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Mars lander with a local touch

You hardly could have missed it – last night the NASA InSight lander touched down on the surface of Mars. We are especially excited, as YES!Delft startup T-Minus Engineering has been involved with the mission.

InSight’s objective is to study the ‘inner space’ on Mars. More precisely, to gain an understanding of the formation and evolution of terrestrial planets and determine the planet’s tectonic activity.

Since 2013, T-Minus Engineering has been part of the project as a subcontractor of DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt). They were specifically involved with the HP3 payload, which is central to the mission’s objective. The payload consists of a mechanical “Mole” that can penetrate the surface up to 5 meters.

T-Minus Engineering was involved via DLR Bremen in the Assembly Integration and Testing (AIT) work on prototypes, proto-flight and flight models of the Mole. Moreover, they worked on the development- and qualification testing activities, in terms of test design, preparation, execution, and reporting.


Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Are you our new PR coordinator? (1,0 FTE)


As PR coordinator you play an essential role in building YES!Delft’s – and our startups’ – image and brand. How? Read on! ?



YES!Delft is one of the leading technology incubators in Europe. We help tech entrepreneurs to build and grow leading technology companies. Our startup programs turn promising technology ideas and teams into solid startups and grow them to successful companies. We offer guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals in their startup journey. We have over 12 years of experience and currently have 200+ tech startups in our portfolio. Check out this video to learn about what we do & see our workplace.


Our team and ambitions are growing exponentially and several new projects are lying ahead. That’s why we need you.



► you report to the Marketing Manager and work together with her to create awareness and a positive brand image around YES!Delft
► you develop and execute the brand strategy for new YES!Delft initiatives like InnoCube, our expansion to The Hague and upcoming (international-) startup program collaborations
► you write press releases, and come up with brilliant web copy and blog content
► you manage YES!Delft’s PR/media calendar and make sure the right news items are released at the right time
► you proactively initiate and maintain relationships with journalists, bloggers, innovation blogs, and other influencers. You know exactly who to contact for which stories
► you make sure that YES!Delft gets mentioned on BNR Newsradio, Sprout and RTL Z
► you are closely connected with the YES!Delft startups so you are always on top of newsworthy developments in the startup community



It’s Thursday. It’s an early morning, because at 08.00 am you’ll send out the press release you wrote yesterday about our new batch of YES!Delft startups. After this, you use your creative brain to write a blog about last night’s event (Meet the VC’s), and finish some copy for the website. In between writing, you get several calls from journalists that are interested in the press release – you connect them to the startups. You add the journalists to your PR database, and plan to reconnect with them in 2 weeks. Right before lunch, you sit down with an Artificial Intelligence startup and advise them on how to approach their product launch.

After the teamlunch, you sit down with Kartika (Marketing Manager) to discuss the PR calendar and pitch some new guest blog ideas from partners. Next, you head off to Rotterdam to meet with a content partner to discuss which of your stories will be published in this month’s edition. Finally, you make a last call with Silicon Canals to pitch a content partnership, and then you head home.



  • your Dutch is native, and your English is perfect. You’re a natural writer and a grammar lover (+10 points if you spot the grammar mistakes in this text)
  • you hold a degree in the Marketing/Communication area – other areas are not a problem if your experience shows you’re a good candidate
  • you have two years of experience in writing, PR and influential
  • you’re a hustler and proactively reach out to the press to get newsworthy stories published
  • you come up with new ideas all the time to add value to the marketing team
  • you’re available 40 hrs per week
  • you’re energetic and show the ambition to take the marketing team to the next level with your skills



  • grabbing a once in a lifetime opportunity to work at an innovative startup incubator that’s on the verge of expansion
  • be the first new talent to join the growing marketing team (currently 4)
  • diving into tons of news worthy tech stories on a daily base. From AI platforms to enable visually impaired people, to rockets to the latest bio-tech innovations.
  • benefit from the freedom to come up with new ideas to improve
  • growing your skills and network with the help of the YES!Delft ecosystem



1. Apply by sending your CV and motivation (English) to Kartika Sidabutar, Marketing Manager (
2. Interview
3. Contract proposal
4. Sign & Start November!

For questions contact Kartika Sidabutar, Marketing Manager YES!Delft, via or call +31 6 398 809 71.

Digital marketing internship


Are you our new digital marketing intern?

