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Meet YES!Delft’s brand new tech startups

DELFT, April 11 2018 – From enabling people with visual impairment to live more independently to a virtual gardener and microneedles for self-vaccination. We’ve selected six new tech startups for our Accelerator Program. Meet YES!Delft’s brand new technology startups.

“After an extensive selection procedure, we have admitted the most promising technologies and teams to join our incubator”, says Evert Jaap Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft. “All teams have the potential to become leading within their industries.”


To the market in top gear

The goal: to bring ideas and technologies to the market in top gear and grow them to a revenue of EUR 1 million with custom made programs. In the Accelerator Program entrepreneurs work on a solid foundation of their company with risk assessments, a milestone planning and strategies on subjects like product, finance and team. Companies are linked to experienced coaches and get access to the facilities and network of YES!Delft, as well as possibilities for pre seed financing.

YES!Delft looks to support ambitious entrepreneurs who, with the best guidance, can build their own company to great heights. The incubator in Delft offers programs for tech startups in the areas of Blockchain, MedTech, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, CleanTech, Robotics and Complex Technology. With over twelve years of experience in developing and accelerating tech companies, YES!Delft helps to make sure entrepreneurs make impact.


Want to start your own tech startup as well? Join our upcoming Validation Lab. Program applications are open now. Read more.


Meet the teams

Click on the photo below to learn more about the new tech startups.

Envision is a software platform and app that enable people with visual impairments to live more independently. Users can shop, use public transport, read menu’s (and much more). Our intelligent system reads texts, recognises faces and objects and describes scenes.

AnyThing Connected
From bananas to solar panels: anyThing Connected has made an internet-connected sticker that allows any product to tell you when it will break down, by simply sticking it on the side.

Nurtio is a smart virtual gardener for offices. Using the latest IoT developments, it allows anyone to take proper care of office plants, even if they have no gardening knowledge at all.

3D Printed hand braces have been a promise for too long. Together with medical professionals Manometric develops the workflow of the future: finally making beautiful and comfortable hand braces a reality.

Vaccines should be accessible to everyone. uPRAX aims to make that happen by introducing microneedles for end-users. With a size of less than 1mm, it reduces pain and the chance of infection, whilst also removing the need for doctors and costly distribution channels.

Festival stages are mostly made of straight or circular pieces. Limited options for truly crazy shapes. Our product: A truss module which can build ANY shape! Additionally, it comes with software to generate and engineer the structure in one click!


Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms

At YES!Delft we believe in the impact tech startups can have, because they provide a crucial contribution to the progress of our economy and society. We foster technological startups to become leading in their industries. We promote and stimulate entrepreneurship to accelerate solutions to modern day challenges. At YES!Delft we unite the forces of startups, coaches, investors, and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success. We offer guidance and support in building and growing a company and we encourage students, professionals and scientists on their path of entrepreneurship. Because we put the entrepreneurs interest first, promising ideas of ambitious people can be turned in to solid startups and successful companies.
Contact: Kartika Sidabutar, Marketing Manager. / 0639880971.


Momo Medical

Smart bed sensors that keep pressure ulcers to a minimum

Building a company is no easy task. Building a medical technology (MedTech) company – even less so. That, however, didn’t scare Ide Swager and Menno Gravemaker when they took it upon themselves to found Momo Medical. Their goal? To provide healthcare professionals with relevant and accurate data about patient mobility, thus helping them reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers and patient mobility? – we hear you asking. Not to worry, an explanation is on its way.

Ide has long been interested in the medical applications of electronics – as part of his Masters at the TU Delft, too – so for him, laying the foundation of his own MedTech business was a natural next step in his professional development. Menno, on the other hand, has been an entrepreneur ever since an early age, so the two were a perfect match for the start of Momo Medical.

And just like that, they set out to address the challenge of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are a damage to the skin or underlying tissue as a result of pressure being exercised on them. “When sitting or lying, the bed or chair presses against your tissue and can damage the skin as well as the muscles underneath. This happens mostly near the bones,” Ide says.

The trouble with pressure ulcers is that they originate under the skin and are very difficult to diagnose – at least before they have burst open into a wound. “It’s a very complicated problem, because it depends on the person how fast those pressure ulcers develop,” Ide adds. “Sick people develop them faster, while severe patients can develop a first on-set within three hours. The tricky thing is that when you don’t see it, you don’t have a sense of urgency.”

