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At YES!Delft we aim to achieve societal impact by supporting startups to apply smart and innovative technologies. That is why we decided it is time to kick off our brand new program: SocialTech Validation Lab. Partnering up with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) enables us to produce the best curriculum and ecosystem to make disruptive social innovation happen. It is the first of many programs we will be organizing under the roof of the brand-new incubator at the EUR, Erasmus Enterprise. Thanks to the collaboration and the hard work all our experts put in, we managed to once again exceed our goals.

We are proud to present to you the 6 startups who enrolled in the program at the end of April, and are currently validating their business idea through our 10-week lab. Scroll down, and find out about their mission and ambitions.


Emosys aims to alleviate the burden of epileptic seizures. For this, they combine the latest findings in neuroscience and wearable technologies and power it with artificial intelligence (AI).

“The first generation of our smart wearable system will detect seizures with unparalleled accuracy. The second generation will also predict seizures before happening. These innovations will free the patients from the need of constant supervision.”



“Imagine not being able to use your smartphone. Your world would become incredibly small. For millions of people with blindness this is the case.”

The Hable One is a smartphone controller that allows people with blindness to fully operate their phone in a simple, fast and private way. With a combination of eight buttons, you can type, move over the screen or use shortcuts, all whilst the feedback is in the form of audio. With Hable people with blindness regain control over their phone.


“Have you or your loved ones ever experienced an endless search to what could possibly improve their personal well-being? Through our online learning environment – we bring people together, collect experiences that we harmonize, analyze and translate into practical insights, curated by us or involved experts. Insights enabling citizens to truly learn from each other and work on their quality of life more effectively.”

Health-Thing challenges and guides them so that they do not have to endlessly search.


Harry Senior is here to give you access to a network of verified and trustworthy service provides who can help solve issues in and around the home for the aging population, empowering them to be independent for a longer time.

“Our parents got older and we found ourselves struggling to help them with tasks they cannot do themselves. That’s why we build our platform that brings the network of trustworthy service providers to help with their tasks.

Leave the annoying stuff to us and go have fun!

We are Harry Senior and we are here to help.”


Financial Fit helps employers address financial stress in the workplace. They do this by focusing on prevention, awareness, trust and support.

“In this way, we work to create a situation where the employer and employee feel free and safe to discuss money worries, and where the employer has the knowledge and skills to provide effective support to the employee. Our ultimate dream is to completely eliminate financial stress.”


SketchoAR develops an online platform consisting of multi-sensory contents using Augmented Reality, customised virtual space for education and online collaboration, and sharing content platforms.

“Our mission is to make a virtual space entertaining by sparking people’s imaginations. We research how we can make a virtual space to boost creativity and engagement and have a better experience of learning, creating, and communicating.”



Meet the accelerator batch 2021


We are excited to present you the nine startups who are joining the latest Accelerator Batch! With the help of our experts and mentors, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions the startups are more than ready to change the world with their innovative ideas. Learn more about their goals, aspirations and cutting-edge technologies in this article.


Myst Works are building aerial robotics solutions (ARS) for emergency services. The goal is to increase the safety & efficiency of emergency responses using aerial robotics with simple operation. These robotic solutions will integrate to provide increased situational awareness to front line workers.

Myst Works are determined to realise the full potential of aerial robotics and we are already seeing that! They have participated in Y Combinator School, located in Silicon Valley. Next to that, they got to the semi-finals of the biggest student entrepreneurship award, Philips Innovation Awards. In 2021 Myst Works were ranked as one of the top 50 Industry & Infrastructure innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards.

We are extremely passionate about aerial robotics, and its potential to change the world for the better. Our vision is to build a suite of different ARS that have a direct and marked positive impact on the safety and efficiency of frontline workers.

“This picture marks the beginning of our team, where we all met together for the first time and discussed our vision of the future during our hikes in the Swiss alps.”


Tim Smits and Jorn Rigter, the founders of Unpluq, know how much time you spend on Social Media apps. Just like many others, spending three, three and a half hours a day on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, was normal for them. During their studies, they were often distracted by their smartphones, and noticed this with many people around them as well. When talking to Millennials, they discovered that most of them found that current software solutions don’t work – they’re too easy to turn off or circumvent, and therefore don’t change your habits. That’s when they created their own solution, where a physical input makes the choice for using distracting apps more conscious.

