CareTech program: is the Captain of Remote Care

In general, humans are doing well. We have developed new treatments and medicines for all kinds of diseases, and our lifespan gets longer and longer. However, it also means our healthcare system is under more pressure. Fewer people work in healthcare, and the workload is ever-increasing. That is why stimulating innovations in healthcare is more […]

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MEMSYS: the future of self-powered devices

Batteries and accumulators are everywhere, from laptops to your electric toothbrush and electric cars to industrial machine sensors. But, over time, all batteries need to be replaced. We expect to need increasingly more batteries, which will impact the environment negatively. MEMSYS aims to reduce the replacement of batteries. They do so by developing energy harvesting […]

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Top-10 Startup Success Stories: August

In August, we celebrate summer, enjoy a walk in the park, go to the beach or go on vacation. This month is also a dynamic month of achievements and breakthroughs in the startup landscape. From groundbreaking investments fueling revolutionary transportation concepts to collaborations elevating educational experiences, these startups are shaping the future. Get ready to […]

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Erasmus MC : Collaborating with frontline healthcare professionals

Erasmus MC is actively involved in innovating their healthcare daily. The Create4Care department aims to make work more efficient and accessible through technology. They achieve this by establishing collaborations with doctors, nurses, patients, students, and researchers. There are also external initiatives, such as the partnership between Erasmus MC and YES!Delft, where startups contribute to healthcare […]

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Erasmus MC – Create4Care: Alleviating Challenges in Healthcare

At the Create4Care department of Erasmus MC, nurses, doctors, patients, researchers, and students work together to make work in healthcare more efficient and effective. Onno Helder is the initiative’s coordinator. “I was trained as a pediatric nurse at the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital. We did some things in an inconvenient way, and I often wondered […]

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Erasmus MC : Leader in HealthTech

Innovation and technology are increasingly important in the healthcare sector as they can improve the quality of care. From advanced medical equipment and more accurate diagnoses to solutions that make nurses’ and doctors’ work more pleasant and efficient, the relatively new HealthTech industry aims to make healthcare more effective and accessible for everyone. The Erasmus […]

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SoundCell: Empowering Rapid Diagnostics

Sometimes, you may experience an infection. Although your immune system will strive to restore your health, antibiotics may be necessary to assist with the healing process. However, finding functioning antibiotics can be challenging as antibiotic resistance is becoming more common. To help the patient recover quicker and fight antibiotic resistance, SoundCell has found a way […]

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Top-10 Startup Success Stories: June

June is a vibrant and eventful month for our community. Startups have been creating waves and reaching remarkable milestones, showcasing their unwavering dedication to growth and innovation. From prestigious awards and breakthrough inventions to exciting collaborations and impactful product launches, these startups are leaving their mark on the industry. Get ready to be inspired by the […]

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Top-10 Startup Success Stories: May

In the month of May, innovative tech startups have been making waves and achieving significant milestones. From leadership transitions to product launches and strategic partnerships, these startups are demonstrating their commitment to growth and innovation. Read the newest top 10 startup success stories from May and get inspired by their remarkable achievements. 1. BBBLS After […]

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Anything Connected: lowering the barrier for measuring nitrogen

Nitrogen (Stikstof) is a pressing concern in the Netherlands, drawing significant attention in the media. The extensive industrial activities of Dutch companies contribute to high nitrogen emissions, damaging biodiversity and ecosystems. Therefore, measuring nitrogen to assess its impact accurately and implementing effective mitigation strategies for sustainable environmental management is crucial. Together with their partner TiQiT, […]

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Noria Sustainable Innovators: Combatting Plastic Pollution

Every year, tons of plastic waste find their way into waterways, posing a grave threat to aquatic life and ecosystems. Rivers are crucial conduits, transporting plastic from inland areas to the open sea. In this light, Noria Sustainable Innovators is a startup that develops methods and techniques to deal with plastic waste close to the […]

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YES!Delft Behind the Scenes – A Change of Leadership

For the past six years, YES!Delft has grown exponentially and is currently the biggest tech incubator in Europe. The team was led by Evert Jaap Lugt, enabling a thriving environment for startups to be their best. Now, it’s time for Evert Jaap Lugt to pursue new adventures. So, Ras Lalmy will take over the Managing […]

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