At the beginning of February of this year a new batch of 7 startups joined our incubator for a period of 10 weeks to validate their business idea, during the AI/Blockchain Validation Lab. In this period the corona virus hit The Netherlands, and we had to move our program activities to an online environment. Although this was a completely new way of working for us, it worked out, due to the flexibility and dedication of this batch. We would like to thank them for accepting this challenge with us and creating a new way of working.
Normally we end our programs with a final day, where startups pitch their ideas. In this case, we asked startups to sent in a video, which makes it possible for us to share this with everyone! So are you interested to see where this period brought them? Watch their online pitches below!

At, we use artificial intelligence to convert images into meaningful figures and numbers. We do this in three simple steps (1) digitize: we collect the input: images or videos (2) make it smart: we tune a suitable A.I. engine, and (3) provide insights: we visualize the output in a meaningful overview. Our customers use our expertise for anomaly checks, statistics, and intelligent monitoring.


Bitprop enables large scale formal investment into small scale property development in the developing world, helping impoverished individuals validate land ownership and generate income while providing market returns to investors.

The Bitprop system enables this by managing and supporting the end-to-end process.


Have you always wanted to become a model? Many people do, but find it very hard to enter the scene. Few responses, little feedback and lack of trustworthy agencies all play a role in this process. OneTwoModel is a platform that matches models to the right agencies in a smart and automated manner, leveraging computer vision and machine learning. Solving problems for both sides, we introduce the next phase for model scouting.

Geronimo.AI predicts when roads need to be maintained. This allows road managers at provinces and municipalities to plan road maintenance in a smart, data-driven way. This increases the ease of planning and prevents unexpected, expensive maintenance. Together, this results in better roads for lower costs.


Cybermundus is a security company focusing on protecting cloud environments. Today most companies fail to identify breaches, which leaves hackers a long time to steal their data, IP or sabotage their systems. Our solution brings down the time to detect breaches from months to minutes by automatically detecting new methods of compromise and sharing the insights with all parties. We do that by combining the latest technologies like machine learning with our innovative modelling approach.

Jild Technologies

Armed with our technology, freshly developed at the TU, we entered the validation lab. We’ve spoken to dozen potential customer, large and small, learned invaluable lessons, and acquired a tremendous set of new skills. But the most important realization was, that way more people can benefit from our technology than we could ever cater. And in hindsight, it was obvious; who wouldn’t want a blockchain framework that scales infinitely, while ensuring sub-second transaction time.  This is why we have an exciting announcement to make: We are going open-source, stay tuned!

Roseman Labs

Roseman Labs builds privacy technology with a strong focus on secure multi-party computation (MPC). MPC enables data analytics across multiple data sources without the need to see, own or transfer that data. We have built a scalable high-performance engine that leverages industry-grade implementations. Our focus markets include financial services, cyber security and location-based services. Can you help us build a scalable sales model as well?

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