TBI and Corporate partners build startups at YES!Delft

Teams from TBI, Engie, Royal HaskoningDHV and KPN took the stage at YES!Delft on Wednesday to present their promising early stage startup ideas during LaunchDay. In this first corporate Validation Lab, employees from YES!Delft’s corporate partners, with TBI in the lead, paused their full-time jobs for a moment to find the best product-market fit for their innovative (corporate) startup ideas.

“Our teams were boosted by the startup environment and guidance offered by YES!Delft”, says Douwe van den Wall Bake, Manager Sustainable Development at TBI about the program the corporate teams followed.

Six teams from our corporate partners with innovative ideas joined the Validation Lab program 8 weeks ago. Because all of them also have a full time job, sessions were organized every other week. This way work and building a start-up can be combined. Validation Lab took the teams on a journey to validate their ideas and market potential, and find launching customers.

From an energy-neutral renovation plan for housing and in-the-cloud-repair of floor heating to prefab installation units for utility buildings. From a flexible and sustainable parking solution for construction sites and clean energy for harbor coasters to an app that helps you to never lose a thing anymore. Promising propositions were validated and worked out in an energetic environment with teams from different corporates helping each other out.


“Through the Validation Lab, we identified that 80% of inner city construction projects are eagerly awaiting our temporary and flexible parking solution called X-Decks”, says Validation Lab participant Hermen Jan van Ree from Royal HaskoningDHV. “Also, we validated that X-Decks physically fits most construction sites and that there are multiple viable business and earning models. Our validation journey even led to various promising leads for X-Decks.”

All the teams have successfully come up with a targeted customer segment and a clear value proposition. The startups all want to continue with their idea in one way or the other. “Temporarily taking teams out of the corporate environment changes their mind set and speeds up the innovation process”, says Robert Jan van Vugt, Program Manager of YES!Delft. “Therefore we believe programs like Validation Lab can be very helpful for corporates, as a part or a full replacement of their innovation program.”

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