President of the Federal Republic of Germany visits YES!Delft

On Tuesday May 15, 2018 we gladly welcomed Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, in Delft where he also paid a visit to our incubator.

The visit was a part of an official state visit to the Netherlands. During this day, the delegation attended presentations on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and more at the university and closed the day with a tour through YES!Delft as a result of our close relations to the TU Delft.

Tech startup

Evert Jaap Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft, welcomed the delegation and led them through the incubator explaining our vision, focus areas and how we have helped 200+ tech startups grow in the past 12 years. Tech entrepreneurs from YES!Delft startups EXO-L Dental Robotics, Kitepower, SpringScan and VSParticle pitched their startups and showed how their product impacts and adds value to the world as it is.

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EIT Health PowerLab 2017

Hydration startup TEX- myHydro wins power edition of EIT Health Launchlab

Delft, December 20, 2017 – Hydration startup TEX-myHydro is the winner of the special power edition of EIT Health Launchlab. This was announced on Wednesday December 20th, during Launchday at YES!Delft. View the aftermovie here. TEX-myHydro provides a band that ensures non-invasive, reliable and continuous hydration measurement, for example for children, elderly and sportsmen.

“Dehydration is dangerous. In the long run it can damage internal organs and even lead to death. In healthy organisms it is manifested by thirst, but often this symptom is distorted or difficult to monitor”, say founders Ewelina Pabjanczyk and Magdalena Owczarek from Poland.

From psychosis simulation experiences to 3D printed casts to innovative joint protection techniques. 9 teams began their startup journey on November 21, 2017 and entered a unique pressure cooker program to discover the business potential of their medtech idea.

EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health partners. It combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise and the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health partners. It is designed to let promising tech teams validate their technology by talking to customers, industry experts and specialists.


The teams did this with the help of top notch medical institutions, including Erasmus MC, LUMC and Radboud MC. And startup partners such as Health Valley, REshape Center, NLC and Rockstart.

The next edition of EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchDay kicks off in September 2018. More info soon on or

Meet the Startups:

Many guests for YES!Delft’s latest innovations and news

Delft, September 7, 2017 – Over 200 entrepreneurs and corporate partners were present during YES!Delft Meet the Startups on Thursday. All guest enjoyed a day full of great matches and a show with YES!Delft innovations and news: Scoozy receiving funding, Supersola launching a brand new solar panel, Bluerise opening a crowdfunding campaign and more!

Meet the Startups presented companies from both our LaunchLab & Incubation programs and brought together the best elements of our former LaunchDay and Network Event. Guests, including YES!Delft partners got a chance to meet our ambitious entrepreneurs, see and test products and help companies move forward.

From plug & play solar panels to 3D-printed prosthetic legs: our entrepreneurs breathe new technologies. something they also showed in special pitch video’s this year. On top of that, our Brand new Managing Director Evert Jaap Lugt shared some of his visions for YES!Delft in the coming years.

Funding for Scoozy’s innovative mobility scooter

YES!Delft startup Scoozy took the stage on Thursday to share some very good news: the company received an investment of €550.000 from a group of business angels to bring a brand new mobility scooter to the market: one that’s smarter, safer and cooler than traditional alternatives. And necessary, because in the Netherlands alone, 38 people die on a yearly basis due to accidents with mobility scooters.

Supersola introduces a solar panel that anyone can install and use

The market for solar energy is growing, still there are relatively few panels on Dutch roofs. The process of buying and installing one is technical and can take up to a year. Too difficult, said Supersola-founder Julius Smith. He launched a plug & play solar panel that can be installed by anyone within 15 minutes.

Bluerise opens crowdfunding campaign

Bluerise is on a mission to provide tropical regions with reliable, affordable and 100% clean energy from the ocean. We are now ready to develop the world’s first deep seawater cooling projects, making cooling 10 times more efficient. Our crowdfunding campaign is your chance to collaboratively make this unique energy source available for the World! Be the first to know.

Bolt Mobility got more than they asked for

Our guys from Bolt Mobility got the support of over 1.140 investors and successfully raised more than €1.5 million in less than 3 weeks for their innovative electric AppScooter. The aimed amount was easily reached, but investing is still possible. Get your shares!

