We are opening a second location for our tech incubator

The focus of the new location will be the two key technologies of the digital society: artificial intelligence and blockchain. The ambition of YES!Delft and partner The Hague municipality is to make the new location a vibrant and strongly innovative ecosystem for tech startups who want to make an impact in these domains.

The Hague is home to existing clusters in Security, IT/Tech en Finance & Legal, which makes it the place to be for AI and blockchain innovation.YES!Delft will help nurture this by bringing its enormous and one of a kind ecosystem to The Hague and offering specialized AI and blockchain programs, starting with the Validation Lab in February 2019. In a unique regional collaboration with the local business community, research and knowledge institutions, and the government, the new location will be an important basis for technological innovation in the Netherlands.

Read the press release here.

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