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Keeping birds away from commercial exploitations

Birds flying high, it can be a real danger – and costly hassle – around airports or on oil platforms, for example. Well, it’s a new dawn in bird control. An animal and ‘hertz’ friendly solution, that makes birds and humans feel good. Bird Control Group has developed a laser that keeps birds away from commercial exploitations, saving major companies millions in damage each year.


Founder Steinar Henskes is more entrepreneur than an academic. In 2010, after dropping out of university, he started selling ready-made laser technology. With an interest in lasers and technology, this smart golden boy started developing his own products. He experimented with one of his lasers in a field and noticed that birds flew away. After that, Steinar perfected the technology and took it to market: each year there is over 25 million euro worth of damage done by geese in the agricultural field.

Bird Control Group started selling handheld lasers to farmers.

Yet, Steinar has always had a wish for developing a technology that could serve the aviation industry. So he just wrote an e-mail to someone he thought was important at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, got himself a deal with one of the biggest airports in Europe, and perfected his technology once again.


Steinar is not a bird watcher, nor is he an environmental activist. He wants to do something good for the world with his technology. So he applied to YES!Delft in 2013, because he wanted his company and small team of engineers to grow and serve more industries. The tech incubator was, according to Steinar, an obvious choice being a high-tech company serving the B2B market.

Without YES!Delft’s network, partners and reputation, Bird Control Group would not have the authority they do now within their market. But, “you are responsible for your own success”, Steinar underlines. At YES!Delft he felt challenged by the other startups – his peers – to just get his company to a higher altitude.


Bird Control Group is now the market leader in developing and manufacturing automated laser bird repellents. There are conventional methods, but these are noisy, unfriendly to birds and only ‘treat the symptoms’. The challenge for Bird Control Group is to make companies aware of their alternatives. Their ambition is to solve more issues in bird control that could not be solved before.

And that’s also Steinar’s personal ambition as an entrepreneur.

Bird Control Group still resides happily in the YES!Delft building. Steinar describes their workplace as “somewhere where you can actually get some work done”; he likes the functionality of the YES! offices and space. It’s a melting pot of (cultural) backgrounds with English as a common language.

What’s more, Bird Control Group opened their North American office a few years ago. The company solves bird issues all over the world at farms, industrial warehouses, refineries, feedlots, airports, and many more applications.


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  • July 2013 – laser installation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • September 2014 – contract with Total E&P Nederland
  • November 2014 – the launch of Agrilaser Autonomic
  • December 2015 – adaption of a resolution by the Dutch Parliament to stimulate the use of Bird Control Group lasers
  • March 2016 – take-over of U.S. based distributor

Startup Corner launch: connecting startups & the industry

MRDH, YES!Delft and StartupDelta launch a one stop shop for tech startups

DELFT, May 15 2018 – Finding your way in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can be a tricky thing for startups. You need coaches, investors, team members, launching customers and industry experts. Entrepreneurs sometimes experience major barriers when getting in touch with big players. They might, for instance, not have the necessary introductions or easy access to startup experts at these parties. The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), StartupDelta and YES!Delft came up with a solution, today they launch Startup Corner: a one stop shop for tech startup support, connecting all experts with startups in one database.

Startup Corner offers supporters for all startup building blocks – from finance to HR to pilot projects. The platform connects you to all kinds of tech experts, enabling low-key and easy accessible advice, services and collaborations. Our service and innovation partners offer startup-friendly services and launching customer facilities and include partners like EY, Rabobank, Ugoo, PNO, Prorail and fieldlabs.

Sunny de Roo, founder of Startup Corner: “In addition, it’s a peer-to-peer community. You’re able to share challenges with startups and the industry, to brainstorm with and support each other. On top of that, partners can invite you to unique events, including exclusive networking and master classes with fellow startups and companies.”

Ferrie Förster, alderman in the city of Delft: ”With the support of Startup Corner, tech startups have access to all the knowledge available within the region of Rotterdam and The Hague. It also establishes a link between the smart industry field labs in the region, so they can share their knowledge and facilities with startups.”

Nils Beers, Director StartupDelta: “There are many startups that are not yet active within an incubator, who have left an accelerator program, don’t want to come to the center of the Netherlands or can’t grow on their own, but still need support. Therefore, it is great that Startup Corner has been founded to support everyone with big ambitions in the best way possible.”

Evert Jaap Lugt, managing director of YES!Delft: “We want to digitize the Dutch ecosystem by giving tech startups, the industry and service partners access to a single point of contact. By initiating Startup Corner, we try to make networking and connecting to industry experts more efficient and approachable. Hereby we enable startups to accelerate and grow faster.”

Startup Corner is now live and available for all tech startups in The Netherlands. Use the online platform and meet in person at YES!Delft or CIC Rotterdam.

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