While we already think of robotics as important in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas exploration or even drones, this is not universal for all fields. We know robotics innovations are here to stand. Trends such as robot-as-a-service and collaborative robots are optimizing processes all over our personal lives, from our sleeping to our eating habits.

YES!Delft is the tech incubator where the robots of tomorrow are built. Big data analysis has become a competitive differentiator in the robotics focus, and your startup needs our ecosystem to make the connections robotic products needs for reaching large markets.



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cleaning bot

Ahold Delhaize announces winners of Cleaning Bot Challenge

Zaandam, the Netherlands, August 14, 2020 – Ahold Delhaize announces today that it has selected Fybots and Adlatus Robotics as the winners of the company’s first-ever Cleaning Bot Challenge, a global competition to scout and select smart technology solutions to perform cleaning tasks in stores. More than 380 companies were initially scouted for the challenge, […]

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virtual reality VR

SenseGlove: The hand that lets you feel Virtual Reality

Technology is changing jobs faster than ever. Assembly training becomes an important aspect of many companies, but it is expensive and time consuming. However, there might be a solution that can solve those problems, virtual reality (VR). VR combines the sense of hearing and seeing and gives the illusion of diving into every possible scenario. […]

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Startup Story: IMSystems

Machines and, in particular, robots are increasingly aiding – if not even substituting – people with their work. Yet, those machines often lack the strength and precision necessary to create real impact. Or at least that was the case until IMSystems came around. Led by scientist Jack Schorsch, a team of four Co-Founders – including […]

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