VACANCY: YES!Delft is looking for a Marketing & Communication specialist

Are you ready to build tomorrow’s leading firms?

YES!Delft is hiring a Marketing & Communication Specialist (0,8-1,0 FTE)


YES!Delft is the startup incubator that supports entrepreneurs in building and growing technology companies in the Netherlands. Over the last 16 years YES!Delft has become one of the leading incubators in the world. YES!Delft offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and corporate professionals in their entrepreneurial journey. Our services turn promising tech-ideas into solid startups and help them grow into successful companies. Entrepreneurs get access to mentors, experts, investors and corporate partners who share their know-how and experience. Basically, we support entrepreneurs and connect them to the world!

Your Mission and Ideal Outcome

Your mission is to communicate our services, our projects and our results to the world, very specifically to everyone who is interested in what we are doing and who would like to join our community. This communication role will be linking all our different departments. From our funding & talent offerings to our service & corporate partners. From communicating to entrepreneurial students to making CEOs enthusiastic for a new innovation process in their corporate, it’s all part of this job.

We’re satisfied when our offline and online communities grow. When people approach us and know what we are doing, and more importantly why we are doing it. You are working within the marketing team and we expect a certain amount of independence and experience with project management.


  • Create engaging content in co-operation with the content owner & communication lead
  • Structure our social channels and reporting workflow (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and YouTube)
  • Daily posting on our social channels
  • Monthly reporting statistics & measure effectiveness
  • Research additional opportunities to target the right audience
  • External Newsletter creation (Bi-weekly)
  • Able to work on a strategy for our (social) media channels and able to understand marketing strategies
  • Skilled at SEO and Google & Facebook ads
  • Skilled in Canva is a plus
  • Full of fresh ideas; skilled at planning, organizing, prioritizing and working on simultaneous projects

Job requirements:

  • You have a completed HBO or WO education or have obtained this level through work experience, preferably in communications, marketing or similar.
  • In addition, you have two to three years of relevant work experience
  • Proficient in English and Dutch
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

We offer you:

An inspiring startup environment where you have the opportunity to develop yourself and where you are able to implement your ideas and improve our offerings wherever you see fit. You will work with a driven and ambitious team that goes above and beyond to support startups and builds a thriving ecosystem, day-in-day-out. YES!Delft offers a truly unique opportunity to contribute, learn and grow in the world of tech-entrepreneurship.

More information and application procedure

We look forward to your application!

Please submit your CV and motivation letter trough the form below.

For questions please contact: Polina Kuzheleva via

Top 10 Startup Success Stories: November


1. Gyromotics

Gyromotics received funding from SportInnovator to develop prosthesis for children that allow the full range of motion for both playing outside and normal walking. Read more about the news here. Their current product is very well received by users and they are scaling up production.  At the moment Gyromotics is developing a new prosthetic foot for children that allows them to both walk, run and play with the same foot.

We also just published a Startup Story about Gyromotics!


2. Somnox

Somnox launched their second version of the sleep robot, received substantial investment and is ready to explore new markets abroad; primarily the UK and the USA. Somnox won the KVK Innovation price. They gained a lot of media attention; Julian Jagtenberg, founder and CEO was a guest at a radio interview for “de week van De Ondernemer and was a guest at UP!Rotterdam featuring in this podcast. Julian Jagtenberg has been selected as one of the top-5 most successful startup founders. You can still vote for him in this link. Julian is even invited for lunch by our King Willem-Alexander!

3. Loop

Loop dreams big! They presented their coffin at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this year. One year ago they  launched their mission with a marketing plan called “how to get on CNN”. It was a goal that enabled them to dream big. Today that dream became reality. Which means they get to dream even bigger! 🦄 See their LinkedIn post about this! This month we learned they are one of the winners of the ASN Bank world prize, as well as the ASN public awards prize! Congratulations! All of this media attention resulted in an increase in demand, so busy times for Loop. 

Read more about the products of Loop in the TU Delft Campus pioneers for change story!