Unpluq is a combination of Android software and a USB key, with two modes. The normal mode enables you to access all of your apps. When you plug out the physical key, distracting apps of your choice are blocked, and their notifications are blocked as well.

“Smartphones have started to take over control, we want to give the control back to you. We want you to regain control over your smartphone usage. With Unpluq users save an average of 69 minutes of smartphone screen time per day!”


Osiris have experienced what it is like to be restricted as a musician and audio professional. Being part of the audio engineering industry as researchers and specialists for 10 years, they have discovered the problems that limit the productivity of musicians and audio professionals.  That’s why they designed a hardware that helps audio professionals to save cable-management time and discover new creative possibilities.

“We design our line of products to fill the gap in the market that was restricting our workflow as musicians and audio professionals.”


Every day 1.3 million parcels are being invoiced incorrectly on the European Parcels that are either not being delivered, have incorrect surcharges, or are just invoiced against the imprecise amount.

Recognising that this has a huge impact on the e-commerce industry, Lox came up with a solution to audit the carrier invoices and make sure we the correct amount is paid, by handling the claim.
With powerful dashboard that provides clarity on logistics, all insights in a single touch, the easiest set up procedure, and all the popular carriers, Lox Solution is on the way to refining how we deliver parcels.

“Why do e-commerce companies choose for Lox? Because it is a success-fee model and starting is super easy. Just share your carrier invoices”


Over the last decade air travel has almost doubled, and it is expected to double again in the coming decade. This growth is not without consequences on emissions and ultimately our climate. The time for radical innovation in aviation is needed now.

Venturi’s mission is to enable 100% sustainable regional air travel and in turn improve airlines flight operating costs. To ensure zero emission regional air travel, Venturi aims to deliver world’s first all-electric zero emission aircraft, seating 50 passengers with a flight range of 1000 km, by 2027. Supported by Venturi’s own ultra high-speed Recharge Network we guarantee competitive aircraft turnaround times. In other words, we make aviation greener, simpler and cheaper.

The future of sustainable air travel is electric! And YES!Delft team can’t wait to help Venturi accelerate this transition!


Source is creating a sustainable and fair food system by accelerating the transition to greenhouse agriculture.

“We are making greenhouses more scalable by developing the world’s most advanced artificial grower. Our software and AI models help growers to define optimal seasonal crop plans and provide greenhouse autopilot functionality to ensure flawless daily growing operations.”

Source has received funding from MIT’s venture capital fund (E14) and several leading Dutch industry players. We are in an exciting phase of growth and are actively developing and testing our software in some of the most advanced greenhouses in the world.

The founding team has deep experience in developing and deploying artificial intelligence software solutions at scale in large complex operations.


More than half of the patients leaving the hospital have sleep deprivation. Meanwhile, sleep is vital for physical and mental recovery. Furthermore, patients lack the availability to control their environment and do not have any privacy during the day.

Micro-Cosmos is here to change this, through innovative technology that helps the patients’ ability to recover, rest and improve the hospitalisation period.

“At Micro-Cosmos, we help hospitalized patients who want to recover faster by reducing external stimuli, giving patients a more private and secure environment which they are able to control, so they can sleep better and go home faster. Our dome provides a personalized, healing environment for patients.”

Micro-Cosmos has participated in the EIT Health Validation Lab and are fully suited to join our Accelerator Program.


Addoptics are game changers in the manufacturing of High Precision Optical Products. Delivering fully functional prototype optics within 6 working days, at affordable price point, while capitalizing on the benefits of Additive Manufacturing for Sustainable production processes. The combination of 3D Printing & Casting technologies for optimal Design and Manufacturing Flexibility allows for fast-tracking your product development cycle.

“We offer a flexible manufacturing service for prototyping and series production of custom optics. We reduce manufacturing time from 6 weeks to 6 days, through innovative 3D printing and vacuum casting techniques. Not only does this make custom optics manufacturing cost effective but also closer to achieving environmental sustainability in this field.”


At YES!Delft we have mission to bring the best sustainable innovations to market. Daphne Textile Research is one of them. Using cutting-edge biofabrication techniques, Daphne Textile, are accelerating the sustainable transition in the textile industry.

“The clothes on your back: Cotton? Woollen? Synthetic? No matter what makes up our everyday textiles, mass-produced raw materials are not sustainable. Daphne Textile Research BV is using cutting-edge biofabrication techniques to propel the ancient industry of textiles to a cleaner future.”




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