What is YES!Delft?

YES!Delft is a startup incubator based in South Holland, The Netherlands.

In one sentence, what YES!Delft does?

We support startups and scale-ups becoming successful companies by providing a set of startup programs, funding and talent services.

What is the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?

An incubator helps entrepreneurs with the development and growth of their startup, with a focus on startup in an early stage, by thinking along with new business ideas, in order to market a product or service in the right way. When startups are joining an incubator they will commit for a longer period of time. In addition, an incubator focuses on startups at an early stage. This takes place on a long-term basis, with mentoring, financing and network support.

 For accelerators, mentoring is given to entrepreneurs for a few months. They will receive help with financing and networking in order to work on their startup in a certain period of time. In this way, they can work on the success of their business through a program.

Is YES!Delft an incubator or an accelerator?

YES!Delft is a startup incubator but we have also support startups with our accelerator program, a 3 months module-based program.

How do you make money? What is your business model?

YES!Delft is a non-profit organization and doesn’t take equity from startups. Our shareholders are TU Delft, the municipality of Delft, and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We rely on the support from our shareholders and the partnership with corporates and public organizations.

Does YES!Delft only accept tech companies?

Yes, we only support tech startups. They can either have a technological innovation or have an interesting business innovation that uses complex technology.

Does YES!Delft take equity of startups that participate in a program, or make use of a service?

YES!Delft doesn’t take equity. We work with a program fee and  success fee (only for Accelerator Program and Investor Readiness Program)with our startups.

Is YES!Delft successful?

YES!Delft was founded to create a sustainable and strong supporting infrastructure for entrepreneurs. In addition, YES!Delft helps young innovators and entrepreneurs to find the necessary support and resources to build successful start-ups. Because of the effective way of working, start-ups grow faster than normal and the chance of a fall is smaller. As an incubator we help a team to go from idea to saleable product or service. In this way young companies can achieve success in the field of innovation and development.

An incubator is only truly successful when its startups grow faster than average and only a small part of them fail. The performance and success factors of incubators are determined differently for each incubator. At YES!Delft we can say that we are successful with 80% of our startups that are still alive after 5 years. To achieve our successes we have a knowledge ecosystem of more than 65 service and corporate partners that contribute to the growth of the startups.

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