Maurits Westerik

Job Title

Partner IP/IT at Coupry

Focus Area

Entrepreneur in Residence


Maurits Westerik is an attorney-at-law in the field of IP and ICT and a lecturer on innovation protection at the TU Delft. He is known for his strong advocacy and his ability to clearly explain technical subject matter and the legal ramifications of the technology at stake. He is a partner of Coupry, a boutique law firm in The Hague.

Working for his clients in the high-tech industry, Maurits is a technology lawyer with a particular emphasis on software and electronics. Apart from contracting on development and collaborations and advising on the legal aspects of technology-based ventures and M&A deals, Maurits also litigates groundbreaking patent and licensing cases for major international companies in the field of software, telecommunications, digital security and convergent media solutions. 
This work has provided him with relevant skills and strategic knowhow that are of particular use to startups. Coming from a family of artists, designers and inventors, Maurits has been involved with getting that relevant legal knowhow to engineering and science students for over ten years, teaching at the TU Delft, VU and Leiden University. 


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