This is exactly the problem the two MedTech entrepreneurs are looking to tackle: making pressure ulcers easier to prevent. They have, thus, developed a smart bed sensor that detects the position in which patients are lying in bed, and by on-going monitoring, provides healthcare professionals with relevant data to prevent pressure ulcers from emerging.

“We can couple our system with a hospital’s protocol and send an alert to the nurse call system when it’s time to reposition a patient,” Ide says. As a result, the risk of pressure ulcers can be decreased significantly.

Momo Medical may have been around for just a year, yet they are already a team of 11, with a number of milestones to share. The reason for this quick start was, in part, the fact that Ide had previously worked at YES!Delft Students, and the network he built within YES!delft was ready to introduce Momo Medical to industry stakeholders.

Want to start your own MedTech startup as well? Join our Validation Lab!

By now the MedTech team has secured a number of subsidies, among which the STW Phase 1 grant and a smaller round of the Province of South Holland. What’s more, they have launched their first pilot with a Dutch hospital (Reinier de Graaf in Delft), nursing home (Pieter van Foreest) and the municipality of Delft.

“The pilot is a very important part of what we’re working on,” Ide says. “We’re setting up a long-term cooperation with the hospital that runs the pilot, so that could help us in the long run.” In March this year, the second phase of the pilot has started. The goal of this phase is to build the first clinical evidence, which is essential for getting a medical device on the market.

With plans to attract an investor in the near there is certainly a lot of hard work ahead of this MedTech company. In 2018 the major milestones are focused on pre-sales, medical device certification and design for manufacturing. Yet, it seems they know how to handle that just right.

October 2015 – First idea conceptualized
November 2016 – Ide and Menno commit full-time to Momo Medical
February 2017 – Admission into YES!Delft’s Incubation Program
May 2017 – First pilot secured
June 2017 – Financing from STW Phase 1, MIT Haalbaarheid and
the Municipality of Delft secured
November 2017 – Started first pilot in hospital
December 2017 – Secured STW Phase 2 loan
February 2018 – Featured in Health~Holland Annual report
March 2018 – Pilot phase 2 starts, 10 devices operational


If you want to know more about our programs, you can find more information here. Or contact Emma Kluwen (startup scout) directly via email or phone +31628504045.



Rockstart, YES!Delft, and InnoEnergy join forces to launch EnergyXL

Calling all CleanTech and Smart Energy-focused startups! Together with two other top-rated startup incubation and acceleration programs in the Netherlands, we’re announcing a joint initiative that will allow startups to apply for all three programs at the same time and receive tailor-made funding and support.


Rockstart, YES!Delft, and InnoEnergy will have a joined application and selection process for their CleanTech startup programs in 2018.


“We are on a mission to get the best startups in Smart Energy and CleanTech to join one of the strongest acceleration ecosystems in Europe,” said Evert Jaap Lugt, managing director at YES!Delft. “We’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs in the fields of energy transition and sustainability.”

The three programs that comprise EnergyXL cater for startups on different growth stages that have sustainability and clean technologies at their core. The main goal of the initiative, first of its kind in the Netherlands, is to provide more value for the best teams working in the energy sector by matching their needs with the respective partner offerings.

“We’ve been running our Smart Energy program since 2015,” said Freerk Bisschop, Smart Energy program director at Rockstart. “Every year, we receive a number of applications from very promising startups, for which the time isn’t right to join our program. EnergyXL is there to solve this mismatch and make sure each team gets the support, guidance, and empowerment they require.”

CleanTech and Smart Energy startups interested in participating can apply until May 3 for any of the programs offered by EnergyXL, but also for all of them at once. Rockstart, InnoEnergy, and YES!Delft will review the applications individually. Every partner will create their invitation shortlist in alignment with the others, after which the best startups will be invited for the Selection Days.

During the Selection Days in late May every partner will choose the startups they want to get in their programs. If there is an overlap, the selected startups will receive combined offers from all interested partners.

Click here for more information on EnergyXL


The partners

Rockstart Smart Energy
runs a proven, high-intensity 180-day accelerator and extended scaling program for seed-stage energy startups using data and digital technologies as a driver or enabler. We help you build, validate and scale your business, find the best product/market fit to grow internationally and get you 100% ready for funding. We help you better understand product design, market fit and business models by enabling you to directly work with relevant suppliers, users, customers, professionals and other stakeholders in the energy sector.

is a trusted partner and smart investor for your innovation journey throughout the energy sector. We boost the success rate of start-ups and power the growth of SME, by opening the door to a trusted ecosystem of key energy players. We tailor our services to suit your needs, and because we’re energy specialists we understand what those needs are. Our uniquely collaborative approach help shorten time to market, mitigate risks, and multiply the value of new technologies. Energy challenges are global and to solve them we need global solutions. Our international perspective is matched by international infrastructure to help your business have global impact and contribute to a more sustainable world.

