to have YES!Delft guiding them along the way.

“[The Incubation Program] is about not making the same mistakes that other startups have made before you,” Job says. “It is so important not to have the simple things go wrong at the start of your company, and that is what’s great about YES!Delft: You know that, [with their help] the base of your startup will be fine.”

In addition, due to the competitive selection process, being part of the Incubation Program gives the startup a “quality stamp”, which Job is sure will be important in the months to come.

Apply to the Complex Tech Validation Lab


Today, Scoozy has a core team of 5 people. Together with strategic partners for development and production they are working hard towards their next set of milestones. With a demo already out there, the startup is about to launch a marketing campaign to highlight market introduction at early 2019.

Now that the first series is almost ready, the team’s focus is shifting to the scaling phase. The team has already received  1.3M funding and sold out the first series. They are now working towards a  second round of funding for growth. Securing a B2B partnership is another main priority, which will help the startup create a distribution channel.

There’s certainly a lot coming up for team Scoozy, with the Tesla of mobility scooters awaiting at the end of the road.


March 2016 – Company founded

September 2016 – First loan secured

September 2016 – Admission to YES!Delft’s Incubation Program

September 2017 – First round of investment secured

November 2016 – Demo finalized

November 2018 – Start of production first series

Early 2019 – Launch first series

Apply to the Accelerator Program

Startup Story: Solar Monkey

The sun is perhaps one of the most consistent and environmentally-friendly sources of energy we have – and with non-renewable energy resources set to decline eventually, it is now the time to embrace technology and make the most out of solar power. Jan Pieter Versluijs and Mels van Hoolwerff had a similar idea, too, when they co-founded Solar Monkey about three years ago. Today, their startup offers software to solar panel installers, which allows them to design solar systems within minutes, and exactly calculate and guarantee the energy output.


The idea for Solar Monkey was born around the time when Mels was graduating from his Master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology – a degree Jan Pieter got as well – where he was working on an algorithm for calculating the exact output of solar panel systems. “It was then that we came to the idea of turning this into a business,” Jan Pieter remembers.

When they looked into the then-existing products on the market, however, Jan Pieter and Mels discovered that many of them had significant flaws. While some of the tools available for calculating energy output involved a lot of modeling, thus being very time-consuming, others did not even have the necessary precision to calculate, let alone guarantee, that output.

“What we wanted to achieve was more security in the solar panel market, so that we shift the paradigm from buying and selling a solar panel system to actually guaranteeing sustainable solar energy output,” Jan Pieter explains.

Today, Solar Monkey’s offering is mainly two-fold: On the one hand, they provide installers with software that makes use of 3D data and already existing aerial images, and allows for the design of solar panel systems remotely and within minutes. On the other hand, the team also offers an output guarantee, which installers can use to (as the name suggests) guarantee the output of their solar panel systems.


With a current team of eleven full-time employees and several interns, Solar Monkey has worked hard to get to where they are now. In the summer of 2015, they were accepted into YES!Delft’s Incubation Program, which seems to have given them a boost of confidence, among many other things.

“YES!Delft has helped us a lot,” says Jan Pieter, emphasizing the ‘a lot’ at the end of the sentence. “What you get there is a tremendous network with other entrepreneurs but also with a lot of businesses. We got a lot of help with legal [and other] advice, and we also got in touch with our investors through YES!Delft.”

Currently, the startup has more than 300 clients of its own and makes between 45.000-55.000 euros in revenues each month. Last year, they also secured a large subsidy for a TKI (Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie) project with a number of partners and are currently raising an investment round of 1.9M to facilitate further growth.


The number-one priority now is to roll out their product even further, until they are able to offer installers a completely automated process for designing solar panel systems. “As soon as we have that,” Jan Pieter explains, “it will have a tremendous value, as installers will be able to design PV systems for whole areas [100.000 buildings or more] within days.” The longer-term goal is to target municipalities and scale up the use of solar energy in the Netherlands.

In terms of growth, Solar Monkey is looking towards increasing revenues and consolidating market share in the Netherlands, whilst continuing growth internationally.

“Currently we are the Dutch market leader in solar software. We are now raising 1.9M to continue our international growth.” It’s like they say: Go big or go home. From the looks of it, team Solar Monkey is focused on the big.


January 2015 – Company founded

January 2016 – Investment from Innovation Quarter and one private investor

March 2016 – STW subsidy secured

August 2015 – Admission into YES!Delft’s Incubation Program

November 2016 – Subsidy for TKI project secured

December 2017- Became market leader in the Netherlands, serving more than 300 installer clients

September 2018 – International pilot version online


If you want to know more about our programs, you can find more information here. Or contact Emma Kluwen (startup scout) directly via email or phone +31628504045.


Announcing the teams for EIT Health Bootcamp Launch Lab


The selected teams for EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab 2018

Eleven ambitious teams have been selected for the Bootcamp Launch Lab. We are proud to work on this program with EIT Health. The startups started their 8-week program today, 4th of September, in the Green House of our incubator.

The teams selected in the program are representing innovative ideas on solving or preventing health problems like impaired cognitive functions, parasitic infections or even mobility issues.

A unique program
EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health. It combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise and the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health. It is designed to help promising medtech teams validate their technology by having access to trainings, mentors, and industry specialists.

The program is a unique two-month pressure cooker that allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential in the med-tech area. The program is organised together with the partners TU Delft, LUMC, Biocat, Trinity Dublin, BioM, UMCG, PLNT (Leiden), HealthValley and Reshape Center (Radboud) Nijmegen.

Here are the participating teams: EIT health X YES!Delft Bootcamp Validation Lab 2018

Follow the teams and their progress on our website.

For questions about the program, contact Tjarda Voorneman or go to EIT Health x YES!Delft 2018 Team.

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