MRDH City of Future Air Quality Challenge

YES!Delft, the MRDH, and the municipalities of Ridderkerk and Wassenaar are looking for a solution for air quality pollution and to make residents aware of this.





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MRDH City of Future Air Quality Challenge

The municipalities of Wassenaar and Ridderkerk are committed to tackle the quality of the air in their regions. Not just to battle the effects of pollution, but to understand the root cause of it and work together with their residents for improving the air quality in the region.

The Challenge

Ridderkerk and Wassenaar are both located close to important highways and are influenced by the activities of the Port of Rotterdam. For the municipality of Ridderkerk, understanding what are the main stressors on the air quality of their area could be used not only for limiting those activities but also for instilling awareness in their inhabitants.

The Municipality of Wassenaar is very aware of the impact of its neighboring highway and want to improve the quality of nature in their town. They also understand that air pollution is more complex than that, so they seek to understand the elements in the air in their region. That way they can make the right decisions for the residents and nature in their area. 

Does your company have an innovative solution to give the municipalities a better understanding of the air quality, the causes of the quality, and its effect? Then sign up now and get the chance to win a paid pilot with the municipality of Ridderkerk and/or Wassenaar.

  • You have a product that measures properly the air components, and can be used by the municipalities for improving the air quality;
  • You already had a successful MVP or prototype;
  • You have a strong team with at least two co-founders and really creative data scientists;
  • You have a scalable solution, thus you’re ready to have a pilot with the municipalities in the coming months;
  • You have a platform that can present that data in a comprehensible way to the inhabitants, and that platform can be configured in Dutch.
More about this challenge

The Metropole Region of Rotterdam and The Hague (MRDH) has had a partnership with YES!Delft for years in order to support their municipalities to become Cities of the Future. Last year in December, we helped the municipalities of The Hague and Leidschendam-Voorburg to tackle their parking pressure challenges. This month, the pilot with Parkeagle has been realized. Is your startup going to be the next solution implemented in the municipalities in the MRDH?

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