A platform to prevent relapse and better monitoring​ of mental disorders. We help healthcare professionals to improve clinical outcomes while empowering patients with individualising digital treatment.


We provide a bone cement designed for osteoporotic bone. It gives the patient better treatment, less risk for new fractures and better quality of life after a fragility fracture. We aim to collaborate with bone cement manufacturers for fast time to market.


Science generates data but knowledge grows slowly. We store, integrate and connect biomedical data to make drug development and therapies truly individual.


We are creating a robot that can wash and disinfect or sterilise hospital floors regardless of what hour of day or night or number of cleanings needed. Our product will be easy to use and maintain, drastically reduce infections rate, treatment and personnel costs. More than that, patients feel safe and are reassured that their safety is your top priority.


Our product is a degradable stent that will revolutionise the market. Providing lower treatment cost, avoiding second surgery for stent removal, while reducing the risk of infection and eliminates the cases of “forgotten” stents. It’s for patients who need temporary urological stents, who need to have a second surgery for stent removal.


The wearable that fight stress by analyzing breathing patterns in realtime. iBreve is founded by 2 former Google employees aiming to create a world free of stress related diseases. iBreve’s digital health solution helps people to cope with stress by analyzing breathing patterns in realtime.


Smart electronic flowmeter that improves oxygen therapy by realtime adaptation of oxygen flow through analysis of oxygen data (saturation, breaths per minute), communicates with other devices to have an beneficial effect on the rehabilitation process of the patient and delivers oxygen much more comfortably whilst reducing oxygen consumption and spillage.


People with Essential Tremor have involuntary vibrations in the arms, making them unable to perform even the simplest tasks in life, such as eating and drinking. Current treatments have severe side-effects, causing patients to reject it and live with the consequences. STIL technology is capable of mechanically suppressing tremor and will provide a stable future for 30 million people worldwide.


Clemedi fights antibiotic resistance by giving doctors all the information needed for the right treatment early on, therefore reducing hospital costs and improving patient care.



Aquablu: Eliminating single-use plastics, one water bottle at a time

Almost 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute. In one year, that number goes as high as 480 billion. This is what a report found back in 2019 and those numbers are likely to keep increasing in the future. Finding alternatives to single-use plastics, and in particular water bottles, has thus become a priority […]

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Gyromotics prosthetic foot

Gyromotics: The go-to prosthesis for active people

For people who use prosthetic feet, a comfortable fit and a wide range of functionality are key. From walking and going about everyday life, to running and doing sports, a prosthesis would ideally accommodate various activities requiring various intensity. And as this is not the norm in the market just yet, Gyromotics – a startup […]

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Momo Medical’s smart bed sensor helps nurses provide the tailored care their residents need

Being at the right place at the right time is something that care staff in nursing homes know all about. Attending to each and every resident when they most need them is what defines their work. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s easy work to do. On the contrary, keeping an overview of an entire floor […]

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