Do you want to grow in marketing and want to learn fast? We are looking for a highly energetic and motivated talent to join our marketing team.

We offer a Digital Marketing internship where you are able to develop yourself in growth marketing (SEO, content marketing, data analysis & more). You’ll have professional guidance, and are given a lot of freedom immediately as long as you take your responsibility – we are a very ‘flat’ organization.



YES!Delft is one of the leading technology incubators in Europe. We help tech entrepreneurs to build and grow leading technology companies. Our programs turn promising technology ideas and teams into solid startups and grow them to successful companies. YES!Delft offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals in their startup journey. Check out this video to learn about what we do & see our awesome workplace.



► Mondaymorning: you walk into the office and get a cup of tea.
► First up: your inbox! It’s overflowing from last weeks’ startup successes. Two new investments and 3 innovation awards. Great news! You write and schedule some posts in Buffer or Hootsuite to publish on our social media (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram etc).
► Since you’re on it already: you write & schedule some social media posts for the rest of the week. You also set up some calls with our partners (Shell, Van Oord, etc) so you can discuss the content planning.
► Time for the marketing meeting. You present an overview of last weeks’ statistics: new likes, followers, engagement etc. You go through the metrics with the team, and it turns out: your growth experiment to get new email signups is a success. Time to celebrate!
► After the team lunch you brainstorm together with the content marketeer about new ways promote upcoming startup programs. Posting partner quotes? Interviewing our startups? Reach out to innovation blogs? It’s up to you and your creativity.
► In between, a colleague challenges you for a game of pool in the office and ofcourse you win. After this victory you review a short English text that a colleague wrote. They know they have to ask you, because your English is perfect.
► Next up, you walk over to Startup X’s office to film a short vlog with them so you can use it later as promotional content.
► At 4 PM you finish off the day with the last part of your online Google Analytics course. You now know how to use Google Analytics to find the right data!
► Before you leave, you sit down with the Marketing Manager to make a plan for the next 2 weeks. Your next big project is managing and publishing website content (such as new corporate partners, startup stories, new mentors and our newest startups). In order to do so, you’re going to learn to work with WordPress.

As you can tell – you are of great value to the marketing team. You’re the person responsible for the growth of our social media channels, and always coming up with new ways to improve our content. As a marketing team our highest goal is to learn & grow continuously, so that’s what you will be doing as well.



✔ Education: currently enrolled in an HBO or WO Bachelor
✔ Ambition: wants to learn the (growth-) marketing game and learn about the world of entrepreneurship and tech startups
✔ Language: Fluent in English and Dutch (verbally & grammar)
✔ Characteristics: energetic, hands-on, not afraid to try new things, and has an eye for spelling errors 😉
✔ Interests: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online Content, SEO, Data Analysis, Metrics, Online Marketing Funnel
✔ Living area: Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft & around



  • Coolest office in the Netherlands: check out our workplace
  • Workplace environment: you want to grow in Marketing, and learn lots about (tech-) entrepreneurship
  • Freedom to develop: great opportunity to work in a team of 18 people with a lot of freedom and responsibility from day 1
  • Startups: discover the world of tech startups and innovation
  • Afternoon drinks: any Friday you want
  • Starting date: August / September 2018



Apply before December 3rd by sending an email to Kartika Sidabutar (Marketing Manager) via Including:
► motivation letter
► your CV

Announcing New Energy Challenge 2018

We’re glad to announce our newest collaboration with Rockstart and Shell! Read the full press release below.



The Hague, the Netherlands – June 5, 2018.The third edition of the New Energy Challenge aims to speed up the development and roll-out of breakthrough technologies to help meet growing energy demand while emitting less CO2. This competition is tough, and pushes the boundaries of early stage start-ups active in the energy transition. The challenge was set up by Shell, Rockstart and YES!Delft and offers participants credibility, recognition, an extensive network and – for the winning start-up – a €100,000 convertible loan. It’s open to start-ups in Europe and Israel.

Geert van de Wouw, Vice President for Shell Ventures at Shell’s New Energy business, looks forward to learn more about the start-ups that rise up to the challenge: “I’m excited to meet ambitious founders with bold ideas that will change the future of energy. This challenge brings together the multiple actors to explore and lead the transition to a new energy mix: corporates and start-ups, governments and NGOs, scientists and CEOs. We’re ready to support the best ideas all the way.”