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EIT Health partners and YES!Delft present:

The selected teams for EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab 2017

Aug 16, 2017 – After months of preparation YES!Delft and EIT Health have selected 11 MedTech startups out of 80+ applications for EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab. This fall teams from all over Europe will validate incredibly promising health & medtech ideas. From self-ownership over genetic DNA to real time adaptation of oxygen flow to cleaning hospital robots. Starting September 5th the teams will start out in The Netherlands and travel to Germany, Belgium and Sweden to validate their tech ideas and find their product/market fit.

A unique program

EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is a partnership between YES!Delft and EIT Health partners. It combines YES!Delft’s startup expertise and the extensive knowledge and network of EIT Health partners. It is designed to let promising tech teams validate their technology across four different countries by talking to customers, industry experts and specialists.

The program is a unique two-month pressure cooker that allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential of their health-tech ideas. It helps participants to explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – and to launch in markets all over Europe.

Here are the participating teams: EIT Health 2017

On September 5th the program will officially kick off with an introduction week at YES!Delft. Follow the teams and their progress via our website.

For questions about the program contact Tjarda Voorneman or go to

YES!Delft and Rabobank prolong partnership during Meet the Startups

DELFT, 20 april 2017 – Rabobank and YES!Delft are close partners ever since the start of our incubator in 2005. Both parties announced to prolong their partnership for an undetermined period during the first edition of Meet the Startups – YES!Delft’s new version of LaunchDay. On Thursday the startups of both LaunchLab and the Incubation Program presented themselves to the big audience.

“Rabobank believes in sustainable relations, that is why we were involved with YES!Delft from the start and why we decided to prolong our partnership”, says Fabian van der Horst of Rabobank. “Rabobank wants to empower the economy and is partner in many national and regional initiatives. Being a partner in innovation allows us to help entrepreneurs realise their dreams. That’s what really matters!”

YES!Delft partners are leading firms that help the companies of the future to grow. “Rabobank is one of our oldest and most loyal partners”, Nils Beers of YES!Delft states. “The experts of the bank help our startups by offering knowledge and practical advice, both in the incubator as well as in interesting workshops or courses. This way they really help entrepreneurs move forward.”

Meet the Startups
On April 20 YES!Delft hosted the very first edition of Meet the Startups: a day full of showcasing new ideas, services and products with a strong focus on connecting startups with potential investors and partners.

Last January 9 promising teams of YES!Delft LaunchLab started their startup-journey, in search of the best business models and launching customers. During Meet the Startups all teams presented their first results to the audience. The teams of the YES!Delft Incubation programme also showed their progress. Think: big data solutions for global shipping, sleeping robots and a sun shading system that integrates daylight and solar energy. To facilitate connections even more, startups and investors or partners engaged in four rounds of speed dates where they got the chance to talk business.

On May 31 a new batch of LaunchLab teams will start their journey of validating business models and finding customers. They will present their progress during the second edition of Meet the Startups in August, 2017.

YES!Delft Meet the VCs

Pitches, speed dates and an investment for MOCS

YES!Delft facilitated another successful edition of the annual Meet the VCs event on Tuesday. 20 selected startups got a chance to pitch and speed date with over 75 investors from national and international VC-firms. To cap it all: MOCS spin-outs CODURE and Viktor secured an investment from InnovationQuarter.

Meet the VCs is YES!Delft’s annual matchmaking event for investor-ready startups and investors. Working together with NVP and Innovation Quarter and hosted by Patrick Polak (Newion Investments), we bring together investor-ready YES!Delft companies and innovation-minded venture capitalists to fuel success. This is done through both pitch sessions on stage and one-on-one speed dates.

Meet the VCs is a unique matchmaking event, and one of the biggest in the Netherlands in this field”, Sagar Boers, Marketing Manager of YES!Delft says. “We aim for long-term connections that are not only valuable today, but also in the future.

On the pitch stage this year were aQysta, Laevo, Scoozy, SD-Insights, Gerrard Street, Carice Cars, Fly Aeolus, Hardt, Eartex, Kinegizer, Atmos UAV, Intespring, Vibes Technology, Loqed, Xinaps, Bolt Mobility, Solar Monkey, Goodhout and Adjuvo Motion. All companies are ready for capital, having a clear vision and strategy to grow. Find all companies here.