4. DeNoize

DeNoize was in the news this month. This week they successfully implemented their active noise cancellation technology in a real-life environment around the Amsterdam Schiphol airport. For the past three months DeNoize worked closely with VELUX as part of the Urbantech program to accelerate the development of sustainable cities. Read more about this on their LinkedIN page

5. Whiffle

This week the Whiffle team is present at the WindEurope Electric City 2021 conference at Bella Center in Copenhagen. Whiffle creates the highest resolution operational weather models. This year Whiffle takes the lead in energy transition and signs contract with American (wind) powerhouse and signs a contract with General Electric. We spoke to the team during our YES!Cafe sessions and understand the team is growing out of the YES!Delft building and looking for larger offices.

6. Eyecontact

Are you tired of video conferencing every day? Eyecontact developed a tool that makes it easier to make eye contact during video calls. Read more about their technology here.

7. C-Cube

C-Cube international specialises in corrosion and wear and has developed patented technologies to measure and predict corrosion very precisely. They hired Rudy Van Wessel to further professionalise and accredit the C-Cube laboratory!

8. Unpluq

Unplug wants to help you regain control over your smartphone, in order to be able to focus on what’s meaningful to you. This week they launched Unpluq 2.0! 🚀 This is the software-only version of Unpluq that saves 35+ minutes of screen time, every day! In this video they explain how it works. There is an article about their tool in Emerce this month. You can also read more information about them in this article on Ness Labs.

9. Nowi

Remotec and Nowi have announced today the start of a strategic partnership to develop a range of eco-friendly perpetually powered remote controls. Read more about this development here. Nowi is named CES Innovation Award Honoree 2022 and will be joining the Dutch trade delegation. Nowi NH2 is a breakthrough energy harvesting power management solution able to power a broad range of consumer electronics & IoT devices with clean ambient energy. 

10. VideoWindow

After receiving the ‘CES Innovation Award’ VideoWindow is also considered best of innovation in their category ‘Smart Cities‘. 

Don’t miss out on the successes anymore!


Accelerator Program

Meet the accelerator batch fall 2021

We are very proud to welcome the following companies to our Accelerator batch of this autumn!

With the help of our experts and mentors, through workshops and one-on-one sessions the startups are more than ready to change the world with their innovative ideas. Learn more about their goals, aspirations and cutting edge technologies in this article.



Deepfake technology has become incredibly accessible and the number of applications is numerous. But this also makes abuse more accessible. Experts at UCL have ranked deepfakes as the most serious AI crime threat. Examples of abuse include identity fraud, false burden of proof, and fake news. With the ever increasing digitisation and the speed of internet platforms, convincing deepfakes can quickly reach millions of people or get involved in all kinds of processes and influence every facet of our lives negatively. And that’s exactly where DuckDuckGoose comes in.

DuckDuckGoose is on a mission to create a digital environment where we can still believe what we perceive. Through advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision, we make it possible to detect deepfakes in an insightful manner. Our explainable deepfake detection tool uncovers deepfake selfies presented in the digital identity verification (IDV) process, helping IDV experts in avoiding false positives when it comes to identification of people.



Farmers are facing increasingly restrictive legislation on chemical usage, whilst having to deal with more extreme weather conditions and decreasing margins. Precision agriculture techniques hold a great promise: to reduce chemical usage by 30%, whilst increasing yields by 30%. At the core of precision agriculture lies the need for per-plant crop health monitoring. The cost of acquiring this data is a limiting factor. Tective Robotics is working with farmers to create a fully automated crop surveying service using a network of dronehubs. By automating the entire drone flight process from our hubs, we provide farmers with a care-free, low-risk and cost-effective alternative to buying and flying their own drones. Each hub can accommodate hundreds of farmers, creating a shared infrastructure in the Netherlands that will benefit both farmers and create opportunities for many other usecases.


Acoustic Insight develops an innovative medical device based on an optical echo to identify middle-ear abnormalities for ear specialists around the world.

Acoustic Insight develops an innovative diagnostics platform offering ear surgeons around the world exceptional insight in the well-being of the middle ear. Our technology accurately identifies morphological and conductive abnormalities allowing ear specialists to enhance treatment plans for their patients.


The Lanefyld rollator prevents rollator related accidents. With our product we enable nursing homes to provide better quality of care for their residents and reduce healthcare costs. 