Shell, Rockstart and Yes!Delft believe that the energy transition requires unprecedented coordination between business, start-ups and leadership across all sectors of society. The New Energy Challenge 2018 exemplifies the extraordinary collaboration needed between multiple actors and factors for the energy transition, and hence has as its theme: “the Multiples Edition.”

Kickstarting new solutions
Collaboration between start-ups, (energy) companies and (local) government can fast-track the development and introduction of cleaner fuels for transport, bolster the generation of cleaner power and integrate digital technologies that help reduce daily carbon footprints. This will help pave the way to more economically, environmentally and socially acceptable energy options, along with more efficient delivery systems.

The New Energy Challenge offers multiple paths to benefit your business: it can generate new partnerships, as well as enable the exchange of knowledge and expertise. The intense finals, dubbed the “Raise the Bar Week,” will offer ten start-ups inspirational coaching, validation of their business proposals and connect them with inspiring experts, start-ups and scale-ups. The Raise the Bar Week takes place mid-October in Amsterdam, leading up to the announcement of three finalists. The winner will be announced during the “Generation Discover” festival in October 2018.

Apply for the New Energy Challenge here!

Taking up the Challenge
The New Energy Challenge is open to European and Israeli start-ups with innovative technologies and solutions for the energy transition. Calls for entry start from June 4 2018. Application is easy — but not simple — via The deadline for completed entries is July 23 2018.
The top-10 finalists will be invited to join the finals week from October 14 to October 18 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
At the final event— on October 18 — the top-10 finalists will make their final pitches before a jury that will pick the winner of the New Energy Challenge 2018.


The sky is not the limit

Sending a rocket into space is no easy task – and understandably so. It becomes even more complicated, though, when that rocket is supposed to reach an area above the Earth’s surface that has, so far, been only poorly studied. The ‘ignorosphere’ – often jokingly called so by scientists – is at an altitude of about 120km and is particularly difficult to access, as it is too high for balloons and too low for orbital satellites. Delft-based startup T-minus, however, has a solution. With the DART, their sounding rocket now almost complete, they are soon to make this area more accessible to scientists and researchers.



For founders Mark Uitendaal, Roel Eerkens, Hein Olthof and Eric Smit, it all started in 2009 when they were members of the student rocketry society DARE at the TU Delft. In their time there, Mark came up with the idea to break the European altitude record for student-built rockets, and soon took the lead on the project. Needless to say, they did break the record.

Yet, that was only part of their initial success. “After breaking the record, we discovered that the sounding rocket — a rocket used for scientific research — we had designed was kind of state-of-the-art,” Roel remembers. In many respects, it was better than what was commercially available at the time, which led the team to the idea of starting their own company.

Ever since, the four engineers have been working long hours to develop their signature rocket, the T-minus DART, which customers can use for doing research in the upper layers of the atmosphere. It is specifically designed to reach the area of around 120km above the Earth, and help research institutes and organizations conduct their explorations. “We do full-service from design and manufacturing to launch, and also assist our customers with preparing their scientific payload,” Roel explains.



The T-minus team has been developing the DART for several years now, and in order to finance their own R&D, they have had to work on the side as engineering consultants on multiple projects. Those include the NASA Insight project, in collaboration with the German Aerospace Institute, for the development of a scientific mole that would sample the Marsian soil. The project recently officially launched (on May 5th 2018), and the rocket is currently making its way through space.

“YES!Delft has been a major player in the team’s growth over the years,” Roel says. “The connections, workshops and events at YES!Delft has taught us a lot about the business side of entrepreneurship. The best way to learn is by talking to fellow entrepreneurs, who can advise you on how to avoid the mistakes they have made in the past.”

Learn more about YES!Delft’s startup programs hereb


With a strong support system behind them, the four co-founders have completed the DART. They’ve also already signed a contract with the European Space Agency to perform a number of demonstration flights. This means that the DART is currently commercially available. Moreover, the team is close to setting up a manufacturing plant in Deventer, in the near future. Lastly, the two big players DLR MORABA and Andoya Space Center have both expressed interest in placing the first order.

While the team has secured several grants to support their R&D, most of their capital has been coming from their consultancy projects with NASA, ESA and the TU Delft, among others. The
company is currently owned by the four co-founders, but they do not exclude the possibility of taking an investor onboard in the near future.