A special announcement…
A special announcement was made by MOCS. This YES!Delft company secured an investment from InnovationQuarter to further expand its business. No one less than alderman Ferrie Förster of Delft announced this great news on Tuesday.

This is a solid and profitable sector and a company led by entrepreneurs with a great track record in product development”, Francis Quint of InnovationQuarter said about the investment.

MOCS is specialized in modernising the production process of composite structures. To do so, several innovative methods are developed – resulting in spin-outs such as software company Viktor and hardware solution CODURE. Both of these got an investment from IQ to make sure these innovations reach the market.

By making composite structures affordable, MOCS helps other companies to take advantage of the great characteristics of this material: it’s light, strong, sustainable and has total freedom of shape.

News Portable cooling system for medicines Meds2Go wins YES!Delft LaunchLab

From cameras for surgeons to fast-growing plants and a sustainable shower. Ten promising early stage startups joined the YES!Delft LaunchLab pressure cooker program three months ago. On Thursday, excited participants revealed their progress and ideas to almost 150 visitors during LaunchDay. And the winner is: Meds2Go. This all-female-founder startup develops a portable container that keeps medication safe and cool for up to seven days without the need to charge.

After a heated round of pitches at YES!Delft on Thursday (see all teams in the attachment) both the Launchlab jury and audience chose their winners. Kitepower was the audience favourite, developing kites that harness the sustainable power of the wind. “A renewable, cost-effective source of energy that is an alternative to wind turbines”, the team says.

Lots of exploring resulted in serious progress for all the teams though. From contacts with angel investors to pilot projects and finding the right coach. “The team of Crescent managed to speak to over one thousand possible customers, partners and other relevant sources, Arthur Tolsma, Program Manager LaunchLab says. “LaunchLab turned out to be a great way to explore the business opportunities, leading to a focus on the medical market.”

During LaunchLab, the teams tested the riskiest assumptions about their business models, validated solutions to problems and searched for the right product-market-fit. “LaunchLab is a tailored program developed by YES!Delft for (aspiring) entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities”, says Pieter Guldemond, Managing director of YES!Delft. “In just three months’ time, participants not only know whether their business model looks good on paper, but also if it responds to the needs of the market.”

The teams receive input and feedback from fellow participants, experienced trainers and personal mentors. Resulting in a validated technology and business model that responds to the actual needs of the customer and market.

The next edition of LaunchLab starts on February 9, apply here!

Top of Dutch corporates dine with startups at Techilicious 2017

On May 10, 2017 YES!Delft and Venture Café will connect the top of the Dutch corporates and the most promising tech startups at Techilicious 2017. This is a unique dinner with one goal: “Dine to Deal!”.

The first corporate leaders confirmed their participation at the ‘How To Get There Summit’ in The Hague. Startup Envoy Constan tijn van Oranje granted the CEO’s of Shell, KPN, Port of Rotterdam and TBI the opportunity to close lives deals with the most innovative tech startups in the Netherlands.

During the first edition of Techilicious this year more than 130 deals were closed between 50 CEO’S, CFO’S, CTO’s and 50 innovative startups. “An incredibly valuable event which offers us many commercial opportunities”, guests stated. This happens in the form of concrete business such as leads, pilot projects and funding. “Incubator YES!Delft transforms into a restaurant for one day to close deals”, says Pieter Guldemond, Managing Director at YES!Delft.

It’s an important issue, large corporates agree. ”By interacting with entrepreneurs we force ourselves to think out of the box, which is inspiring”, says Paul Smits, CFO of Port of Rotterdam. “This way we enable ourselves to be more innovative and efficient in introducing a new technology to the market”.

Through Techilicious YES!Delft and Venture Café facilitate a unique matchmaking event to innovate collectively. “This event is a great example of how this collaboration becomes really concrete“, says Constantijn van Oranje of StartupDelta. “To collaborate successfully it is essential that both parties focus on understanding each other, since innovation is stimulated best when you’re both on the same page. If it were up to me, Techilicious would be a monthly event in the Netherlands.

Startups and corporates can sign up for Techilicious 2017 at

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