Accelerator Program

What does it take to get accepted to the YES!Delft accelerator program?

Your startup needs to meet the criteria mentioned in the program guide. The Accelerator Program is designed for hardware and digital startups with a committed founding team of at least 2 individuals, that have validated Problem-Solution Fit, built a working prototype or MVP, have some traction in the market and have the potential to scale. In addition, you have an innovative technology solution, a registered startup in the Netherlands, freedom to operate or an IP patent and a runway of at least 6 months.

How is the program structured and what topics are covered?

The Accelerator Program is a 3-month program and helps you to strengthen the foundation of your startup and accelerate your traction in the market.

During the first two kick-off weeks, you’ll get to know your peers in the batch, YES!Delft and our ecosystem. You focus on your long-term vision and short term plan towards Product-Market Fit. You will be evaluated and challenged by our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and experts and matched to a mentor to help you move forward. The Accelerator Program contains weekly tailored masterclasses and workshops in different fields, such as Go-to-Market & Sales, Finance & Funding, Legal & IP, HR & Team and Personal Development and Leadership. All masterclasses and workshops are given by professionals and experts in their field. In addition, we host peer-to-peer sessions to help each other and connect you to relevant partners and experts for 1-on-1 sessions.

We already received some funding and/or are not early stage. Can we apply?

Yes, you can apply. YES!Delft supports entrepreneurs who build complex products (both hardware and digital) in challenging markets, often with a run-up time, long development trajectories and expensive prototyping involved. As such, many startups in our Accelerator Program have already received funding. 

Why should I join the accelerator program?

You’ll become a YES!Delft startup! We put the entrepreneur first, commit for the long-term and don’t take equity. We offer tailored advice, support and connections to accelerate your startup. During and after the Accelerator Program, you have access to the one of a kind YES!Delft ecosystem with experienced mentors, experts, trainers, service partners, corporates and fellow entrepreneurs. YES!Delft works with a small success fee based on revenue milestones which is reinvested into the incubator.

Do I have to relocate to The Netherlands?

We are a regional tech incubator, with locations in Delft, The Hague, and Rotterdam. Hereby, we can add value with our ecosystem to local startups. Even though our methodology could apply to your stage and could help your startup, our mission is to support the startups with the infrastructure we have here, in The Netherlands.

Are there geographical restrictions in applying for YES!Delft?

No. We are happy to welcome startups from all over the world, as long as they are planning to move here where we can best support them. 

How much does the program cost?

The program fee is € 2.750,- (excl. VAT) per team. Additional terms may apply for the services and Investor Readiness Program of YES!Funded. You will only be asked to pay this one-time kickback fee of 5K when you reach 250K in annual revenue and a fee of 20K when you reach 1M in annual revenue.

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