EdTech is one of the fastest growing industries with data-rich educational platforms being adopted more and more, and huge growth in investments. Three top universities, Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and Erasmus University believe in stimulating innovation by inspiring their employees by getting them in contact with EdTech startups. Incubators YES!Delft, PLNT Leiden and Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship want to combine the knowledge of the universities with an entrepreneurial mindset to help shape the educational system of the future.

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FeedbackFruits: Making education engaging

You have three nights until an important exam, and you’re praying that’ll be enough time to cram everything in your head. Sounds familiar? Perhaps all too well. Ewoud de Kok and Siem Kok know this, too, so they took it upon themselves to make education more interactive and fun by co-founding FeedbackFruits. The company’s goal […]

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