Presenting the new YES!Delft Accelerator batch

YES!Delft Accelerator Batch 2019

We are presenting the new YES!Delft Accelerator Batch! These startups finished the Accelerator program and are ready to take on the world and beyond. From drones fighting insect infestations in greenhouses to tech reducing noise pollution and the high tech treatment of skeletal misalignment. These seven startups are ready to change the world with their innovative ideas. Come take a closer look at the innovations that soon might be part of your home, or flying high, all the way to Mars.
Gyrafit makes skeletal misalignment treatment easy for all
VideoWindoW - YES!Delft Accelerator
Justin Fourie – Co-Founder Gyrafit

Skeletal misalignment is surprisingly more common than most people think, misalignment in the feet alone affects over 45% of the world population. The feet are the foundation of the entire skeletal structure and if left untreated leads to chronic pain in knees, hips, lower back or legs, and if left untreated increases the chances of getting osteoarthritis in the knees and hip by 55%.

For a truly unique solution, they have combined hardware and AI enabled software to offer a complete solution.

Gyrafits G-Script is a fully adjustable insole orthotic that can correct misalignment in the feet up to 8 degrees and can be adjusted at the point of diagnosis. Their new full body digital measuring and diagnosis booth solution; G-Pod, promises to change the way we access and measure alignment correction, making the treatment available through new, alternate and more accessible sales channels.

The complete treatment solution promises to reduce end-user cost by more than 60% and take the time from diagnosis to treatment application from 2 weeks to under 30 minutes.

Making Gyrafits skeletal misalignment treatment solution; faster, cheaper and simpler.


ARCEON: Trip to the moon and beyond
Rahul Shirke – Founder & Director ARCEON

ARCEON-Novel Elements was established by Rahul Shirke and Bernhard Heidenreich in 2018. We are developing novel and advanced ceramic matrix composite (CMC). Our pilot project will travel to our one and only natural satellite- The Moon. This project allows us to prove the credibility of our innovation. The material is unique because it can withstand a wide range of temperature (from cryogenic to 1600 °C and above) at near zero thermal expansion, high specific strength, corrosion resistance and, most importantly: it is 25% lighter than aluminum alloys. Due to the lack of polymers, it is also stable for long-term in space environment, which is characterized by vacuum and irradiation.

“We believe that our material has tremendous potential, not only in the aerospace but also energy, high-tech, and automobile industry. ARCEON family includes scientific, engineering and business development experts in the field of innovative materials with international experience. Our vision is to push the limits and deliver high-quality novel materials.”

Rahul Shirke, ARCEON


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PATS Indoor Drone Solutions: Drones fight golden twin-spot moth in gerbera and chrysanthemum
PATS Indoor Drone Solutions- YES!Delft Accelerator
Bram Tijmons (Co-Founder, CEO)

Flying insects are getting a new and sustainable enemy. The control of insect pests now mainly takes place with the help of (bio) chemical and biological agents. PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, a spin-off from Delft University of Technology, is changing that with small drones that automate pest control and prevention. Through a pilot project aimed at combating the golden twin-spot moth (Chrysodeixis chalcites), a number of innovative gerbera growers are taking advantage of this development to remain at the forefront of sustainable cultivation and cultivation knowledge.

PATS sees its technology not only as a supplement to the current package of resources. In the long term, the system must also reduce substance use for specific pests and it is expected that the grower will have to spend less time scouting and combating pests. 

“The aim is to fully implement the fight against the golden twin-spot moth, for example, using our system, precisely because of the preventive approach we use. In addition, our solution does not conflict with the biological control of other pests through targeted control of the moth itself.”

Bram Tijmons, PATS Indoor Drone Solutions


Smart-Ship sets sail on the maritime market!
Brent Kok (Co-Founder, CFO), Roy Kok (CO-Founder, CEO) & Jelle Tiemensma (CO-Founder, CTO)

Smart-Ship is setting sail to disrupt the maritime market! Through the application of haptic feedback technology, Smart-Ship is aiming to optimize the interaction between man and machine. By making information transfer to the operators of ships faster and more intuitive, safety and sustainability in maritime operations can be improved. Applications range from small fast ships to offshore and dredging operations, tugs and simulations. 


Braindrop: Notre Dame Cathedral could have been saved originally!
Mustafa Torun (Director) & Ugur Kizilkaya (Founder)

“We, as Braindrop BV, Netherlands, June 2019, have released a revolution which avoids new “Notre Dame catastrophes” forever. It is the strongest and 100% nontoxic fire protection chemical agent which makes anything fireproof easily. So strong that one can apply to his hand and put his hand into the fire!

Every 88 seconds one person die because of fires and billions of dollars damage occurs to the global economy every year. We lose lives, environment, and prosperity like monuments.

The main concern of existing flame retardants is their toxic feature and that they destroy slowly even if they stop fires. Our product TNF now is the single best solution which assures these concerns and provides the lifelong durable fire resistance for people, companies, and governments.” 