Team T-minus may be busy juggling various tasks, yet, they are well on their way to success. The NASA Insight rocket is expected to land on Mars in November, which means that T-minus will have hardware on Mars by the end of the year!

All there’s left to say is: May the countdown begin.


Giving Parkinson’s patients a steady hand

For most of us, carrying out routine tasks in our day-to-day lives may seem simple and effortless. Like having lunch and bringing a spoon from our bowl to our mouth. Or inserting a key into the keyhole of our front door. Yet, that isn’t the case for 45 million people worldwide, suffering from Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease. For them, every attempt to do so is accompanied by the largely uncontrollable shaking of their hand, also known as tremors.

It is a problem that still needs an effective solution. Current treatments to suppress tremor are ineffective and have heavy side effects, causing patients to even reject treatment and live with the consequences.

STIL, a medtech startup co-founded by IJsbrand de Lange and Bastiaan van Gaalen, is looking to be that solution. The team is developing an anti-tremor brace that helps provide these patients with a steady hand by suppressing their involuntary shakes. The startup emerged as the winner of last year’s EIT Health Validation Lab (formerly LaunchLab), and as a result, has made strides in bringing its technology closer to the market.

The Validation Lab is a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health that combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise with the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health.


Learn more about EIT Health Validation Lab


“As one of the top global business incubators, YES!Delft has developed a very strong entrepreneurship program for early stage entrepreneurs,” says Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation at EIT Health. “For a second year in a row, this program opens for all European startups and is enriched by a European field trip to global players and excellent university hospitals among our EIT Health partners. There is no better way to find out if your business idea works.”

The program is specifically designed to help promising tech teams find their product-market fit, or rather their market-product fit, as Robert Jan van Vugt, Program Manager at YES!Delft, puts it.

The road to ‘creating a stable future’

For IJsbrand, the idea for STIL came about two years ago during his graduation project at the TU Delft, where he was researching new ways of suppressing tremors mechanically.

“I drew inspiration from noise cancelation technology, where two opposite sound waves cancel each other out and result in silence,” IJsbrand says. “My idea was to apply the same concept to mechanical vibrations, and use an ‘anti-vibration’ to counteract the tremor and such suppress it.”

He soon realized that his invention had quite some potential, as a lab test of the technology showed a 94% success rate in suppressing tremors.

It was an innovative concept that had to be brought to the market. IJsbrand applied for a Take-Off grant from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Reseach (NWO) – and got it! – which allowed him to found STIL together with Bastiaan and work towards market validation.

Getting accepted in the EIT Health Validation Lab turned out to be a boost in the startup’s development, as during the two-month program, the founders got to discover the business potential of their idea, helped by top-notch universities, leading healthcare companies and world-class hospitals across Europe.


Learn more about EIT Health Validation Lab


They also learned that agility is key to running a startup. What the founders didn’t know at the beginning was that developing that specific medtech product would take years (and millions of euros) in clinical validation, putting market entry on hold for a while.

“There are currently no adequate treatments to suppress tremor,” IJsbrand says, “and patients need better options. They need them now.”

There was only one way forward: The founders had to rethink their business strategy, and they did so without having to give up on their ultimate goal.

They decided that in the short run, STIL will introduce their brace as a wellness device, selling it directly to customers and improving the technology based on the feedback they receive. In the long run, they will continue doing research and clinical validation until their product is fully ready to enter the medical market in Europe and the US.

IJsbrand and Bastiaan have learned that entrepreneurship can take you on a long and winding road, yet, what matters is to stay focused on your end goal. At the end of the day, it is people’s lives that can change for the better, and the two founders are working hard to make that happen.


Apply directly for EIT Health Validation Lab 2018!


YES, the moment is finally here. We are thrilled to announce that our new YES!Delft logo was placed on the building on Friday last week. Driving on the A13 highway in Delft you can no longer miss YES!Delft, next to Exact and 3M. The logo symbolizes the entire rebranding of our tech startup incubator. After 12+ years of accelerating innovation, it’s about time to develop a brand identity that visualizes our vision and ambitions for 2020. A lot is happening in and around our incubator:

Focus areas
As of 2018 we defined 8 tech areas to focus on: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, MedTech, CleanTech, Robotics, EduTech and Complex Technologies. The goal is to offer tech startups in these areas access to a strong network of dedicated trainers, personal mentors, corporate partners, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and investors.

