NewCompliance was founded in 2006 and holds 3 companies nowadays: NewCompliance IT, NewCompliance Trading and NewCompliance Investment.
The Group’s mission is to improve health care through innovation, with specific focus for patient safety and efficiency in hospitals and nursing homes.
NewCompliance IT has developed the OR Cockpit. By providing real-time feedback and highly intelligent management information, the OR Cockpit plays a critical role in the reduction of complications (i.e. surgical site infections) and other incidents. The system is based on wireless technology and web-based software, and is installed in more than 30 hospitals. We are currently developing cockpits for the ICU (Intensive Care) en CSU (Central Sterilization Unit).
NewCompliance Trading is the exclusive Dutch distributor of the Vernacare disposable bedpan system. This system replaces the old stainless steel bedpans, plastic urinals and energy-consuming bedpan washers with a disposable pulp system, which reduces costs extensively, increases patient safety, optimises the care process and helps the environment.
NewCompliance Investment focuses on investing and giving consultancy to early-stage med-tech companies.
Our companies have achieved double-digit growth figures over the last couple of years.

Why YES!Delft?

‘The inspiring entrepreneurial vibe, surrounding & people and the huge network we have acquired through Yes!Delft. And of course the fun we always had and still have there. “A little humour is good for the soul, regardless how old you may be” (Richard Branson).”

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