At PHYSEE we operate from a passion for physics and a curiosity about the world around us. We believe in the value of science, both its philosophical nature and analytical approach. From this perspective we create solutions that do not require compromise in functionality, design or costs throughout the entire value chain: sustainable innovation without compromise. Allow us to change your perspective, so you can see for yourself.
When we look at buildings and especially their glass façades, we see a lot of untapped potential. We aim to use all those glass surfaces, transparent or tinted, to produce power. We created and patented a technology that allows us to do so in an economical, ecological and aesthetical way with our PowerWindows.
PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects about 30% of the incoming light, we insteadcollect that with our coating on the outside windowpane, transport it through the glass and convert it at our solar cell strips inside the window frame. Combined with a thermal storage system, PowerWindows can save up to 50% of the total energy demand (electricity and heating) when renovating conventional commercial buildings, and up to 100% of newly constructed commercial buildings.

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