Blockchain is fundamentally a technology that enables trust. Trust is the foundation for the complex social systems that underpins all of society, hence the potential for Blockchain to re-wire our interactions.But decentralised systems/solutions are also simply (much) harder and require change, even if the overall benefits can be significant.
For all solutions, technology is only part of the story, and especially for Blockchain. In a fast-moving landscape, it is critical to access the right expertise, have the right stakeholder conversations, connect to an enabling network, learn from peers addressing similar problems etc. Simply get the guidance needed to maximise your chances of success.
YES!Delft and The Hague understand the opportunity and challenges that Blockchain brings, working together to provide startups with everything they need to succeed: a proven startup ecosystem together within the political center of the country and the links to TU Delft.
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Protected: Venturi Aviation: Building the future of electric commercial air travel

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Unpluq team

Unpluq: The startup that makes your smartphone less of a distraction

Technology is all around and so much so, in fact, that most of us are dependent on the internet or our mobile devices to stay connected with the world around us. On the one hand, that’s great – it brings all of us closer together in ways that were previously unthought of. On the other, […]

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Rolf Rijkmans

Rolf Rijkmans: A great startup needs a great team – and you need to start building one ASAP

Rolf Rijkmans is an Entrepreneur in Residence at YES!Delft and he thoroughly enjoys his role as mentor for a diverse group of founders. With a strong commercial and HR background and having worked with a number of tech companies over the years, Rolf brings a wide range of expertise to early-stage startups. He also works […]

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