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Meet the Startups is a unique YES!Delft event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations of YES!Delft companies and making effective connections.



Molengraaffsingel 12, 2629 JD Delft

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Meet the startups

At our yearly Meet The Startups showcase event, we offer a sneak peek at cutting edge innovations from our tech incubator. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with what is happening on the front line of tech innovation and connect with the vast YES!Delft ecosystem!

This year we’re celebrating the fifth Edition of Meet the Startups, so we have prepared an extra special edition that is sure to blow you away! So what can you expect? An afternoon full of innovators showcasing their latest technologies, of course, meeting our ambitious entrepreneurs, getting hands-on and trying out cutting edge tech products yourself at our Innovation Playground and help entrepreneurs (and yourself) to take the next step.

We encourage all our guests to share their network, operate as (launching) customers, and accelerate innovation with pilot projects. And if that is not enough- you have the chance to win a SOMNOX sleep robot!



15:00 – 16:00  Walk-in & Registration – Opening Innovation Playground
16:00 – 17:00  Meet the Startups Plenary Show
17:00 – 19:00  Connecting at Drinks



BI/OND helps biologists to develop organ avatars for improving in vitro drug discovery and paving the way of personalised medicine. This is a proprietary product, a computer chip made by silicon and polymers, biologists can now perform long-term and biologically-relevant tests on complex 3D tissues outside the body.

Momo Medical developed BedSense as a solution for the patients suffering of pressure ulcers. The Momo BedSense makes the need for repositioning transparent and tailored to the patient, enabling caregivers to take preventive actions at the desired moment.

VideowindoW is a transparent videoscreen embedded in glass. The content on this screen doubles as glare control. In addition, it can show commercial content, increae comfort and experience and reduce the costs of energy for interior illumination and climate control.

Dutch Analytics has designed an asset intelligence platform that transforms operational and sensing data into predictive insights to reduce operational costs and increase asset uptime with a focus on the machine industry.

WarpVR helps international companies creating interactive virtual training courses. Using a platform with 360° video at is core, they train employees using real life situations in an effective, high impact and cost efficient way.

Qlayers developed an automated printing head instead of the manually coating for industrial surfaces that has proven to be inefficient, unsafe and expensive. Their product applies coatings on any location under different weather conditions without overspray.


Somnox, Kitepower, Dental Robotics, Scoozy, WarpVR, Envision AI, Polytential, Momo Medical, Manometric, Nurtio.

ARCEON, VideoWindow, Smart-Ship, Gyrafit, Braindrop, Applied Drone Innovations, SHM Next, PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, DeNoize


All external applications will go through a selection process before joining Meet the Startups. Please fill in this form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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