Lanefyld wants to become the “Tesla” of the rollator market. 50% of all people using a rollator are doing so incorrectly which causes lots of accidents.These accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s life as they can become isolated, are unable to live at home or sometimes even pass away. In order to solve this problem, we utilize smart technology to assess if an accident is about to happen, just like Tesla. In case of a dangerous situation, the system automatically activates the electric brakes in order to stop the accident from happening. We combine our technology with a beautiful design because we believe that functionality and aesthetics should always go hand in hand.



Nature’s Principles B.V. is a Dutch biochemical startup developing a patented fermentation technology to produce L-lactic acid directly from sugar beet, in a up to 30% more cost-efficient process. Our lactic acid will be provided to PLA (bioplastics) producers with an LCA calculation that includes up to 500x less water usage than traditional water depleting production processes.


Vertigo Technologies is a Dutch startup expert in the development of microwave and millimeter wave equipment. With “Fresco Microwave Sensing”  , Vertigo is introducing a new series of sensors for the inspection of internal properties of fresh fruit, like ripening stage, freshness or shelf-life, without affecting the fruit. Fresco sensors can be used in the entire fresh fruit value chain, from farm to import/export and retail, in the form of both handheld and sorting line devices, to optimize logistics and reduce waste.



In Magneto, we believe that people don’t have to sacrifice our planet for their comfort or vice versa. Current heating and cooling are some of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Our technology offers an alternative to producers of systems for cooling and heating. An alternative that has zero greenhouse gas emissions, saves up to 30% of power consumption to their clients, and has a lower cost of ownership. No need to sacrifice our comfort for our planet!




[CLOSED] VACANCY: Community Manager

Are you ready to build our community?


YES!Delft is the startup incubator that supports entrepreneurs in building and growing technology companies in the Netherlands. Over the last 16 years YES!Delft has become one of the leading incubators in the world. Our services turn promising tech-ideas into solid startups and help them grow into successful companies.


You are a natural networker who loves to talk to many people with different backgrounds and expertises. You can handle many emails a day, have coffee with entrepreneurs and mentors and keep tabs on all the activities in the incubator. Are you that central point of contact that people can build on? Apply now for this diverse and unique job as community manager at YES!Delft.


Your mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the right people in the ecosystem and tip the startups for the right events, challenges, trademissions and services that we offer. In addition you will help us with crafting and executing the strategy to increase the engagement of our members and strengthen relationships with our partners. We’re satisfied when our community is well connected and informed about opportunities that we are offering. 


This position will give you a very broad scope of tasks and an opportunity to nourish and grow one of the most innovative ecosystems in The Netherlands. In this role you will:

  • Onboard our startups, mentors and partners
  • Communicate news and updates via internal channels and newsletter 
  • Create and execute your own initiatives when it comes to community events
  • Organize and optimize existing internal events to create opportunities for collaborative learning and information sharing 
  • Match and connect internal stakeholders
  • Manage, maintain and enhance internal relationships 


  • Able to make fast connections and introductions
  • Solution-oriented and proactive
  • You have experience building communities (in non profit environments)
  • You know how to organize large events & perform stakeholder management
  • A love for technology & startups and the possible impact of those on society
  • Able to work on a strategy for our (social) media channels and able to understand marketing strategies


  • You have a completed WO or HBO education or have obtained this level through work experience
  • In addition, you have 2-5 years of relevant work experience, preferably in communication, marketing, public relations or similar.
  • You are skilled in copywriting and marketing
  • Proficient user of Canva, Mailchimp and Slack 
  • You are proficient in both spoken and written Dutch and English


  • An inspiring startup environment 
  • Opportunity to develop yourself 
  • Autonomy to implement your ideas and improve our offerings wherever you see fit
  • Driven and ambitious team that goes above and beyond to support startups and builds a thriving ecosystem, day-in-day-out
  • Unique opportunity to contribute, learn and grow in the world of tech-entrepreneurship
  • Endless networking opportunities
  • Competitive salary based on experience 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Offices in Delft, Rotterdam and The Hague 
  • Monthly team activity (who doesn’t love Padel?)


We are looking forward to onboarding you as soon as possible! 

Please submit your CV and motivation letter trough the form below.

For questions please contact: Polina Kuzheleva via

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