YES!Delft acceleration program
prepares you to bring your innovative technology to market as soon as possible in your field of business. We run an intensive 3-months program to prepare your tech startup for a launching customer and/or investment. Different workshops, assessments, support & coaching help you to design your pilot product, set up your legal entity, form an entrepreneurial dream team, develop your market and sales funnel and get investment ready.

How to validate your tech startup idea

validating your tech startup idea do’s and don’ts


  • Find (potential) customers with a pain
  • Understand the context around that pain
  • Assess if your technology can ease that pain
  • Find out what the costs related to the pain
  • Assess if your technology has benefits for the potential customer
  • Create quick build-measure-learn cycles and go through them often


  • Push your tech startup onto your customers
  • Ask them what they would like to pay for it
  • Spend all your time and money on product development
  • Create slow build-measure-learn cycles and go through them only twice per year


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You’re a team of engineers and you’ve developed this great technology. It’s so great, in fact, that you’ve decided to turn it into a tech startup. But before anything, you need to make sure that there is indeed a market for it. You need to validate your business.

So, how do you validate a business? What processes are there to follow, and what pitfalls are there to avoid? As Program Manager at YES!Delft, Robert Jan van Vugt is the person to go to, if you want to know everything about finding your market-product fit. For this Expert Interview, he shared his thoughts and some much sought-after advice.


Finding a market for your technology

Finding a market for a tech idea or product is not nearly the same as finding a technology to solve a customers’ problem. Non-technology businesses often start by solving a problem for the customer.

“Tech ideas, on the other hand, start with the technology. Most entrepreneurs choose the technology based on their own interests and background [mostly engineering], and not on its business feasibility,” Robert Jan says.

The number-one reason for tech startups to fail is their inability to find a market for their technology. So nailing that product-market fit early on is crucial.

Say, you’ve developed a blockchain-related technology whose goal is to solve money transfer problems in Africa. Now, as noble as that may be, it may simply be too ambitious to start with. “Start easier,” Robert Jan advises. “Instead of focusing on Africa right away, start with a market that you have direct access to, and where the pain is just as high. Test your technology, make some sales, and then think of the next step. The number-two reason why startups fail is a lack of cash, so sales are key!


For more info about Validation Lab,
email our Startup Scout

Contact Emma

This smaller market may be your neighborhood, your town or your country. It may not be what you had imagined originally. But with an easy access to this market, you’ll be quick to find out the real business potential of your startup idea. Who is it for, how well does it solve a specific problem, and what are customers willing to pay for it? Go out and talk about it, to find out the answers. Get that down, so you can move on to your next step.

“In that sense, it’s not so much about finding a product-market fit, but rather about finding a market-product fit,” Robert Jan says. Look for a market until you have found one that fits the possible application(s) of your technology – instead of trying to change your product to fit a certain market.


Build, measure, and learn

Hanging on to this previous thought, your fastest way to market is by following a three-step process: build, measure, learn. As a tech company, you are tempted to start with a technology, build on it, measure the response, learn from it, and build again.

However, building hightech prototypes takes both time and money. It’s much more efficient if you build your market instead: work on assumptions, experiments, landing pages – everything to test, measure and learn from. Start building real prototypes only when you are sure about the market-product fit.

“The first step is to find the people with a pain, and talk to them,” Robert Jan says. “Why is this pain there, and (how) can your technology ease it?”

The key to identifying your future customers is to really understand their situation. Grasp the context around it. To what extent are their pains influencing their daily lives? What are they costing them, and what are they willing to spend to minimize them? Be able to match those pains with the gains your product can provide.


Test, measure, learn. Then repeat.

Gathering insights continuously will not only help you learn more about your target audience, but also find out if there is a real need for your technology. In the end, it will also help you understand if your startup idea is indeed scalable towards your dream market.


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The Marlyn: Half helicopter, half plane

We’ve got a riddle for you: It has wings and it flies like a plane, but it isn’t one. It has rotors, and lifts off and lands like a helicopter, but it isn’t one. What is it?

We know, and we’ll tell you. It’s Marlyn, the next generation drone that can take off and land like a helicopter, but is nimble and fast like a plane. Developed by Atmos, a Delft-based technology startup that is on a mission to revolutionize how maps are made, improve food production, reduce pesticide usage, support nature preservation, manage our resources and many more, all with the same drone!