New collaborations
To increase the value of our programs, we’re running our programs together with leading partners the industries. Last year we joined forces with ECE, Rotterdam to stimulate collaboration between high-tech minded and business minded entrepreneurs. Currently, our Robotics Validation Lab is running in collaboration with Robovalley, leading partner in the Robotics field. Lastly, we’ll run an upcoming Aviation Validation Lab with Unmanned Valley Valkenburg, our new partner with a strong network in the field of Aviation. New collaborations with big players in the fields of Blockchain and CleanTech are to be announced soon.

StartupCorner launch
Together with MRDH and StartupDelta we launched StartupCorner last month, a one stop shop for tech startups. Startup Corner offers support for all startup building blocks – from finance to HR to pilot projects and easily connects startups and corporates in relevant industries.

Along with these developments we renewed our brand identity. Although YES!Delft will always be YES!Delft, we’ve refreshed some features such as our logo (find our press kit here), the website and last but not least: the look and feel of the incubator itself. Think: lifesize tech product pictures, Formula 1 race cars built by students from the TU Delft racing team, pool tables and more. To stay up-to-date on incubator and startup news, subscribe to our newsletter below!

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President of the Federal Republic of Germany visits YES!Delft

On Tuesday May 15, 2018 we gladly welcomed Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, in Delft where he also paid a visit to our incubator.

The visit was a part of an official state visit to the Netherlands. During this day, the delegation attended presentations on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and more at the university and closed the day with a tour through YES!Delft as a result of our close relations to the TU Delft.

Tech startup

Evert Jaap Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft, welcomed the delegation and led them through the incubator explaining our vision, focus areas and how we have helped 200+ tech startups grow in the past 12 years. Tech entrepreneurs from YES!Delft startups EXO-L Dental Robotics, Kitepower, SpringScan and VSParticle pitched their startups and showed how their product impacts and adds value to the world as it is.

More information

YES!Delft and AGAM partner up to boost early stage startups

YES!Delft and AGAM partner up to boost early stage startups

VC investor bases European team at YES!Delft to support deep tech companies

Delft/Singapore, May 2 2018 – YES!Delft and Singapore-based August Global Asset Management (‘AGAM’) have partnered to support deep tech companies from YES!Delft and the wider Dutch start-up ecosystem. Both institutions will help startups to get access to institutional funding and scale up internationally. As part of this collaboration, AGAM’s investment team shall have a presence at YES!Delft to provide advice and support to the companies.

AGAM and YES!Delft intend to operate in close cooperation, by opening up their networks and accelerate future industry leaders. AGAM focuses on early growth (pre Series A) investments in order to help businesses expand internationally. This according to both parties is an underserved segment of the ecosystem. Young companies need significant operational and strategic support in addition to financial investment, that both AGAM and YES!Delft can provide.

“YES!Delft is very pleased to enter into a partnership with AGAM”, says Evert Jaap Lugt, managing director of YES!Delft. “We believe that cooperating with AGAM, thereby sharing best practices with respect to programming, and using their financial and intellectual resources as tech investor, as well as their strong connections in Asia will be very beneficial for our portfolio companies”.

“We are very excited about this partnership with YES!Delft to help catalyze and invest in the growth of the Netherlands deep technology ecosystem,” says Sameer Narula, Managing Partner of AGAM. “Our core focus is to position the Netherlands as the ‘launch-pad’ for companies into Asia, and as a ‘landing-pad’ for Asian companies into Europe. Continuing our successful strategy from Asia, we shall work closely with partners like InnovationQuarter, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( and YES!Delft, to help exceptional founders build successful global businesses.”

“InnovationQuarter (‘IQ’) is happy that the introduction between YES!Delft and AGAM is coming to fruition says Rinke Zonneveld, Managing Director of IQ. This collaboration will benefit the companies we work with, both from our investment and foreign investments activities. We look forward to assisting AGAM further on the development of their business in the Netherlands and are very pleased that Delft University of Technology introduced us to each other. We see AGAM as a valuable partner and an addition to our current ecosystem.”


About YES!Delft: Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms
At YES!Delft we believe in the impact of tech companies, because of their crucial contribution to the progress of our economy and society. We foster technological startups to become leading in their industries and promote and stimulate entrepreneurship to accelerate solutions to modern day challenges. At YES!Delft we unite the forces of startups, coaches, investors, and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success. We offer guidance and support in building and growing a company and encourage students, scientists and professionals on their path of entrepreneurship.

