Meet our accelerator program batch 2020

We would like to present to you the six startups who are part of our latest Accelerator Batch! With the help of our experts and mentors, and through workshops and one-on-one sessions the startups are more than ready to change the world with their innovative ideas. Read all about it in this article.


“We once heard that ‘a dating app’ used to be used as an example of a startup you would never see at YES!Delft. And here we are. We are an unusual big group of cofounders with an unusual product and market for this incubator. Yet this accelerator program is a good fit for us. Not only because of the in-house experience and knowledge, but also because of the drive and mindset of the people we meet here. It will definitely help us in scaling and reaching our goal of changing the online dating industry. We look forward to getting to know the ecosystem and add to it with our enthusiasm and fresh perspective. Want to know more about Breeze or a do you just want a coffee date? Drop by our office (B5 1.03)!”

All popular dating apps work in the same way: there’s superficial swiping, a lot of chatting but rarely real dating. With Breeze we critically reduce the effort it takes to meet someone you’re attracted to face to face. Our active users receive two high match potential profiles each day, suggested by our algorithm. If there is a match users cannot chat, instead they go directly to our date picker where they find a suitable day for the date. The unique thing about Breeze is that we organize the date for you. Matches can choose out of relevant date activities, depending on the user profile, season and the current corona situation. We let you know where to be at what time, the rest is up to you!


Steel is the cornerstone of modern-day construction. Bridges, cranes, ships, windmills and offshore platforms could not be built without this material. When steel bends due to millions of loading cycles, small cracks start to appear which are the primary reason for replacing these structures. Villari provides breakthrough permanent monitoring and guarding of such aged assets using wireless sensors. This leads to elongated structural lifetime, less unneccesary repairs, and reduced cost of inspections.

“These days, a lack of continuous information leads to huge amounts of preventive repairs and premature replacements of large steel assets such as highway bridges, container cranes, and shipping vessels. We are working hard to revolutionize the way people think about predictive maintenance and repair in the coming years. Through the peer-to-peer sessions with other startups as well as the large network of mentors,  advisors, and other partners at YES!Delft we have been capable of making leaps forward in a short amount of time. Not only as a company, but as founders too.”


“This call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes”.

You may be familiar with this phrase, but did you know that on average only 2% of call center calls are monitored by companies? Call monitoring is essential to identify potential risks, improve agent performance and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. Companies may be aware of the benefit of ardent call monitoring but, the high cost of employing human capital and limited call center capacity means most business will settle with just the “tip of the iceberg” approach.

Voyc does the impossible by enabling business to QA 100% of calls. Voyc eliminates the tedious task of listening to lengthy call recordings and provides companies with the right toolset to focus on implementing change. Voyc promises a self-service user experience with bank-grade security. With Voyc assisting with call monitoring, business is enabled to dedicate their time to training and coaching agents and improving customer satisfaction.

“At Voyc, we are on a mission to ensure the fair treatment of companies and their customers. We envision a world where customers decide which companies to trust based on the fact that Voyc is monitoring their call centers.
Being part of the YES!Delft Accelerator has been great because it has enabled us to spend more time with other like-minded founders and learn from each other through the peer-to-peer sessions.”


Sensible is dedicated to a healthier humanity through modern, connective and unnoticable sensing of parameters that characterize common diseases such as diabetes. Sensible’s first product, idi, is a glucose sensor that feels like a normal bandage patch and integrates seamlessly with any patient’s treatment preferences.

“We are honored to be part of such a diverse community of entrepreneurs. Only when such a myriad of different industries, backgrounds and stages of development are represented can every single meeting be valuable.


With 25 years of experience in 3D Geological Reservoir Modeling in the Oil and Gas Industry, we are a software development company providing innovative cloud solutions and mixed reality experiences to optimize remote operational workflows.

Craytive develops tablet and mobile apps, cloud based infrastructures and desktop applications. Using latest technologies as Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality, we incorporate 3D Geological models into real-world environments to optimize the 3D modeling processes and team collaboration.

“Craytive Technologies stands for creative and innovative software solutions in the area of 3D Visualization and Collaboration. We are using state-of-the-art technologies like Mixed and Augmented Reality and Microsoft HoloLens to develop the future of 3D Remote Collaboration which can be applied in many different industries. By working together with Yes!Delft and various other startups we expand our network and knowledge, we validate our products and we develop the right business strategies. We are proud to be part of this high-tech and world-class innovation center!”


“A next generation greenhouse design for growing with unprecedented efficiency”

BBBLS uses an innovative method of providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles. This enables the production of high quality food with much less energy. Our vision is to create a desired growing climate, accounting for external climate and seasonality to provide the most favourable conditions for greenhouses, or short: Controlled Climate As A Service.

“We are building climate-neutral greenhouses by using smart insulation with bubbles in a double roof construction. Our greenhouses are so economical that 4.5% of the Dutch climate objectives will be achieved if all Dutch greenhouses are replaced. Thanks to the YES!Delft Accelerator Program we want to lift the organization to a higher level and accelerate our growth.”

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