ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space


ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space

ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space specializes in realizing innovative turn-key small satellite missions. Through our unique and proven approach of full vertical integration which combines design, development, production, testing, launch services, and satellite operations into a single organization, we can offer you the right solution, from subsystem to full mission and constellation building.



Datafloq YES!Delft The Hague



Datafloq is a content platform around emerging technologies and we offer users tools to rate articles and authors based on quality, fake news and plagiarism. We are currently also developing a platform to simplify writing, citing, reviewing and publishing of (academic) content, thereby giving back full control of copyright and make publication and access of research available for free for everyone.

RTI Blockchain YES!Delft The Hague

RTI Blockchain

RTI Blockchain

‘This is a crate…’ The very first sentence used in the final pitch for the YES!Delft AI Blockchain Validation Lab, by co-founder Milou Klooster. And it makes sense because this what it is all about; RTIBlockchain. Together Milou (Retail supplier) and Yves (load carrier management consultant) connect domain knowledge from load carrier management to technology to make the world a bit more efficient. We challenge the existing way of working in a non-legislated and decentralised administrations and found out thinks can be organised differently. 


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Summer is not slowing the YES!Delft startups

Top 10 Tech Startup Success Stories: JULY

Certainly, summer is not slowing YES!Delft startups! Are you curious to see what everyone has been up to? Read all about it in this top 10 tech startup success stories. Featuring among others: Hardt Hyperloop’s first functional hyperloop in Europe, aQysta’s brand new pump in Spain and last but not least, Envision and Dutch Analytics at Startup Tuesday in YES!Delft The Hague.
1.Hardt Hyperloop

Not too long ago we celebrated Hardt Hyperloop for their grand achievement of the first functional hyperloop in Europe. But summer is not slowing down the Validation Lab and Accelerator alumnus: CEO Tim Houter has been nominated by EIT for the Innovators Award.


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This AI/Blockchain Validation Lab alumnus just launched the first phase of their decentralized AI platform. Consequently, data science teams can upload their vast quantities of data – for example for a chatbot. Finally, ambassadors around the world then structure, enrich and annotated it. In this aspect, it works similarly to Mechanical Turk. 


Commercial Director Jaap Hoogland received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the design of the Skelex360. The design for the exoskeleton with its high ergonomic wearability was made in collaboration with Van Berlo. Above all,  The Red Dot jury praised the way the Skelex360 supports ­wearers without limiting their freedom of movement.




Opened its doors for the GESTE summer school, which aims to make tech accessible to everyone. The Validation Lab and Accelerator alumnus believes age, nationality, gender or education systems shouldn’t be limiting factors of learning. Therefore, they welcomed twenty children between the ages of 10 and 12 during the summer school program, and help them get enthusiastic about tech! Gemeente Delft, TNO, YES!Delft, TU Delft, Designathon Works & Kids Akademie support this inaugural edition.


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5.AidX Medical 

Last year’s EIT Health Validation Lab winners — AidX Medical got the chance to pitch on national radio, in BNR Zakendoen. Co-founder Mirte Vendel represented the MedTech startup and impressed the jury of entrepreneurs with her pitch. Their product makes malaria detection cheaper, faster, accessible to all and more reliable. Finally, their goal is to enable malaria diagnoses to be executed without the need for medical expertise, to be implemented in rural areas. 


6.KVK Innovation Top 100

Four YES!Delft startups, Physee, Envision, CloudCuddle, and Kitepower, have been nominated in the Innovation top 100 by the KVK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce).  Finally, the exact raking will be presented by the jury on September 25. Moreover, Robotics startup Somnox and CleanTech startup Qlayers were featured in the KVK YouTube series Beyond Business. 


7.Startup Tuesday in YES!Delft The Hague

On the 25th of June YES!Delft The Hague was proud to host Startup Tuesday! This weekly event is a collaboration between the innovative hubs in The Hague with the aim to strengthen connections and support impact-driven entrepreneurship. Certainly, it’s the perfect occasion to learn from experienced startup founders! Therefore, YES!Delft The Hague had local AI startups Envision and Dutch Analytics to pitch to the visitors. Startup Tuesday is a collaboration between The Hague Tech, Impact City, The Hague Humanity Hub, Apollo 14, and World Startup Factory

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The CleanTech startup operates in 19 countries worldwide already, but now they have broken new ground with their brand new HyPump. This second-generation hydro-powered irrigation-pump is stationary and specially designed for large volumes of irrigation. Furthermore, HyPump in Lliria (Spain) is estimated to pump 6 liters of water per second. So that comes to 500m3 per day up to the height of 35 meters or to a distance of 3.5 km, all without any fuel or electricity.

9.Nowi & VSParticle 

INSEAD Summer Start-Up Tour (‘SSUP!) is a discovery tour of the top entrepreneurial hot-spots around Europe and Asia. They interview entrepreneurs, angels, and VCs – and on their stop in the Netherlands they, of course, visited YES!Delft.  Therefore, our startup trainer Ruben Kranendonk took them on a tour of our incubator, and introduced them to Nowi and VSParticle, who for them exemplify inspired (deep) tech solutions at YES!Delft. 



More good news from the NanoTech startup! They welcomed the EU Science, research and Innovation in Petten as a new customer. Therefore, the new customer will use VSParticle’s equipment to study the behavior of nanoparticles under ion and neutron bombardment, in view of radioisotope production studies. 


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Summer is not slowing YES!Delft startups, what about yours? Tip our PR Coordinator Nan de Bruin on for the next top 10 tech startup success stories.



For mobile-savvy PowerPoint and Google Slides users, who want to enrich their audience experience, Hypersay is a cloud based presentation delivery platform that builds social interaction around slides content.

“Being part of a technology incubator like YES!Delft has given us a stamp of approval. We’re part of an ecosystem that is innovative and inspiring”

Cinzia Silvestri,
Founder & CEO BI/OND



Maester is an e-learning platform to distibute knowledge in a very effective way even if the subject is boring. We automatically give feedback on the content and we add gamified and social components to make learning fun.



Stress’ deadly toll may be rising but startup iThrive delivers the antidote by helping one to live by their purpose, while being happy and thriving.

iThrive program offers an evidence based behavior change training that has proven to be 5 more times effective than the golden standard. After a 7-session intake, the user can continue to have bi-weekly coaching conversations plus a daily check-in with the supportive chatbot artificial intelligent (AI) coach Jean, who is available 24/7  – as long as the user has a smartphone at hand.

iThrive has run a couple of B2B pilots and is gearing up to crack the code of empathy and happiness for AI with innovation funding.

Hubert AI


Hubert replaces traditional surveys with intelligent chatbot conversations and helps you get comprehensible insights. Hubert is the perfect combination of chatbot technology and advanced, automated text analytics.
Since the start, the team focused on user-friendly conversations that will engage even the most reluctant respondent and they are constantly working on new ways to analyze and present data so it will matter to your company from day one.



BLACKBEAR® connects the best young talent to companies, helping them solve their business challenges. By gaining access to young talent, companies are able to solve business challenges with additional brainpower, which in turn helps to stimulate their growth. Companies can easily define their own business challenge and offer it to the young talent to tackle. In this way our platform makes it easy, accessible and fun to find young talent and benefit from their energy and knowledge without the normal consultancy and resource hiring costs. 


Play2Speak developed an immersive tool to help language learners practice speaking English in virtual reality without the need of a real person.

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