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Martin van Hemert, Michael van der Cammen


LexIQ unlocks databases of companies by its machine learning software and makes data accessible for analyzing, aggregating and predicting purposes. Due to its unique AI algorithms, this is possible from any thinkable angle. LexIQ visualizes the data on each required level. The AI software comes as a SaaS model and can instantly be implemented on any database of any company, including public data. From a data viewpoint, most company systems are still in the ‘stone age’. Data retrieval and processing is inflexible or relies on manual work. LexIQ not only automates data analysis but also uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns and make accurate predictions.

Benefits for companies are:

• Significantly more efficient information processes: faster, less costs, more transparent

• Quantitative analysis: being able to analyze mass data

• New insights in business (and competition) by finding outliers & exceptions, trends and forecasts LexIQ currently focuses on legal, tax, banking and insurance in the Netherlands.

Within these markets LexIQ specializes in: HR, logistics, legal/tax. Roll out within EU starts in 2020 by connecting new customers and scale-up current international clients.


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