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Aman Jindal, Olivier Schevin


Noise pollution has been regarded as the second biggest problem in metropolitan cities by WHO leading to 16,600 cases of premature deaths in Europe in the last few years. Studies have shown that constant exposure to outdoor noise leads to a hearing loss compared to someone who is 10-20 years older than the person’s biological age. Moreover, 32 million people have been reported to suffer constant annoyance due to traffic/highway/aeroplane noise in Europe last year. Most airports (including Schiphol) are limited to operate at their full capacities due to stricter noise regulations and with increasing air traffic, this problem is only going to get worse. It’s been studied that the majority of the noise (70%-90%) enters a house/office through windows which are the weakest link in the facade of any building. DeNoize has developed a unique solution to tackle this problem. We have developed an active noise cancellation technology that can be integrated inside the frames of a window to offer an additional noise reduction of 80%-90% (in the low-frequency region) on current windows, leading to more comfort and peace inside the homes and offices. Furthermore, in real-estate renovation projects, the building facades can now be upgraded with our technology to meet the stricter noise regulations instead of building new ones; saving time and energy while reducing material wastage which is in-line with the sustainable building practices.


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