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Meet Your Co-Founder XL & YES!Talents

Meet Your Co-Founder XL is a live national matchmaking event to find a promising start-up to join or to find a co-founder that can strengthen your company. The event will take place on Friday March 24, 2023 in Utrecht. 

This event is co-created by Techleap.nlUtrechtIncStartLife and YES!Delft and supported by all incubators of Incubators United.


Our hosting partners, most incubators of the Incubators United collaboration, have indicated that it is a challenge for start-up founders to build the right team and find the right talent. Therefore, we would like to facilitate this by means of this live matchmaking event. 

During this day, you will get the opportunity to either pitch your start-up or present yourself to a start-up to potentially find a talent match made in heaven. Are you a promising start-up with a leadership vacancy? Or are you ready to strengthen an innovative start-up with your superpowers? Ideally, we introduce as many opportunities to you as possible. Sign up now before March 14th, 2023.


The first step is to register to participate. We will make a selection of companies and co-founders based on the criteria of motivation, supply & demand and criteria as indicated by the startup’s needs. In case you are selected to join the match-making event, you will receive an invitation before March 16th, 2023

About Co-Lab Workshop

There is a reason why people don’t climb Everest on their own. With a team, you can overcome obstacles that seem impossible just by yourself. Research has shown that startups that are co-founded by a team are more successful.

The Co-Lab is a 4h workshop facilitated by YES!Delft, where we challenge you to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs.

  • It is a workshop on business ideation and teamwork. A business idea or team is not required
  • Get the tools, knowledge and connections to find or become a co-founder or the newest team member
  • Network with like-minded people, entrepreneurs and startup founders
  • Engage and partake in the creative and inspirational environment of ESNS together with fellow entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Participation is free, but registration is necessary as we will link participants based on the best potential matches, see the link below.

There is limited capacity, so apply fast! We are looking forward to meeting you during Meet Your Co-Founder XL!

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