Top-10 Startup Success Stories: August

In August, we celebrate summer, enjoy a walk in the park, go to the beach or go on vacation. This month is also a dynamic month of achievements and breakthroughs in the startup landscape. From groundbreaking investments fueling revolutionary transportation concepts to collaborations elevating educational experiences, these startups are shaping the future. Get ready to get inspired while exploring these visionary startups’ remarkable journeys and strides in the August Top 10 Startups Success Stories edition.

1. Arceon-Novel Elements

Arceon received an investment of € 350,000 from Early Phase Financing powered by UNIIQ, to further develop and market its new heat-resistant materials, enabling engineers to innovate further. More can be found here.

2. Hardt Hyperloop

Hardt Hyperloop has secured an investment from private and public sectors of EUR 12M, marking a pivotal step forward in their journey to revolutionise the transportation industry. More information can be found in this press release.

3. FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits is happy to share that 27% of the universities in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings have been collaborating with FeedbackFruits to elevate their educational experience. The infographic of the research outcome can be found here.

4. Memsys

TU Delft spinn-off Memsys is proud to announce that they have received €350,000  investment from UNIIQ to develop a prototype further and carry out the first pilots. More info about this investment can be found here.

5. Praxa Sense

Praxa Sense successfully secured an investment round to enter the commercialisation phase. The funds will be used to finalize CE certification, further develop Praxa Sense’s unique algorithms and start of commercial roll-out. More information can be found in this press release.

6. Respyre

Respyre has refreshed its brand identity, which will lead to a step in its upcoming product release in the coming months. Follow a startup on the LinkedIn channel, watch this video and visit their website.

7. Scoozy

Scoozy is happy to share that they have been selected as a finalist for the Breda Startup Awards! Stay tuned because the final event will take place on the 21st of September.

8. VideowindoW

During the Glass Performance Days in Finland, VideowindoW introduced a new performance value: the E-value. Next to the known G-value and U-value, the E-value measures the Entertainment value of glare control. With its responsive content, VideowindoW turns pixelated tintable glass into experience platforms. Follow VideowindoW to learn more about groundbreaking glare control innovations.

9. Villari

Villari has secured a seed investment of €2.5 million from lead investor and co-investors IQCapital (InnovationQuarter) and Delft Enterprises. The investment will help Villari to accelerate the international roll-out of their technology. More information can be found here.

10. UbiOps

UbiOps released new functionality and made improvements to its UbiOps SaaS platform that helps with running, scaling, and managing artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. Watch the video to learn more about the latest updates.

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