Investors Roundtable Sessions

The Investor Roundtable Sessions are a great opportunity for startups and investors to meet in an informal setting.



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Investors Roundtable Sessions

The Investor Roundtable Session are specially designed to have startups and investors to meet in an informal setting. This event is all about connecting the right investors to the right startups. Startups can pick the minds of experts, and build their network. Investors can gain direct access to the market. 


Any investor is welcome to register. You will get a confirmation automatically. If this is your first time attending: select the 'First Time' ticket type and answer some questions about your experience. (No experience is required!)


Any startup is welcome to register, but spots are limited! We will make a selection of the registered startups, based on the information offered. So the more information you provide us with (e.g., website, video, description, business profile), the better the selection is we can make. This is to ensure all attendees have a fruitful Roundtable Session.


The final selection of startups will be made on Monday (20/5) before the event. On that day the invitations will be sent per mail. If you have not received an invitation on Monday the 20th of May, you have not been selected to attend the session this time.  

We want everyone to succeed so you are invited to apply for a future session.

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