Blockchain is fundamentally a technology that enables trust. Trust is the foundation for the complex social systems that underpins all of society, hence the potential for Blockchain to re-wire our interactions.But decentralised systems/solutions are also simply (much) harder and require change, even if the overall benefits can be significant.
For all solutions, technology is only part of the story, and especially for Blockchain. In a fast-moving landscape, it is critical to access the right expertise, have the right stakeholder conversations, connect to an enabling network, learn from peers addressing similar problems etc. Simply get the guidance needed to maximise your chances of success.
YES!Delft and The Hague understand the opportunity and challenges that Blockchain brings, working together to provide startups with everything they need to succeed: a proven startup ecosystem together within the political center of the country and the links to TU Delft.
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AI Blockchain Validation Lab Deadline in 33 days

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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: February

Starting your own business sounds difficult, and it is. Yet YES!Delft startups keep on celebrating successes by securing investments, funds and loans. In addition, they get nominated or even win awards, they reach partnership agreements, and got mentioned by big media outlets. Read all about it in this month’s Top 10 Startup Success Stories! 1 […]

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Regional collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam and YES!Delft

De Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR) gaat samenwerken met YES!Delft. EUR ziet het aanjagen van ondernemerschap als middel om haar maatschappelijke impact te kunnen vergroten. Op vrijdag 21 februari heeft het College van Bestuur van de universiteit – bij monde van Rutger Engels –  en de directie van YES!Delft een Letter of Intent ondertekend over deelname […]

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Physee: Making buildings future-proof

Becoming energy-neutral is not just a trend anymore, it is a necessity. It is a necessity across generations, markets and industries, and especially when it comes to people’s day-to-day lives. So then imagine living in a building that absorbs sunlight energy during the day and uses it to keep you warm at night. Or working […]

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