It was back in 2012 when a team of students from the renowned TU Delft faculty of aerospace engineering joined a competition held by U.S. research agency DARPA.

“For this challenge a drone was needed that had the ability to take-off and land vertically, but also cover a big distance,” Ruud Knoops, co-founder of Atmos, remembers. “And in aerospace engineering, designing and building one or the other type of drone is already a challenge, let aside build a system that fulfills the requirements of both.”

Although the team started late in the competition and had only four months to design, build and validate their aircraft, they eventually came in third out of more than 150 competitors. With the first prototype in their hands they knew that they had created something unique.

“Four people out of the original team decided to take the invention to the next level, and a year later we started our company”, Ruud says. “Today, the big technical challenges that comes with hybrid drones have been solved and we have a production line set up to fulfill and support our first customers”


To get to where they are now, the team has had to make difficult decisions on how to best position themselves and who to target first with their technology.

Before joining YES!Delft’s incubator, Atmos had successfully rounded off its Validation Lab program, which is what really helped them focus on a delineated market segment with a clear product-market fit and good conditions for market entry. “Before we joined the Validation Lab, we had several markets that we wanted to target but we learned that having a focus is a very important thing and helps to accelerate,” Ruud explains.

The team has been concentrating on the mapping industry since then. With Marlyn we are targeting the global mapping industry, from construction and mining to agriculture and environmental applications for governmental, academic and SME institutions.

“The team of YES!Delft and their network are really complimentary to our team, and we believe that with their feedback we can become one of the leading drones companies.”


Atmos is at the verge of their international growth phase. The working principle behind the drone has been proven and international patent has been file. Their next steps are closing their investment round, finalising the beta phase with customers and optimizing production and distribution for international rollout.
Next to the multiple customers and pilots they have collected, requests are coming from all around the world, with an increasing trend. An example of a recent pilot project is to map the pristine national park of Silhouette island.
They currently have 14 members, but are actively looking for enthusiastic and driven people on both commercial and technical side of our company – to all who would want to gain experience in a high-tech and fast-growing startup: get in touch with them!
The world around us is changing with a tremendous pace, in order to develop our earth sustainably we have to use the limited available space and resources wisely, Atmos says. Therefore, access to timely and highly accurate geo-data is crucial. “The ultimate goal for Atmos is to empower professionals to gather geo-spatial information effortlessly and affordably.”


2012: 3rd place DARPA UAVForge challenge
2012: First drone in the world to autonomously transition from helicopter to airplane mode
2013: Company founded
2014: Wall of Fame (TU Delft Aerospace Engineering)
2014: Patent request submitted
2015: Pilot project with Rijkswaterstaat
2016: Co-founded Valkenburg drone test center (unmanned valley)
2016: STW take-off phase 2 secured
2016: First LOI with launching customer
2016: MIT R&D Project
2016: Admission into YES!Delft incubation program
2017: Pilot project in the Indian Ocean: First to map pristine national park in half a century!

YES!Delft and UtrechtInc in Top 10 Global Business Incubators

Toronto, February 23, 2018 – Dutch business incubators were ranked again by UBI global for the top business incubators 2017/2018. YES!Delft ranked second, and UtrechtInc ranked tenth. This was announced on Thursday night in Toronto during the World Incubation Summit. The two Dutch incubators receive international recognition for their support of startups.

This year, UBI global defined 4 categories. YES!Delft and UtrechtInc were respectively ranked 2 and 10 in the category: World Top Business Incubator – Affiliated with University. In 2015 YES!Delft ranked 9th on the global list. “This result proves that our programs really are of world class”, says EJ Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft. “With our Discovery Track, Validation Lab and Accelerator program we help startups grow successfully within 9 months from business idea to investor-ready.”


UtrechtInc also maintains a top position on the international international list by UBI Global and is glad to receive this recognition. Managing Director Jorg Kop: “We offer supporting programs to researchers of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht to bring research to the market. This way, we contribute to the valorization of scientific knowledge and making this publicly accessible.” Since 2009 the incubator supported 184 startups.


Startup-envoy Prince Constantijn congratulates YES!Delft and UtrechtInc. “Incubators and accelerators can play a crucial role in the valorization of scientific data and supporting academic startups. The universities of Delft and Utrecht must be proud of the successes of YES!Delft and UtrechtInc, who are contributing immensely to the Dutch startup and scale-up ecosystem.