About AGAM
AGAM is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS’) as a Venture Capital Fund Manager (‘VCFM’). Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, we work closely with Governments, Universities, Corporate and Family investors to help exceptional entrepreneurs build successful global companies.
Given our Venture Building approach to investment, we work close with our network of partners around the world to help our companies achieve sustainable and scalable growth. Our Venture Capital business manages multiple funds focused on Seed through Series B investments.

About InnovationQuarter
InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for West Holland. InnovationQuarter finances innovative and fast-growing companies, assists international companies in establishing their businesses in West Holland, and facilitates (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government.
In this way, and in cooperation with the business community, InnovationQuarter supports the development of West Holland to become one of the most innovative regions in Europe. As a lifecycle financier, InnovationQuarter offers companies financing at various stages of growth. InnovationQuarter invests from three funds: IQCapital, UNIIQ and ENERGIIQ.

We are looking for an Investment Intern

YES!Delft – Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms
We are a start-up incubator that supports entrepreneurs in building and growing technology companies. Over the last 13 years, YES!Delft has become one of the leading tech incubators in Europe. YES!Delft offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals in their start-up journey. Our programs turn promising technology ideas into solid start-ups and help them grow to successful companies. Entrepreneurs get access to mentors, experts, investors and corporate partners who share their know-how and experience.

You will be working in collaboration with the Investment Director and senior team members. You’ll assist in reaching a number of objectives:

A. Optimizing the financial infrastructure of YES!Delft. Both in relation to external (investors and strategic partners) as well as internal parties (the portfolio of current and former YES!Delft start- and scale-ups). You will also be involved in the initiative to structure a proprietary YES!Delft investment instrument in collaboration with third party investment managers / general partners.

B. Identifying and evaluating startup companies which could be candidates for specific investment companies. You will also provide support to on investment transactions and portfolio management matters.

You will report to the Investment Director (ID) of YES!Delft. The specific responsibilities for this position (in principle in cooperation with the ID) are as follows:

Ad A:

  • Optimize, complete and curate the investor database of YES!Delft by researching and assessing the investor landscape in the NL, Europa and abroad (Asia/US where necessary and/or meaningful).
  • Assist in building and curating the verified Angel network of YES!Delft of informal investors.
  • Research and structure the operational and legal framework for a proprietary YES!Delft investment fund including fund raising.
  • Optimize the YES!Delft company database and analyze the performance of the YES!Delft companies.
  • Support Marketing and PR activities including event organizations.

Ad B:

  • Identify candidates for acceleration/investment by building a network within the local startup ecosystem, attending events, following up on leads from other members of the YES!Delft ecosystem.
  • Screen/validate candidates by reviewing competitive technologies, products or services being pursued by other companies both in the Netherlands and globally
  • Manage and update the database of investment leads (companies) within the YES!Delft portfolio.
  • Provide support for YES!Delft companies in the investment process (e.g. due diligence, basic financial analysis, industry and market research).
  • Assist YES!Delft companies in obtaining investment, financial or other support from external partners and Government agencies.

Eligibility, desired skill set and personal traits:

  • At the Intern level, candidates should be a penultimate year university student or a recent graduate ideally pursuing a major in Finance, Economics/Econometrics, or another business area; or pursuing an Engineering degree with exposure to Finance, Economics/Econometrics or Business through a minor during their bachelor studies or by pursuing a major.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of financial services and terminology
  • Strong interest in VC/PE and startups
  • Capability to apply advanced oral and written communication skills to create a positive impression and professional rapport
  • Ability to work independently while functioning as part of a team
  • A high degree of initiative and motivation
  • Strong attention to detail, quick learner, results driven
  • Composure and confidence to manage conflicting priorities

This position is the ideal starting position for someone who aspires a career in the VC industry. You will receive on the job training, will also closely work together with YES!Delft investor partners and will be able to build an impressive network and skillset in a very short time.

4-6 months (with strong possibility of extension or firm position)
Hours: to be discussed, with a minimum of 20 hours
Deadline for application: May 2, 2018.
Starting date: to be discussed

Send your application (CV + motivation letter) to our Investment Director (Merijn Zondag) via

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