02Join Meet the Startups!

Are you in for a day full of the latest tech innovations and making new connections in the Dutch startup scene? Come and join YES!Delft Meet the Startups on September 20, 2018.

Meet our ambitious entrepreneurs, see and test products right from the word go, and help entrepreneurs (and yourself) move forward.

We encourage all guests to share their network, operate as launching customers, accelerate innovation with pilot projects or invest as a funding partners.

03Are you ready to fire up innovation?

Meet the Startups is focused on matchmaking, so we encourage you to use the upcoming pitch videos, including a clear call to action, to decide who you want to meet and help conquer the world. Be an early adopter, open your network and support our innovators.

We’ll announce the program for Meet the Startups September 20, 2018 soon. Stay tuned…

04Any questions with regards to Meet the Startups?