YES!Delft Meet the VCs

Pitches, speed dates and an investment for MOCS

YES!Delft facilitated another successful edition of the annual Meet the VCs event on Tuesday. 20 selected startups got a chance to pitch and speed date with over 75 investors from national and international VC-firms. To cap it all: MOCS spin-outs CODURE and Viktor secured an investment from InnovationQuarter.

Meet the VCs is YES!Delft’s annual matchmaking event for investor-ready startups and investors. Working together with NVP and Innovation Quarter and hosted by Patrick Polak (Newion Investments), we bring together investor-ready YES!Delft companies and innovation-minded venture capitalists to fuel success. This is done through both pitch sessions on stage and one-on-one speed dates.

Meet the VCs is a unique matchmaking event, and one of the biggest in the Netherlands in this field”, Sagar Boers, Marketing Manager of YES!Delft says. “We aim for long-term connections that are not only valuable today, but also in the future.

On the pitch stage this year were aQysta, Laevo, Scoozy, SD-Insights, Gerrard Street, Carice Cars, Fly Aeolus, Hardt, Eartex, Kinegizer, Atmos UAV, Intespring, Vibes Technology, Loqed, Xinaps, Bolt Mobility, Solar Monkey, Goodhout and Adjuvo Motion. All companies are ready for capital, having a clear vision and strategy to grow. Find all companies here.

A special announcement…
A special announcement was made by MOCS. This YES!Delft company secured an investment from InnovationQuarter to further expand its business. No one less than alderman Ferrie Förster of Delft announced this great news on Tuesday.

This is a solid and profitable sector and a company led by entrepreneurs with a great track record in product development”, Francis Quint of InnovationQuarter said about the investment.

MOCS is specialized in modernising the production process of composite structures. To do so, several innovative methods are developed – resulting in spin-outs such as software company Viktor and hardware solution CODURE. Both of these got an investment from IQ to make sure these innovations reach the market.

By making composite structures affordable, MOCS helps other companies to take advantage of the great characteristics of this material: it’s light, strong, sustainable and has total freedom of shape.

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