Job Title

DGA at GOA-Ventures

Focus Area

Bio Tech

About Name Mentor

Theo Verleun (1959) started his career at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, researching brain cancer. After > 35 (co-)publications he switched to HIV-diagnostics and moved into commercial positions. In 1991 he got into Gist-brocades being responsible for Enzyme sales and in several roles and though divestiture of parts of Gist Brocades he got into Genencor (now DuPont enzymes unit). From Genencor he switched to Brenntag and was involved in merging activities of the food and Oil and Gas businesses that Brenntag acquired, reporting to Brenntag Board member. Amongst other he was leading the European Oil & Gas business for Brenntag. In 2007 he returned into biotech fields of DSM food Specialities and was amongst others initiator of the EGGSPLORE – DSM program which resulted in a nice (internal) award. From 2012 he got into the DSM bio based products and services team and was held responsible for the sales (of DSM products) into the biogas sector. In those years he was co-founder of the European Biogas Association (EBA) with special focus on the company council. In those years biogas related projects with a.o. major breweries were initiated. In 2014 a project applying seaweed as feedstock for biogas production was initiated together with ENECO. When DSM decided not to invest further in this seaweed processing technology, he got the opportunity to privately proceed with the technology and continue to work with the (former) DSM partners in this development. Actually he is active as biotech consultant ( a.o. for the EBA as well as for the Dutch Biogas association and is running his own seaweed bio-refining company (


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