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Since 2005 we have built a broad portfolio of startups in Complex Technologies including Nanotech, ArgiTech, Off Shore industry solutions, and Mobility. Since then successfully supported hardware tech startups developing everything from high tech scoot mobiles to inkless printers, that most of all solve real-life problems and make an impact in the world. In the Hardware Tech focus area, you will find the most surprising and innovative ideas, each with their own challenges. The vast YES!Delft ecosystem has the knowledge and expertise to help your Hardware Tech solution make the biggest impact possible!

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Keeping birds away from commercial exploitations

Birds flying high, it can be a real danger – and costly hassle – around airports or on oil platforms, for example. Well, it’s a new dawn in bird control. An animal and ‘hertz’ friendly solution, that makes birds and humans feel good. Bird Control Group has developed a laser that keeps birds away from […]

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Startup Story: Scoozy

Imagine you have difficulty walking and you need to get from A to B in a fast, safe and convenient way. No problem. You can do that, and you can do it in style, too. Dutch startup Scoozy is developing a mobility scooter that is easy to use, has intuitive steering and braking and is […]

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The sky is not the limit Sending a rocket into space is no easy task – and understandably so. It becomes even more complicated, though, when that rocket is supposed to reach an area above the Earth’s surface that has, so far, been only poorly studied. The ‘ignorosphere’ – often jokingly called so by scientists […]

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