Increase deployability, reduce near-misses and lower mobility costs is why SD-Insights is the best in improving driving performance. SD-Insights delivers driver coaching to improve the road safety of your employees. We take care of the safety of your employees on the road and support them with the right feedback to improve driving performance.
Distraction and inattention are the biggest risks on Europe’s roads. We measure this and other driving behaviour in a non-intrusive way by collecting data from the vehicle and its surrounding, using an image recognition sensor placed behind the windshield. We analyse this data and sent our end users personalised and actionable feedback. The pilot projects show that we significantly improve the driving performance, drivers become more aware and also tell they improved their skills.
But this online driver training is just our first product. We tend to become the future personal tachograph. Do you like to know more how we can help your company, about our vision on mobility or you want to be part of our team? Just contact us.

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