Every two years UBI Global, a renowned Swedish research- and advicebureau in the field of business incubation, conducts research amongst 500 incubators and accelerators in over 70 countries. An example of a selection criteria are the accessibility to capital and economic impact of the incubators. In 2016, the 259 participating programs supported over 10.000 startups in total, research shows. T

The total number of employees was 72.000. In the past 5 years, the startups raised a total of 4,7 billion euros and had a total of 3,2 billion in revenue.

See the entire global ranking list here.


Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms

At YES!Delft we believe in the impact tech companies can have, because they provide a crucial contribution to the progress of our economy and society. We foster technological startups to become leading in their industries. We promote and stimulate entrepreneurship to accelerate solutions to modern day challenges. At YES!Delft we unite the forces of startups, coaches, investors, and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success. We offer guidance and support in building and growing a company and we encourage students, professionals and scientists on their path of entrepreneurship. Because we put the entrepreneurs interest first, promising ideas of ambitious people can be turned in to solid startups and successful companies.

Contact: Kartika Sidabutar, Marketing Manager / 06-39880971


Bright entrepreneurs, healthy society

UtrechtInc is the incubator for Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and Hogeschool Utrecht and supports researchers, alumni and entrepreneurs to successfully start their tech companies. Within the fast-paced startup program startups build a scalable business model and a working product, win paying customers and find the founding team. Next to content-based acceleration programs, UtrechtInc also offers financing, office space, coaching and a startup community. Since it’s start in 2009, 184 startups have been supported.

Contact: Elina Schafer, Marketing Manager / 06-16290321

YES!Delft is looking for a Digital Marketing intern

About YES!Delft

YES!Delft is one of the leading technology incubators in Europe. We help entrepreneurs to build and grow leading technology companies. Our programs turn promising technology ideas and teams into solid startups and grow them to successful companies. YES!Delft offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals in their startup journey. Check out this video to learn about what we do & see our awesome workplace.

Are you our new Digital Marketing intern?

Are you an eager learner and do you want to grow in marketing? We are looking for an energetic and motivated talent to join our marketing team. The main goal: attract more tech startups to join our programs. How? By creating a strong online marketing funnel, analyzing the data & researching other organizations’ marketing strategies.

We offer a Digital Marketing internship where you are able to develop yourself in growth marketing (SEO, content marketing, data analysis & more). You’ll have professional guidance, and are given a lot of freedom immediately as long as you take your responsibility – we are a very ‘flat’ organization. And ofcourse you’ll get the chance to work on your research project.

What you will do..

  • Focus on the planning and execution of online content marketing: publishing startup stories, setting up email campaigns, coordinate video creation & more
  • Focus on the planning and execution of online content marketing: publishing startup stories, setting up email campaigns, coordinate video creation & more
  • Coordinate our social media channels and using them to attract our target group (tech entrepreneurs)
  • Analyze SEO opportunities and look for ways to improve our marketing strategy
  • You’ll manage our completely renewed website that we’ll launch mid Feb
  • Work on your research project: subject will be discussed upon selection
  • You’re free to come up with your own ideas of tasks to add during your time at YES!Delft

The kind of person we are looking for..

  • Education: currently enrolled in an HBO or WO Bachelor related to Marketing / Sales / Communications / Business
  • Ambition: very eager to learn the (growth-) marketing game and learn about the world of entrepreneurship and tech startups
  • Language: Fluent in English and Dutch (verbally & grammar)
  • Characteristics: energetic, hands-on, works independently, not afraid to try new things, analytical, and has an eye for spelling errors 😉
  • Interests: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Content, SEO, Data Analysis, Metrics, Online Marketing Funnel
  • Living area: Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft & around

Why should you apply for this job!

  • Coolest office in the Netherlands: check out our workplace
  • Workplace environment: you want to grow in Marketing, and learn lots about (tech-) entrepreneurship
  • Freedom to develop: great opportunity to work in a small team (12 people) with a lot of freedom and responsibility from day 1
  • Startups: discover the world of tech startups and innovation
  • Afternoon drinks: any Friday you want
  • Starting date: From February onwards

The deadline for applications is January 25, 2018.

For questions, contact Kartika Sidabutar (Digital Marketing Lead, YES!Delft) via, or send her your application including the materials below.

