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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: May

We are almost halfway through the year, and although it sometimes may feel like you are not getting anywhere within this changed situation, the startups are there to prove us wrong! Continue to work hard, keep on building tomorrow’s leading firms, and don’t lose sight of your goals. Read where that mindset brought them in […]

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Urbandine: The hospitality solution for the 1.5-meter economy

The hospitality industry has taken a hit over the past months, with the COVID-19 outbreak keeping restaurants, bars and cafes closed. Opening up again, while impatiently awaited, may turn out to be a slow start for many of those businesses. Urbandine, a YES!Delft startup, has developed an intelligent mobile ordering and payment platform that allows […]

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startup match

Delft Circuits and YES!Funded: Matching the right startup with the right investor

Collaboration is a key ingredient in every startup-advisor relationship out there. Especially in their early days, startups need specialized advice and support in order to steer their business in the right direction. Yet, what they also need is a strong business case to start with. The startups with the strongest product, service or technology are […]

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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: April

We started working from home almost six weeks ago already, and although it feels like more and more people are getting used to this new situation, we are still in a crisis. With this in mind, we are extra proud of our startup, who keep on building tomorrows leading firms from home. Their hard work […]

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About a third of all food produced goes to waste, and more than 30% of that one third is lost before it reaches the supermarkets. This data may seem shocking, but what’s worse is that it’s real. The reason for this is that quality control with the products is often done by people and problems […]

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Online Pitches during the AI/Blockchain Validation Lab

Online PITCHES during the AI/BLOCKCHAIN VALIDATION LAB At the beginning of February of this year a new batch of 7 startups joined our incubator for a period of 10 weeks to validate their business idea, during the AI/Blockchain Validation Lab. In this period the corona virus hit The Netherlands, and we had to move our […]

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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: March

In light of the ongoing pandemic it is very quiet at both our offices, but all our startups are still working hard to keep on building tomorrow’s leading firms from home! To hopefully spread some positive vibes in this ongoing strange and difficult situation, we will share this month’s Top 10 Startup Success Stories with […]

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YES!Delft startups contribute to solving the corona crisis

There is no doubt that the current COVID-19 developments are changing the way people go about their daily lives and the way they work. For entrepreneurs, in particular, those are times that test their ability to not only adapt to this new situation, but also find creative solutions to contribute positively to it.  At YES!Delft, […]

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Elemental Water Makers: Turning water scarcity into abundance

For a country like The Netherlands where rain is a given and the sea level is often as high as it gets, the topic of water scarcity may not be the first to come to mind. Yet, for entrepreneurs Sid Vollebregt and Reinoud Feenstra, this issue holds a sense of urgency: “Already today, about two […]

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Applied Drone Innovations: Leading horticulture into a data-driven future

Drone technology is gaining momentum. While until not long ago, it used to be in the hands of either larger companies or of consumers who would use it for fun, today, drones are accessible to businesses of different sizes and industries. Agriculture is no exception. With the right tools and data, growers can monitor their […]

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TOP 10 Startup Success Stories: February

Starting your own business sounds difficult, and it is. Yet YES!Delft startups keep on celebrating successes by securing investments, funds and loans. In addition, they get nominated or even win awards, they reach partnership agreements, and got mentioned by big media outlets. Read all about it in this month’s Top 10 Startup Success Stories! 1 […]

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Erasmus University Rotterdam and YES!Delft launch regional partnership

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will collaborate with YES!Delft in a regional partnership. EUR believes that it can intensify its impact on society by encouraging entrepreneurship. The university’s Executive Board – represented by Rutger Engels – and the board of YES!Delft signed a Letter of Intent on Friday, 21 February, paving the way for EUR’s participation […]

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