SimGas (est. 2009) is a design and production company with facilities in the Netherlands and East Africa that focuses on clean, affordable, and high quality energy and sanitation solutions. We offer rural households in Africa and Asia the opportunity to improve their lives and income positions. Our teams work together to design, manufacture, and install high quality, modular, domestic biogas systems that can be installed in a day. By doing so, SimGas creates healthy and safe environments for millions of rural households, while contributing to the reduction of indoor air pollution, deforestation, and carbon emissions. With a mass-manufacturing facility in Tanzania and two sister companies in Tanzania (est. 2011) and Kenya (est. 2012), we are the largest supplier of domestic biogas systems in Africa. SimGas has the ambition to become the number one supplier of sustainable and decentralised utilities in Africa and Asia. SimGas is a triple bottom line company that takes social and environmental impact just as seriously as economic impact; we prove that social entrepreneurship can be profitable.

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That we’re part of an outstanding network and that we’re associated with the Yes!Delft and TU Delft brand, which is a great door-opener to acquire knowledge and investments.”of all facilities required for success.”

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