Application materials:

· Motivation letter (1 A4-page maximum)

· Your CV in Dutch

EIT Health PowerLab 2017

Hydration startup TEX- myHydro wins power edition of EIT Health Launchlab

Delft, December 20, 2017 – Hydration startup TEX-myHydro is the winner of the special power edition of EIT Health Launchlab. This was announced on Wednesday December 20th, during Launchday at YES!Delft. View the aftermovie here. TEX-myHydro provides a band that ensures non-invasive, reliable and continuous hydration measurement, for example for children, elderly and sportsmen.

“Dehydration is dangerous. In the long run it can damage internal organs and even lead to death. In healthy organisms it is manifested by thirst, but often this symptom is distorted or difficult to monitor”, say founders Ewelina Pabjanczyk and Magdalena Owczarek from Poland.

From psychosis simulation experiences to 3D printed casts to innovative joint protection techniques. 9 teams began their startup journey on November 21, 2017 and entered a unique pressure cooker program to discover the business potential of their medtech idea.

EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health partners. It combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise and the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health partners. It is designed to let promising tech teams validate their technology by talking to customers, industry experts and specialists.


The teams did this with the help of top notch medical institutions, including Erasmus MC, LUMC and Radboud MC. And startup partners such as Health Valley, REshape Center, NLC and Rockstart.

The next edition of EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchDay kicks off in September 2018. More info soon on or

TBI and Corporate partners build startups at YES!Delft

Teams from TBI, Engie, Royal HaskoningDHV and KPN took the stage at YES!Delft on Wednesday to present their promising early stage startup ideas during LaunchDay. In this first corporate Validation Lab, employees from YES!Delft’s corporate partners, with TBI in the lead, paused their full-time jobs for a moment to find the best product-market fit for their innovative (corporate) startup ideas.

“Our teams were boosted by the startup environment and guidance offered by YES!Delft”, says Douwe van den Wall Bake, Manager Sustainable Development at TBI about the program the corporate teams followed.

Six teams from our corporate partners with innovative ideas joined the Validation Lab program 8 weeks ago. Because all of them also have a full time job, sessions were organized every other week. This way work and building a start-up can be combined. Validation Lab took the teams on a journey to validate their ideas and market potential, and find launching customers.

From an energy-neutral renovation plan for housing and in-the-cloud-repair of floor heating to prefab installation units for utility buildings. From a flexible and sustainable parking solution for construction sites and clean energy for harbor coasters to an app that helps you to never lose a thing anymore. Promising propositions were validated and worked out in an energetic environment with teams from different corporates helping each other out.


“Through the Validation Lab, we identified that 80% of inner city construction projects are eagerly awaiting our temporary and flexible parking solution called X-Decks”, says Validation Lab participant Hermen Jan van Ree from Royal HaskoningDHV. “Also, we validated that X-Decks physically fits most construction sites and that there are multiple viable business and earning models. Our validation journey even led to various promising leads for X-Decks.”

All the teams have successfully come up with a targeted customer segment and a clear value proposition. The startups all want to continue with their idea in one way or the other. “Temporarily taking teams out of the corporate environment changes their mind set and speeds up the innovation process”, says Robert Jan van Vugt, Program Manager of YES!Delft. “Therefore we believe programs like Validation Lab can be very helpful for corporates, as a part or a full replacement of their innovation program.”

More information about Validation Lab & Application

YES!Delft at Slush 2017

Our Startup Scout, Emma Kluwen, attended Slush in Helsinki.

Read her experience here!

“Together with the YES!Delft student board, I represented YES!Delft at Slush Helsinki. With an amazing light and sound show, the first keynote of Slush 2017 in Helsinki was given by Al Gore. He talked about the great contributions of all the tech start-ups at the event to the world’s sustainability. After the opening, the 20.000 attendees moved towards the different stages of the venue (start-up square, founders stage etc.) where the event could begin. A dynamic mix of founders pitching their ideas, investors showing interest in start-ups and people exchanging business cards.

The main purpose to join Slush for me was to find out where the Robotic Hubs are based in Europe. YES!Delft and RoboValley are going to start the first European Robotics Accelerator in May 2018. I talked to a lot of different people about this topic and went home with some valuable feedback.

At Slush, you also have the possibility to book meeting places for 30 minutes. A great way to escape the hectic Slush floor and have intakes with potential candidates, which I did.

Slush is the perfect place to get inspired, connect and build your start-up further.”

FD article featuring YES!Delft’s presence at Slush 2017, including the interview with Emma.

Are you interested in learning more about our new Robotics Accelerator? Get in touch with Emma Kluwen, our Startup Scout, for more information about the program and the selection procedure.

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