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VideowindoW from Vintage to Future
VideoWindoW - YES!Delft Accelerator
Remco Veenbrink (Founder, CEO) & Mark Oudenhoven (Founder, CFO)

Unlike most hardware startups these founders do not have a degree in engineering –one is an artist and the other an economist. All knowledge is self-taught by tactical learning: ‘to know just enough to challenge existing beliefs and rock the status quo on how to approach further development’ thus Remco Veenbrink. Their innovation is based on available parts engineering added with state of the art electronics and algorithms to create a minimum viable product. Mark Oudenhoven: ‘We implement continuous improvement and focus on strategic growth’ Their primary market segment is airports for which they recently contracted Rotterdam The Hague Airport as their launching customer. VideowindoW is a glare control system embedded into the exterior glass that doubles as a transparent video screen. He adds:’ This way glare control can even be a profit driver for airports’. With airports being their focus international expansion is a logical next step.

‘Passengers can enjoy artistic or commercial content and look outside when they focus beyond the glass layer’.

Remco Veenbrink, VideowindoW


DeNoize – “Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – For Buildings”
DeNoize - YES!Delft Accelerator
Aman Jindal (Founder, CEO)

Noise is frequently cited as one of the leading causes of stress in city life. People living near airports and busy roads complain that they can never relax because of the intrusive sound. Their experiences are reflected in higher levels of mental ill-health, and physical problems like high blood pressure, strokes and early onset of cardiovascular diseases.

DeNoize, a complex-tech startup from the YES!Delft claims to have found a better solution. They have developed an active noise cancellation technology for building facades, promising at least 90% additional reduction against the outdoor noise. Their innovation paved their path to the finals of Philips Innovation Awards and a special feature in the BBC’s science podcast, “The Naked Scientist”. The DeNoize team is working hard to commercialize its technology and aims to finish the market-ready product within a year.


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Validation Lab

Deep Tech

validation lab

Program guide

Learn more about what the Deep Tech Validation Lab has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you. Leave your name and email so we can send you the program guide.


Since 2005 we have built a broad portfolio of startups in Deep Technologies including Nanotech, AgriTech, Off Shore industry solutions, and Mobility. Since then we successfully supported 200+ Deep Tech startups developing everything from high-tech scootmobiles to inkless printers, that most of all solve real-life problems and make an impact in the world. 

The Deep Tech Validation Lab is still on and the application remains open. However, due to safety concerns relating to COVID-19, we will reschedule and/or host sessions online (e.g. selection day). We put the health and safety of you, our startups, network and people first. We will keep you informed.


  • WHAT

    A 10-week part time program to find your product-market fit and talk to 100+ potential customers. In this pressure cooker, you will find your product-market fit and get access to our broad ecosystem of corporate partners, investors and launching customers.

  • For who

    We exclusively support tech startups with game-changing technology. We are looking for ambitious teams with at least two committed co-founders.

  • Why

    We understand what you are going through – long development processes, expensive prototyping, run-up time, etcetera. Our program is suitable for your complex technology ideas. With support from our ecosystem, your idea will be able to become a successful business

YES!Delft really feels like the best place to be settled as a tech-based startup. In between the TU Delft and many other great facilities and companies this really is the place to launch your business to become a leading firm in the industry

As an entrepreneur I recognise many of the challenges that these startups face. I find it very inspiring to share my experience and helping these startups become successful entrepreneurs, It feels great being part of the YES!Delft ecosystem!

Julian Jagtenberg

Co-Founder SOMNOX


Deep Tech Validation Lab Mentor


Meet our dedicated Deep Tech mentors that help your startup thrive

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EIT Health validation lab


Validation lab

Program guide

If you want to learn more about what the EIT Health Validation Lab has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you, make sure to leave your name and email so we can send you the program guide. This way you can be up to date when the next round of applications starts!


Since 2016, we are proud partner of EIT Health running together EIT Health Validation Lab. 

EIT Health Bootcamp Validation Lab is a unique two-month pressure cooker, created by YES!Delft and EIT Health partners, who bring extensive knowledge to the project. The program has strong partnerships with leading healthcare institutes, such as UMCG, Medical Valley, City of Rotterdam, University of Copenhagen and more.

The program allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential of their MedTech ideas. Participants explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – to launch in markets all over Europe. The program will introduce them to the European innovation ecosystem, and help them develop a network of peers, experts, and mentors. 


  • WHAT

    A proven method consisting of workshops, peer-2-peer coaching, field excursions, and networking events. Receive input and feedback from fellow participants, experienced trainers and personal mentors.

  • For who

    This EIT Health Bootcamp program targets business professionals, students, PhDs, engineers and scientists who want to test the commercial feasibility of their ideas. Participants work in teams to develop the skills needed to launch their ideas as a startup.

  • Why

    Find your problem/solution fit, a validated customer segment and a value proposition design that responds to the actual needs of your customer. We use methods from Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad and Alexander Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Design. You will test the correctness of your assumptions by talking to as many potential customers as possible.

