Cara Mascini

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Cara Mascini

Most of her career Cara has been active in the internet, telecoms, mobile and datacenter sector. Rapidly changing digital environments where she was able to help define many new future developments. Not seeing complexity, but providing context, understanding and developing plans for growth. Cara’s track record is in strategy, commercial, product, marketing and innovation roles as executive, (interim) manager, board member and in- and external consultant. She has founded and set-up a number of companies and business units over the years, both intra- and entrepreneurial. Currently, she is developing her latest company EdgeInfra into a European wide digital infrastructure company. Her strengths lie in providing perspective in rapid changing markets and new technological developments, planning for the future, building scenarios and portfolio options, getting stakeholders on board, inspire teams and connecting people. Leading transformation, building businesses and helping companies to make things happen is where she thrives.

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