CO2 is a big problem for our environment. What if we could turn CO2, the biggest waste-stream on earth, into a sustainable and profitable resource? Skytree solves both the environmental issue and customer pain in one go. Based on space technology, Skytree has developed a patented process which re-captures CO2 directly from the ambient air. This allows providing or subtracting carbon-neutral CO2 on-site, anytime, anywhere. This CO2 can in turn be used for such applications as growing plants (e.g. urban greenhouses, aquaria, algae), ventilation (e.g. incubators, air purification, home/office ventilation) and water treatment (e.g. drinking water purification, beverage carbonation, swimming pool pH control). Besides direct utilization the captured CO2 can be converted into new carbon-based materials such as minerals, plastics and even synthetic fuels.

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