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Does YES!Delft invest money in my startup?

YES!Delft is a non-profit organization and we, unfortunately, do not invest money in startups directly. In addition to that, we don’t take any equity in startups.

How can YES!Delft help me with funding my startup?

YES!Funded helps startups in any phase of their lifecycle with their funding plan, matching them with our investor network, and assisting them in deal-making, both with private and public funding. Check here the YES!Funded financial lifecycle planning.

I am already investor-ready, can you help me find an investor?

Yes, with our deal-making service. After evaluating your Investor Readiness Level, we will support you in preparing the right material and refining your storyline to introduce you to investors in our network that match your profile.

I’m looking for investment opportunities for my startup, what kind of support can I expect from YES!Delft?

YES!Funded offers an Investor Readiness Program for early-stage startups. At the end of this program you’ll have all the tools to be attractive from an investor’s perspective and to obtain the necessary funds to accelerate your startup.

Also, for later-stage startups, YES!Funded offers consultancy-based support with finding and executing both private investment and public funding instruments. With this service, we are making sure you get the right deal that is well structured and best fits your startup’s needs.

I am already in contact with investors, how can YES!Funded support me in structuring a good deal?

If you are already in contact with an investor or if you got offers from multiple investors, YES!Funded can help you close the deal. We can support you in various ways: evaluating who’s a good investor for you, making sure a term sheet is convenient for all parties involved, support in the due diligence process, and the entire deal-making process until you get the money in your bank account.

Public funding opportunities in The Netherlands, how can YES!Deflt help me?

YES!Funded offers support with finding and executing both private investment and public funding instruments. We aim for the best mix of both types of instruments. For public funds, such as grants and soft loans, we work with our partner Benedict Peax, strategic funding consultants.

I’m an investor and I would like to become part of YES!Delft. How can I do that?

YES!Delft treasures its network of investors and we are constantly looking to expand this. The importance of (seed-) capital is evident for the success of startups. Get in touch with our Investment Director Jan Geert van Hall of our YES!Funded team to find out what we can offer you.

Can you review my term sheet and assist me with my startup evaluation?

Yes, we can review the incoming term sheet, or we can help you come up with one of your own. We look at every valuation from an investor’s perspective, which will prepare you for a meaningful discussion with a prospective investor.

Can YES!Funded support me during due diligence?

Yes! Due diligence can be arduous and time-consuming, and as a startup, you do not always have a complete data room at your fingertips. We can assist you and support you in giving sufficient comfort to prospective investors.

I want to execute or review me shareholders agreement, can YES!Funded help?

Yes, we think it is essential to draft a shareholders’ agreement that keeps in mind the goals and objectives of the parties and to come up with creative governance solutions to suit everyone’s needs. Too often parties are negotiating pre-drafted agreement templates and lose sight of what it is that they actually want to agree upon.

Can you help me with writing application to grants and subsidies?

Yes, our experience is that applying for grants and subsidies takes a lot of time and know-how. YES!Funded is a proud partner of Benedict Peax, who are specialised in doing this. They can not only help with writing applications but will also help find the right funding strategy and assess different available instruments for your startup.

I have more specific questions, who do I have to contact?

If you have any specific questions about YES!Funded and our services for startups and investors you can send an email to our Investment Program Manager Carola Torrente, carola@yesdelft.nl, or book an introduction meeting with our Investment Director Jan Geert van Hall, jangeert@yesdelft.nl.

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