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Top of Dutch corporates dine with startups at Techilicious 2017

On May 10, 2017 YES!Delft and Venture Café will connect the top of the Dutch corporates and the most promising tech startups at Techilicious 2017. This is a unique dinner with one goal: “Dine to Deal!”.

The first corporate leaders confirmed their participation at the ‘How To Get There Summit’ in The Hague. Startup Envoy Constan tijn van Oranje granted the CEO’s of Shell, KPN, Port of Rotterdam and TBI the opportunity to close lives deals with the most innovative tech startups in the Netherlands.

During the first edition of Techilicious this year more than 130 deals were closed between 50 CEO’S, CFO’S, CTO’s and 50 innovative startups. “An incredibly valuable event which offers us many commercial opportunities”, guests stated. This happens in the form of concrete business such as leads, pilot projects and funding. “Incubator YES!Delft transforms into a restaurant for one day to close deals”, says Pieter Guldemond, Managing Director at YES!Delft.

It’s an important issue, large corporates agree. ”By interacting with entrepreneurs we force ourselves to think out of the box, which is inspiring”, says Paul Smits, CFO of Port of Rotterdam. “This way we enable ourselves to be more innovative and efficient in introducing a new technology to the market”.

Through Techilicious YES!Delft and Venture Café facilitate a unique matchmaking event to innovate collectively. “This event is a great example of how this collaboration becomes really concrete“, says Constantijn van Oranje of StartupDelta. “To collaborate successfully it is essential that both parties focus on understanding each other, since innovation is stimulated best when you’re both on the same page. If it were up to me, Techilicious would be a monthly event in the Netherlands.

Startups and corporates can sign up for Techilicious 2017 at


Making corporate parking facilities available to the public

They solve the hassle of parking your vehicle in major cities by making parking garages of offices on A-locations, accessible to the public. The result: ample, affordable parking spots, bang in the middle of town and less CO2-emissions from hovering around looking for a place to park. Add the advantage of less newly built public garages, and ParkBee’s solution will change urban planning for good.

In 2013 founders Tom and Jian were both working as expats in Amsterdam. They were lucky enough to be able to park their car safely and conveniently on the parking deck of their grey office block. At the end of a – long – day they left their spot with a sense of ‘guilt’, knowing that parking your car in the centre of Amsterdam is almost like an intrepid expedition. They noticed an opportunity in the evenings and on weekends: ample empty parking spots at offices, and many people driving around in circles looking for a place to park, whilst putting unnecessary amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. And when they find a spot in the end, they pay at least double the price of a cup of coffee by the hour. The soon-to-be founders went to talk to companies to ensure they were open to the concept and conducted thorough market research.

With their proof of concept Tom and Jian applied to YES! Delft to professionally mould their idea into an actual service. They realized that, at the core, ParkBee is a tech-company. There had to be a smart solution to open the barriers of parking decks and garages to the public. At YES!Delft, and within 18 months, they developed that technology and found their first locations; all with huge credit to YES!Delft’s network. It was that network that was utilised at full strength during the annual Network Event. Tom’s call to action on stage to introduce ParkBee to the right network of real estate owners and governmental parties assured him an introduction to the key council member in Amsterdam. Parkbee went into fifth gear at YES!Delft. And that’s exactly what the founders liked about YES!Delft.

“At YES! Delft having a start-up is not a lifestyle; it takes – a lot of hard – work and focus, that is something that is understood at YES!Delft”.

Many important decisions have been made and if you’d ask ParkBee for one of the most important lessons they have learned at YES!Delft is to dare to NOT do everything yourselves. For example: ParkBee’s partnership with Parkmobile (a parking app and market leader in The Netherlands) allowed the company a solid market entry and by October 2015 ParkBee was ready to serve their first customers.

ParkBee has moved on and swapped the comforting bubble of YES!Delft for a beautiful office in Amsterdam. An old school building with stained glass windows, that they share with a large marketing agency. They have a fresh home cooked lunch and jugs with ice water on their desks. But the typical start-up spirit is still there; every once in a while they hop on bikes with the whole team to go on a scavenger hunt through Amsterdam or Utrecht hunting for new parking garages. The post-start-up ParkBee is creative but also a proper grown-up. With their YES!Delft baggage they are ready to tackle new problems that come with a growth spurt. ParkBee is becoming a success in The Netherlands and ready to take the next steps for worldwide parking ‘domination’.

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