Healing Hand Tech

This startup is developing a hand rehabilitation game for stroke survivors. Gamified and easy-to-usee, their solution convers all stages of rehab with no need for third-party assistance. 


Their wound scanner is a point-of-care device using AI to automate the process of wound assessment to just 30 seconds. By disrupting data capture and embellishing diagnosis with real-world data, clinicians will have more time and less workload to improve outcomes. 


This startup strives to stimulatee physical activity in chronically ill children. To achieve this, Luuno is dveloping Fizzy: an autonomous robot ball with a soft exterrior that stimulates children to play and thus promotes the rehabilitation period. 


Bedwetting is the second most common chronic problem for children. Oxiros is developing a novel technology with a wearable device that can sense bladder volume using ultra-sideband (UWB) frequency. 

Pump Up The Jam

Wheelchair-bound paraplegics commonly use a catheter due to their incontinence. The urine is collected in a bag that is typically strapped around the legs. If the bag is not emptied in time, the catheter overflows or ruptures. Their product will enable these people to drain the urine collection bag themselves. 

Scope Biosciences

The general practitioner has to rely on medical labs for precision diagnosis of infections. Scope Biosciences innovate on this costly, time intensive system by developing CRISPR based molecular diagnostics, usable by the general practitioner at the point-of-care.


The startup is working on a new, patented PET technology to solve the MR compatibility issue and popularize nuclear medicine, rendering PET to a mere accessory of new or preexisting installed MRI, with advantages in cost and handling. 

SLAM Ortho

Surgeons use a metal hook to gauge the depth of a hole drilled in the bone. Every surgeon wants to get rid of this hassle. SLAM Ortho is working on a solution to helpt them – a fast and easy automated measurement system. 

SymPhysis Medical

This startup is developing a novel fluid drainage technology that aims to provide independence, comfort, and generally improved quality of life for late-stage cancer patients. 


VitalFlap is a wearable device for post-cancer patients that continuously monitors reconstructed breasts after the surgery and detects blood flow problems earlier and more reliably than the current protocol.



Aquablu: Eliminating single-use plastics, one water bottle at a time

Almost 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute. In one year, that number goes as high as 480 billion. This is what a report found back in 2019 and those numbers are likely to keep increasing in the future. Finding alternatives to single-use plastics, and in particular water bottles, has thus become a priority […]

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Gyromotics prosthetic foot

Gyromotics: The go-to prosthesis for active people

For people who use prosthetic feet, a comfortable fit and a wide range of functionality are key. From walking and going about everyday life, to running and doing sports, a prosthesis would ideally accommodate various activities requiring various intensity. And as this is not the norm in the market just yet, Gyromotics – a startup […]

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Momo Medical’s smart bed sensor helps nurses provide the tailored care their residents need

Being at the right place at the right time is something that care staff in nursing homes know all about. Attending to each and every resident when they most need them is what defines their work. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s easy work to do. On the contrary, keeping an overview of an entire floor […]

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