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The field of Artificial Intelligence is moving fast, yet complex and full of possibilities. Over the duration of Horizon 2020, €2.6 billion have been invested in AI-related areas. Messy data, finding a launching customer and collaborating with enabling technologies organizations- we know the difficulties of getting AI to the market. Therefore, our ecosystem and program offer the right framework for you to take off. Our Artificial Intelligence programs take place at YES!Delft The Hague location – our digital hub.


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Voyc: Turning customer call analysis into a superpower, with the help of AI

Customer support has always been key to successful business strategies and plans, yet it is not always without misunderstandings. Startup Voyc is tackling this problem by ensuring that both customers and companies are treated fairly during verbal exchange. How? Voyc’s artificial intelligence (AI) software enables companies to gain deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and […]

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cleaning bot

Ahold Delhaize announces winners of Cleaning Bot Challenge

Zaandam, the Netherlands, August 14, 2020 – Ahold Delhaize announces today that it has selected Fybots and Adlatus Robotics as the winners of the company’s first-ever Cleaning Bot Challenge, a global competition to scout and select smart technology solutions to perform cleaning tasks in stores. More than 380 companies were initially scouted for the challenge, […]

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CoronaMelder: From intelligent lockdown to intelligent opening

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on our society, both from a health perspective as well as economically. It is crucial that society can manage the spread of the virus while minimising the broader impact of measures put in place to contain it. To help contain the virus, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare […]

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