Meet YES!Delft’s brand new tech startups

DELFT, April 11 2018 – From enabling people with visual impairment to live more independently to a virtual gardener and microneedles for self-vaccination. We’ve selected six new tech startups for our Accelerator Program. Meet YES!Delft’s brand new technology startups.

“After an extensive selection procedure, we have admitted the most promising technologies and teams to join our incubator”, says Evert Jaap Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft. “All teams have the potential to become leading within their industries.”


To the market in top gear

The goal: to bring ideas and technologies to the market in top gear and grow them to a revenue of EUR 1 million with custom made programs. In the Accelerator Program entrepreneurs work on a solid foundation of their company with risk assessments, a milestone planning and strategies on subjects like product, finance and team. Companies are linked to experienced coaches and get access to the facilities and network of YES!Delft, as well as possibilities for pre seed financing.

YES!Delft looks to support ambitious entrepreneurs who, with the best guidance, can build their own company to great heights. The incubator in Delft offers programs for tech startups in the areas of Blockchain, MedTech, Artificial Intelligence, Aviation, CleanTech, Robotics and Complex Technology. With over twelve years of experience in developing and accelerating tech companies, YES!Delft helps to make sure entrepreneurs make impact.


Want to start your own tech startup as well? Join our upcoming Validation Lab. Program applications are open now. Read more.


Meet the teams

Click on the photo below to learn more about the new tech startups.

Envision is a software platform and app that enable people with visual impairments to live more independently. Users can shop, use public transport, read menu’s (and much more). Our intelligent system reads texts, recognises faces and objects and describes scenes.

AnyThing Connected
From bananas to solar panels: anyThing Connected has made an internet-connected sticker that allows any product to tell you when it will break down, by simply sticking it on the side.

Nurtio is a smart virtual gardener for offices. Using the latest IoT developments, it allows anyone to take proper care of office plants, even if they have no gardening knowledge at all.

3D Printed hand braces have been a promise for too long. Together with medical professionals Manometric develops the workflow of the future: finally making beautiful and comfortable hand braces a reality.

Vaccines should be accessible to everyone. uPRAX aims to make that happen by introducing microneedles for end-users. With a size of less than 1mm, it reduces pain and the chance of infection, whilst also removing the need for doctors and costly distribution channels.

Festival stages are mostly made of straight or circular pieces. Limited options for truly crazy shapes. Our product: A truss module which can build ANY shape! Additionally, it comes with software to generate and engineer the structure in one click!


Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms

At YES!Delft we believe in the impact tech startups can have, because they provide a crucial contribution to the progress of our economy and society. We foster technological startups to become leading in their industries. We promote and stimulate entrepreneurship to accelerate solutions to modern day challenges. At YES!Delft we unite the forces of startups, coaches, investors, and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success. We offer guidance and support in building and growing a company and we encourage students, professionals and scientists on their path of entrepreneurship. Because we put the entrepreneurs interest first, promising ideas of ambitious people can be turned in to solid startups and successful companies.
Contact: Kartika Sidabutar, Marketing Manager. / 0639880971.

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