The most valuable lesson for us was market-fit: we found potential launching customers not only in Africa, but also in Europe. The Validation Lab really challenged us to think critically about our ambitions and business plan and identify our a beachhead market.

My role as mentor is very broad: I help startups through the process of validation by helping them to connect to people in the business, help them with their business plan and convince them to do what’s right.

Mirthe Vendel

Co-Founder Smart Medical Optics

Rens Schoenmakers

EIT Health Validation Lab Mentor

Ecosystem Partners

Meet our MedTech ecosystem partners that make this Validation Lab possible



Meet our dedicated MedTech mentors that help your startup thrive

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Accelerator program

Accelerator program

Set the foundation of your business and gain experience with attracting funding and investors. You prepare for rapid acceleration with the help of our experts, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions. You step up from being a co-founder to a CEO. As a part of the YES!Delft ecosystem, you receive continued support: build your dream team with YES!Talents, keep on track with periodic check-ins, secure funding with YES!Funded and continue learning from experienced entrepreneurs and experts with customized and focussed sessions. YES!Delft takes zero equity in supporting you to become a genuinely scalable, innovative tech company.


Learn more about what the Accelerator Program has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you. Leave your name and email so we can send you the program guide.

Accelerator program

  • WHAT


    You work intensively on building entrepreneurial skills and plan for growth. You receive workshops on everything from setting up a legal entity to masterclasses on sales and negotiations. Experienced entrepreneurs and experts from the ecosystem offer customized and focussed sessions to help you accelerate your growth.


    Startups with a stable and fully committed founding team and a validated product-market fit, and an idea that is competitive, unique, and scalable.

  • WHY

    You receive access to the one of a kind YES!Delft ecosystem with experienced trainers will guide and help you in building your strategy. YES!Delft takes zero equity but instead works on a split success fee which is reinvested into the incubator.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be very diversely skilled – finding great employees, cold sales, technically understanding your product. But the most important skill is something we learned in the YES!Delft Accelerator. They force you to go out, meet your customer/user and understand the smallest aspects about their life and how your product could be valuable to them.

When building a company, entrepreneurs have to be all-round problem solvers, managing people, doing sales, building products, talking to customers and attracting funding. With 13 years of experience we help our start-ups focus, enhance their skillset, support them every area imaginable and allow them to stand on their own feet as soon as possible.

Pieter Smakman

Co-Founder Manometric


Startup Trainer YES!Delft



You build a strong company foundation. As your startup grows, continue learning and stay on top of your development with regular check-ins and specialized masterclasses tailored to your needs.


Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and experts who walked the walk. Learn from the best about everything from legal/IP to a financial strategy, to the company structure, become investor-ready, and how to find your launching customer.


Keep on learning from your peers and pass on your own knowledge and experience: that’s how we thrive as a community and ecosystem. And don’t forget to celebrate success! 

Accelerator program

AI Blockchain Validation Lab


validation lab

Program guide

Learn more about what the AI/Blockchain Validation Lab has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you. Leave your name and email so we can send you the program guide.


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving fast and is full of possibilities. Over the duration of Horizon 2020, €2.6 billion have been invested on AI-related areas. Parallel to that is the growing need of trust. Blockchain is fundamentally a technology that enables trust, but developing it comes with great challenges. 

The municipality of The Hague and YES!Delft understand difficulties of getting AI or blockchain technologies to the market. Therefore, we’re joined forces and provide an AI/Blockchain Validation Lab  to offer the right framework for your startup to succeed.


  • WHAT

    The municipality of The Hague and YES!Delft join forces to provide a 10-week AI/Blockchain Validation Lab to help you find your product/market fit and talk to 100+ potential customers. Get access to our ecosystem including the right political connections in The Hague and YES!Delfts startup network.

  • For who

    Startups with at least two committed founders / decision makers looking to focus on the market fit for their AI or Blockchain based solutions

  • Why

    YES!Delft and The Hague understand the opportunity and the challenges that AI or Blockchain technologies bring – bringing together the key ingredients in one environment: a proven startup ecosystem together with the political connections of The Hague, the network of YES!Delft and the links to TU Delft.

The YES!Delft AI/Blockchain Validation Lab really helped us, giving us a structure and peer group for assessing opportunities and priorities. A heavy investment, especially given our travel overhead, but the sharpened focus and market framing has ultimately saved the Ocean Protocol a lot of time and money.

I help startups get the customer perspective. Many of them have these huge dreams – and that’s great! But running a business is not a dream. It’s a lot of hard work of really understanding why customers might consider buying your stuff.

Bruce Pon

Founder Ocean Protocol

jan Willem Klerkx

AI Mentor

Ecosystem Partners

Meet our AI/Blockchain ecosystem partners that make this Validation Lab possible



Meet our dedicated AI/Blockchain mentors that help your startup thrive

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